Preventive Maintenance by Checklists: How Does it Work?

    It’s an issue for all property owners, residential, commercial, and industrial – keeping accurate and regular property inspection schedules

    Daily, weekly, and annually, staying on top of all the details, can make all the difference. Inspecting real estate or maintaining heavy equipment? Better have a system because otherwise, you might miss something important. 

    There are various types of these procedures: time-based, predictive, and risk-based inspections all with different schedules and personnel requirements. If something ommited, or if documentation is incomplete, you risk wasting time on unnecessary repeated inspection, or even worse, loss of equipment and productivity.

    Maintenance management is a cornerstone of any well-run, successful business  

    Proactive maintenance measures prove to be cost-saving and efficient procedures. With the right knowledge and tools, it offers an effective way of improving resource management and prevents unexpected site downtime.  

    Custom inspection forms can help. Ready-to-use equipment maintenance checklists enable your business to start regular inspections instantly. All aspects of business operations can be tracked, documented, and archived, leaving nothing to chance. The template can also serve as a foundation for further customization and personalization for your specific use case.

    Digital Solutions Allow You to Automate Maintenance Processes

    Going digital means getting more done in less time while dotting all the “i”s and crossing all the “t”s. It also allows for unlimited flexibility in creating systems tailored to your particular business needs. 

    An Inspection Form Designer allows you to create a fully customized checklist that covers what you require. Planning and tracking maintenance tasks will become simple with predefined scheduling options

    For commercial and industrial owners, creating automated workflows, from work order to final report, means everything gets done, on time, with no uncertainty. 

    For power plant maintenance digital forms and checklists help you mitigate the risk of malfunction, save costs, and reduce downtimes.

    As a standard function, maintenance details can be attached to each report. Your inspector can include a text description, periodicity, and photos of the equipment. Visual information helps to quickly identify equipment type and condition. With scheduling settings, any authorized user is able to schedule the next required maintenance, verify it was successfully completed, and store the reports for later review.

    Using such a system, your team can be more efficient and your business can run smoothly, preventing problems from becoming catastrophes and keeping everything in top working order.

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