Top 3 Essential Tech for Modern Businesses

    In order to maintain productivity and overcome challenges, modern business has many different requirements. A good business in the 21st century needs to be mobile, well connected, and somewhere that employees enjoy working. Fulfilling all three of these criteria can be difficult – especially the last point – but below are three pieces of tech to help any business or workplace achieve their goals. 

    Digital Employee Surveys

    The driving force of any business is its employees. If they are working well, the business is working well, and if they are struggling, the business might struggle as a result. It is vital that employees are engaged in what they are doing, and it is even more important that they are happy.

    Finding out an employee’s or a department’s overall morale is tricky in any business, and figuring out how to improve poor morale is even harder.

    Thankfully, employers can use an employee survey app to find out what their staff is really thinking and can use this technology to help improve the atmosphere in the workplace as well.

    These digital employee surveys provide key insights that display powerful people analytics, such as which teams are working well together, as well as real-time dashboard displays with up-to-date information, allowing employers to focus on what really matters at that moment in time.

    Employee surveys provide useful knowledge that can be used to really enhance any business.

    WiFi Hotspots

    These days, the office is no longer a stationary location. A coffee shop, a park bench, or even the sofa at home are all viable places to get work done. Having the ability to be productive on the move gives any business the edge over those that do not.

    However, the biggest issue with this prospect is poor WiFi connectivity. With so much of the office being online, not being able to connect can leave you stranded. What’s more, connecting to a public WiFi hub can put sensitive documents in danger of hackers. 

    With a personal WiFi Hotspot, these potential issues are negated, allowing mobile working in even the most remote of locations. Hotspots provide a fast and reliable internet connection, giving any business that uses one freedom to work where they want wherever they want.

    It is a great tool to keep employees connected, especially when paired with the next item on our list.

    Synced Devices

    Syncing an employee’s devices can really help make the average working day much more seamless. Syncing devices creates an interconnectivity between employees’ phones and PCs. This, in turn, creates a valuable link between an employee and their documents, making them accessible at all times on multiple devices.

    An employee can sync their work calendar to their phone, as well as email and contacts, so that they can view and alter their schedule, send and reply to urgent emails, and communicate with their fellow staff.

    Synching devices makes working on the go extremely convenient and gives employees the tools to be more organized, productive, and prepared, three key aspects of any modern, successful business.

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