Top 13 Games like Terraria (Updated 2020)

    Games like Terraria: The cavernous world of Terraria is full of mystery, suspense and surprises. This may be a reason behind its ever-growing popularity. But, Terraria is not the only action-adventure game that offers trill to its players.

    There are many games like Terraria that offer players to explore; construct and conquer in an unmatched setting.

    These games offer a similar setting, which means the player is required to explore, gather resources, craft weapons, build an empire and attack the components.

    Some of the games that claim to be like Terraria have some and not all features of Terraria. Still, they are worth trying and playing as they offer entertaining and engaging gameplay.

    If you never had the chance to play any of the games like Terraria, here are the top 13 games that have gameplay similar to that of Terraria.

    Explore, play, and recommend them to your friends if you think they have anything similar to Terraria.

    Games Like Terraria

    #1. Starbound

    Starbound is a sci-fi game that ranks on the top in the list of games like Terraria. The game focuses on exploration, combat, and construction.

    In short, the game allows its users to explore the virtual world of Starbound and get mesmerized with each discovery. The game is divided into numerous planets with each planet has its own story to tell.

    StarBound : Games like Terraria

    #2. Minecraft

    Minecraft is a first-person shooting game. Just like Terraria, the game requires you to combat with opponents and come out as victorious.

    Minecraft : Games Like Terraria

    #3. Blockland

    Blockland is one of the games like Terraria. In the game, the player gets to explore the area collecting resources and other stuff to survive.

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    No battle takes place in the game. The player has only to survive and flourish his settlement.

    Blockland : Games Like Terraria

    #4. Motherload

    Motherload is yet another game for the explorers. The game of Motherload is similar to that of Terraria as the players are required to dig deep in search of resources. It is one of the best 2D games.

    MotherLoad : Games Like Terraria

    #5. King Arthur’s Gold

    Gold lovers may love this game. In King Arthur’s Gold, players take up the role of a gold miner.

    It is one the games like Terraria in which the player has to gather resources, construct and design infrastructure to fight off enemies or opponents.

    King Arthur Gold

    #6. The Sandbox

    The Sandbox is yet another game for explorers. In the game, the players get to use their scientific learning to explore more than 230 objects.

    The objects thus found during the game can be used to develop various items. The scientific element of the game is similar to that of Terraria.

    The Sandbox

    #7. Cube World

    Cube World may remind you of block-building game. The game is quite contrary to its name. It is all about to explore and combat.

    Just like Terraria, the game has some sci-fi elements that make exploration fun. The resources thus found can be used in combination to craft weapons to combat monsters.

    Cube World : Games Like Terraria

    Here is the Video from Alike Finder as well you can see :

    #8. Life is Feudal

    Your Own: Any empty and lots of exploration to win is the theme of the game. in the Life is Feudal: Your Own the player is provided with a gigantic land to explore, gather resources and craft things to survive.

    It is a massively multiplayer game similar to games like Terraria.

    Life is Feudal : Games Like Terraria

    #9. Cubic Castles

    Cubic Castles allow its players to build their own castle, customize the avatar, and explore all the hidden objects in the game. The game offers a massive land to explore.

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    Each player has to select his own plot to build a castle and find resources on. The exploration element makes it one of the games like Terraria.

    Cubic Castles

    #10. The Blockheads

    The Blockheads us yet another massively multiplayer 2D game. The game has a world made up of blocks. In the game, you are required to explore the world.

    Exploration is the main theme of the game. There is unlimited of exploration that takes place within the game. The game has caves, deserts, snowy mountains and a lot more to look into and discover stuff.  The Blockheads

    #11. Roblox

    The Roblox is one of the games like Terraria that lets to customize the avatar and explore the world for resources to craft and win.

    The game allows its players to build a theme park, design home, participate in a fashion show and make new friends. It is a virtual world of stardom.


    #12. Terasology

    Terasology is one of the best alternatives to Terraria. It has almost all the elements that make Terraria an amazing game. The game uses the latest technology.

    In the game, players are required to build an empire or state and climb the ladder of success with achievement and exploration. Some of the features of the game are similar to that of Dungeon Keeper and Dwarf Fortress.


    #13. Guncraft

    As the name suggests, the game is about shooting and crafting. It is not a typical shooting game. In the game, the players are offered to create maps, weapons, and avatars.

    Constant combat takes place within the game that pushes the players to build their own estate. It is simple to play the game and require little tactics.

    Wrapping Up

    So, these are some of the games like Terraria. Some of these games can be played online while some of them may require you to download.

    Nevertheless, each game has attractive gameplay, graphics, sound, and plot. The games take the players to a virtual land where they get to explore and be the conqueror through shrewd strategies.

    There are many more games like Terraria that are still waiting to be explored. If you like the gameplay of Terraria, do try the aforementioned games as they are as promising and entertaining as Terraria.

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