7 Reasons You Should Play the Ukulele

    The ukulele is a four-stringed instrument that resembles a small classic guitar. It’s indigenous to Hawaii but it has its roots in Western Europe. The instrument has a unique sound and the happy tone it produces has made it quite popular. There are four types of ukuleles; the baritone ukulele; tenor; concert and the soprano ukulele. They differ in size but deliver the same musicality. Here are 7 reasons you should play the Ukulele.

    It’s Easy to Learn

    Compared to a guitar and other stringed instruments, the ukulele is fairly easy to learn. It has soft nylon strings that are easy on the fingertips unlike guitar strings. Moreover, the ukulele has a small frame that reduces wrist tension when operating it. You don’t need to stretch and exhaust your wrist to hit notes on the fretboard. Everything is within reach. The soprano ukulele, in particular, is recommended for beginners and children since it has the smallest profile. Compared to a standard guitar, the ukulele only has 4 strings. As a result, the chord shapes are easier to play and the scales are simple to pick up.

    It’s Affordable

    The ukulele is relatively inexpensive. A good brand new one will cost you around $100. Most of the inexpensive units are built from laminate wood, plastic and plywood. However, there are expensive ukuleles that cost more than $1000. They are often made from high quality acacia koa or mahogany. Some of the reputable brands and manufacturers of ukuleles include Kala, Mahalo, Luna, Oscar Schmidt, Lohanu, Ohana, Pono and Kanilea. Ensure you get your ukulele from a trusted retailer since low quality instruments are common in the market.

    It’s Portable

    Unlike a piano, a cello or a guitar, the ukulele has a small profile that makes it easy to carry around. The large baritone ukulele is around 30inches long while the small soprano piece is 20inches. The ukulele also has a small weight. The baritone ukulele is the heaviest at around 780grams while the soprano piece, which is the lightest, weighs 400grams. The low weight means you can ferry the instrument around with ease. You don’t even need a strap to hold and play it. Additional fittings affect the weight of the ukulele. These include tuners, electronic components and strap buttons.

    It Can Play Any Song

    Most popular songs can be played on a ukulele. Despite the unique tones, any genre of music can be pared down to the instrument, including metal.  The four strings on the instrument necessitate the adjustment of finger placement while playing chords but every chord sound is achievable. The ukulele forces players to simplify complex songs making it easy to learn music while doing covers.

    It’s Great for Song Writing

    The playing options on the ukulele are limited. Although this sounds bad, it’s great for songwriting since you are forced to use your creative juices. Everything from the strumming to the chord shapes is simplified and songwriters have to take a barebones approach to writing with the ukulele. As the world of music becomes complicated, the ukulele keeps songwriters grounded in simplicity, the one true art form.

    It’s a Great Transition

    Most string instruments work the same way. Therefore if you want your child to play the guitar, violin or bass, a ukulele is a great starting point. Since it’s easy to learn, the ukulele will teach your child different playing techniques and making sense of music on the fretboard.

    It’s Fun and Friendly

    The ukulele is a great social instrument. It plays happy tones that make it delightful to players and listeners. Moreover, the small design of the instrument means it’s not intimidating at the hands of an amateur. Whether you are young or old. A musician or not, anyone can play the ukulele.

    The ukulele is a fun instrument that you can easily pick up as a hobby. Don’t overthink it, simply buy it.

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