The Secret of Local SEO’s Success for Holiday Season

    Holidays are spread throughout a calendar year like palm trees blemish the beaches and make for a picturesque location. Holidays are an essential part of our lives; without them, our lives would have been quite dull and boring.

    Besides reflecting our culture, giving us a glimpse of our immersive history, and echoing the ethos of nationalism, holidays is still a new life in the commerce sector and fuel the surge in the markets.

    Holidays provide marketers with immense opportunities to take advantage of the widespread enthusiasm and make huge profits amid the ‘Season.’

    There are thousands of people who start to make plans for Halloween to come on the first of November. Others wait for Black Friday to go on a shopping spree to prepare for the Winter Holidays.

    To brace up your business for the holidays, you would want to increase your rankings, maximize online sales, and increase footfall in your physical stores.

    However, if you happen to start your preparation when the holiday season is looming over our head, you won’t be able to make much out of it.

    Many customers start to window shop much before the onset of the holiday season, and you would want to serve them well when they come searching for offerings like those of yours.

    The holiday season gives business owners ample opportunity to optimize their local SEO before the festival frenzy sets in. However, the local search engine optimization isn’t always as easy as it seems. It has to be carried out with diligence as a small lacuna would cost you much and impact your business’ reputation.

    Here are a few simple yet effective steps that you need to carry out to capitalize on the holiday season:-

    1. Make sure that your NAP is correct:-

    Well, you might be thinking that emphasizing this point is foolish. It is something fundamental and has nothing to do with being strategically correct for the holiday season. However, you will be surprised to know that there are hundreds of businesses whose Names, addresses, and Phone numbers are incorrect on the internet, and this leads to a loss in credibility.

    Moreover, you should update all relevant and essential information of your business on Google Business, Moz local, and other local directories.

    What happens when a customer calls a number which has been changed months ago, visits a location from where you have shifted long back and show up amid the hours when your store is closed. The inconvenience caused to a customer usually translates to a loss of a customer for a lifetime.

    If you keep updating NAP across various forums and keep customers posted about your daily offerings, the chances are that you would get a boost in local search rankings.

    2. Optimize your On-page content 

    Another thing you should be very particular about is to optimize your on-page content for holiday keywords.

    It’s always important to know that SEO is like a stone, which, if not rolled time and again, may gather moss. There are a plethora of tools that will give you an insight into the keywords that users are searching for on the web. The most prominent ones are Google Search Console, Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, and Google Analytics.

    You must keep track of the current marketing trends and fads. A new easter decoration product may have been disrupting the market while your on-page strategy was focussed on Holiday window decals last season.

    You must update and optimize your website according to the contemporary social trends o else your website won’t appeal to prospective customers even if they find you through various channels.

    Most of the holiday shoppers have already made up their mind before they start to look for products online. To cater to them, you should optimize your pages for general holiday r on an excellent mix of brand-specific products that will draw customers to your site organically.

    3. Differentiation strategy-

    There is no denying that what you will be selling, a hundred others will be selling the same. The only way you can sell well is to sell it differently. A website is not just a means to push your offerings aggressively. It makes for a complete shopping experience and banner images of the store; the overall theme, copy, images, and styling pay a significant role in pampering one’s senses of sight.

    By being at the top of your game in regards to the elements as mentioned earlier, you would entice the user and increase the chances of him/her returning to your website. Thus, laying the foundations of brand loyalty.

    Further, ad blocks, problems with JavaScripts, blocks of text, etc. shouldn’t hinder the browsing experience of the user.

    Local SEO Companies could deliver the desired results when it comes to optimizing for holiday season. They would help you in executing functional PR exercises, which would, in turn, increase your organic reach, and your business would come up as a trustworthy brand.

    Further, it will help you deal with grievances and complaints positively and ensure that the customers who interact with your business are cared for and that your business comes across as a one with a customer-first approach.

    The above exercises might look small, but they are instrumental to a business; success amid the holiday season.

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