10 Most Durable Earbuds under $50 that Don’t Break

    Now days finding durable or say most durable earbuds have become a very tough task. You can get many in the market, but whether they are of good quality or not, it cannot be assured.

    If you go to the market, there are many earbuds available but some are too costly in price and others are not affordable. Everyone cannot spend 100 of dollars on buying earphones that don’t break.

    But under 50 dollars, you will not always get the ones which have a high level of portability. But you don’t need to face this problem anymore.

    There are wireless options but at this price range, they might not have the sound quality you’d expect to like. Besides, wired earbuds might be for you because they are handy when your wireless ones go out

    Here, we have brought to you the list of 10 most durable earbuds under 50 bucks that are actually the top picks of the time.

    Most Durable Earbuds under $50

    #1. Symphonized NRG Wood in-ears

    Symphonized NRG Wood in-ears

    Available with a unique quality of build, the symphonized wood in-ears headphones are just available in 25 dollars which is awesome because they are one of the best among most durable earbuds.

    They have a very high-quality sound system and that too at such an affordable price. These best durable headphones are 1.2 meters long and the entire length is wrapped up in the braided nylon.

    There are playback controls available which can easily operate with both Android and iOS. In this earphone, there is a single functionality of play and pause available.

    The sound system is having bass quality. These earphones are available in multiple colors but the best and the most attractive one is the blue color set. You will get the earbuds in a carrying case within which the entire piece can easily fit up.

    #2. JLAB J4 Heavy Bass Metal Earbuds

    JLAB J4 Heavy Bass Metal Earbuds
    Another best quality and the heavy-duty earbuds available for less than 50 dollars is the J4 metal earbuds.

    With the best fitting, you can easily fit them on your ear tips. With these earbuds in your ear, you will be fully isolated from the outside noise. These earbuds are available in total 7 sizes and hence you can buy according to your comfort.

    These are very light in weight. These earphones are made up of quality materials including aluminium case along with the wires made from Kevlar and my favorite in the list of most durable earbuds.

    These earbuds are available in 2 models. In the first model, there are only regular wires and no microphone or remote. In the second model, a microphone is available but no remote.

    Therefore, calls can be made through it but music control is not possible. With a comfortable carrying pouch, you can take them anywhere with you.

    #3. Brainwavz Delta

    Brainwavz Delta
    Another durable headphone which is just available at 25 dollars is the brainwavz delta. These earbuds come in two options- one with the in-line mic along with the playback controls and one that is without these features.

    It is your choice to select the one which is the best for you. The Jack is surrounded by a plastic casing which is very hard and it is 3.5 mm in length.

    Due to this plastic casing, there is no risk of damage. Thus, these headphones are pretty durable. These come in four different sizes and one of them has a memory foam attached making it premium earphone.

    The cables are reinforced in such a way that they will not be able to damage the wires in any way. These long-lasting earbuds have a great review from hundreds of its users.

    #4. Sound MP4

    Sound MP4
    At $ 39.99, there is yet another best-featuring pair of headphones and it is none other than the ADV. Sound MP4.

    You can easily carry these earphones with you wherever you go as there is no risk of any type of damage. They are covered with a braided plastic cable. A hard shell carrying case makes it so portable.

    The sound quality is very accurate in these heavy-duty earbuds. There is a standard 3.5 mm jack for getting connected with these earbuds. A button is available to control the system.

    You can play/pause with it and also skip the tracks with the help of it. You can also access some personal assistant items like Google Now by long pressing the button. At low cost, you will be getting the best item and most durable earbuds.

    #5. Zipbuds Juiced 2.0

    Zipbuds Juiced 2.0
    There are many people who always get stuck up in the intangible mess of the earphones. Zipbuds is especially a cheap available set of earbuds made for such category of people.

    There are unique zip wires which will never get tangled up and you can zip them up easily. Therefore, you won’t be facing any issues with the cords. The shape of the most durable headphones is very special.

    They are made from comfortFit2 technology which helps when the movement is very fast. These can be easily used at the time of workouts because of their durable nature.

    The sound production is also proper and they properly fit in the ear canal. Thus, you can wear these headphones for a long period of time.

    #6. Xiaomi Piston Earbuds

    Xiaomi Piston Earbuds
    With a beautiful and elegant design, Xiaomi earbuds are very stylish. These earbuds are available in different fits and sizes.

    Thus, you can choose the one which is best for you. You will not find any sound leaking issues as these fit properly into your ear canals. They just have a weight of 14 grams and thus you can wear them for a long time without being uncomfortable.

    The cord is made of Kevlar and the cabling is just perfect. The buttons are fully responsive for playback and the adjustment of volume. You can easily answer the calls with the controls without picking up your phone out from the pocket.

    #7. Sennheiser CX300

    Sennheiser CX300
    Under $50 one of the best durable headphones is the Sennheiser CX300. It is actually a great value for money. The sound system is highly powerful with a bass-driven mechanism.

    If you are thumping bass lover, then this set of earbuds is waiting for you. You will get these headphones in different ranges and of course the best quality.

    In almost all the situations, these can easily fit in your ears and even people are using these while playing sports.

    The triple flange tips make the earbuds more comfortable and also help in the isolation of noise. As these earbuds are made up of plastic and therefore are light in weight and hence preferred by many buyers.

    #8. Klipsch S3M

    Klipsch S3M
    One of the best brands providing high-quality audio-related devices is the Klipsch. In the price that it is available in the market, klipschS3M has a very high-quality sound system.

    The earbuds come in multiple colors like blue, red, green, white and black. This is one of the cheapest and most durable headphones available in the market. It has the body made up of plastic.

    There is a 5.8 mm driver fixed inside the plastic cover which makes the earbuds almost weightless. This is the reason why you can wear them for hours and you won’t be able to feel them. Thus, you can enjoy the music with full comfort as they are most durable earbuds you can rely upon.

    #9. Senso ActivBuds

    Senso ActivBuds
    With over 4,300 positive customer reviews and a rating of 4.5 at almost every online store, the senso activates are available at a price less than 50 dollars.

    The rating and the reviews available for headphones does not need any further explanation to prove how wonderful these headphones are.

    These wireless headphones are suitable for each and every place whether for sports, workplaces, gymming and running etc. Even in swimming, you can use these earphones.

    No worries during the gym, you are not going to sweat with senso activbuds. These durable earbuds have an internal battery to get them charged within 2 hours.

    #10. Denon AH-C50MA

    Denon AH-C50MA
    One of the best earbuds available in the list of earbuds under dollar 50 is the Denon earbuds. These are able to produce high fidelity sound.

    The wires are made up of rubber which is having very high strength. Hence, there is no risk of breaking and damage in the earbuds.

    So as to add up some additional support, there are three extra ear tips available which are of different sizes.

    On the top, there is a silicon coating which gives it a design that is free from all sort of tangles. Thus, at a reasonable rate, you get something which is worth.

    This is the list of 10 Most Durable Earbuds under $50 that don’t Break. So, get the one which suits you.

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