10 Best Nanny Payroll Services for Household Employers

    Nanny payroll services have become quite common these days. Although hiring a nanny is a hectic decision, you need to start with finding the perfect candidate as per your requirements. Even if you can even get your hand on an ideal candidate, paying their taxes becomes a very thoughtful part. 

    First, you need to get a federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) to pay their household taxes. The right documents are to be filled to report a new hire to your state government. You may also need the workers’ compensation insurance, depending on where you live.

    At year-end, all tax paperwork will be filed to the IRS. The proper forms shall be distributed to your employees so that they can track their taxes too. Well, by now, you can make out that hiring a nanny is not that simple. 

    here are the things you should keep in mind while selecting among the best nanny payroll services;

    Pricing- The annual tax filing fees, registration fees, and monthly costs.

    Customer services- Hours of availability, live chat options, customer service ratings, email response times, better business bureau complaints.

    Hands-off automation- Includes options for annual taxes, automated payroll tax, and payroll runs.

    User-friendliness- Checks the website accessibility, ease of use, employee access portals, and mobile apps.

    Additional perks- Workers compensation

    Tax services- Year-end tax filing guarantees, tax filing help, and audit assistance.

    Well, it is not too difficult also to find payroll services that can help you with every aspect of paying your nanny. Yes, you are in the right place. Read on to know about the best household employee payroll service available.

    Best Nanny Payroll Services

    1. SurePayroll

    Searching for the best nanny payroll services that are just about everything off your plate, well, you are in the right place. SurePayroll, with its super affordable monthly cost, easy mobile access, and complete automation, becomes the prime choice for all household employers who need total payroll at low expenditure. It is a cloud-based nanny payroll service. SurePayroll starts with $39.99 a month for one employee covering all its features.

    Its features include:

    • Automatic local, state, and federal tax filing
    • New-hire state reporting
    • Automated payroll runs
    • The online employee pays stub access.
    • Automated direct deposit

    The best part is SurePayroll has got a 100% tax filing guarantee. It implies that if it makes a mistake while filing your taxes, it will deal with the fines and penalties without bothering you much.

    SurePayroll is the only best nanny payroll service with a mobile app. When you are not with your laptop, and you need to pay your nanny or gardener on your way, you can use your mobile phone. It works both on the Android and iOS platforms. The touch ID feature of the mobile app enables a quick log in.

    Then you can provide the working hours for a nanny, preview activities while the nanny’s paycheck is approved. Employees have their customized mobile app to see paycheck details, earnings, deduction, and taxes. The app also shows retirement deductions and federal tax filing information.

    2. NannyChex

    NannyChex is another best nanny payroll service that handles taxes, sick time, and vacation tracking effectively. It covers the employer identification number set up, tax agency correspondence too. All you need is to enter some primary employee and pay rate info, and you are all done. 

    NannyChex has been there since 1995, helping parents and other employers. But NannyChex is not software like others. It has a fully outsourced service. You need to enter your information online, and the service will take care of the rest.

    nanny payroll services

    Features of NannyChex:

    • Automatic tax withholding and filing
    • New hire reports
    • Direct deposits
    • Employer identification number set up
    • Workers compensation audits
    • Vacation time, sick time, and paid-off tracking
    • Tax agency correspondence

    Although NannyChex is more costly than SurePayroll, you have an option to cancel the service any time as it does not charge a sign-up fee. It archives your tax documents for five years and is a point of contact for the IRS to get in touch with if necessary.

    NannyChex has got two payroll plans, taxes only, and full service. If you opt for taxes only plan, you need to make all payments yourself. The annual year plan will cost a total of $695. If you choose the full-service plan, you do not need to take a headache about paying your nanny; NannyChex will pay on your behalf mainly by direct deposit. 

    3. Payroll by Wave

    Payroll by Wave shall help you calculate payroll taxes and direct deposit paycheck into the employee’s account, costing just $20 per month. This policy works in 41 states. Payroll only takes $15 a month to file your payroll taxes in the remaining nine states.

    In this race, Wave takes the cake offering its users completely free accounting software. In the 41 states, monthly payroll is priced just at $20 a month and $4 per employee.

    It provides you with an affordable service and tackles many important aspects of payroll.

    • Guarantees payroll tax accuracy
    • Automatic payroll tax calculation
    • Direct deposit or check printing
    • Automatic payroll reminders
    • Employee self-service portals
    • Worker compensation add-ons

    nanny payroll services

    Payroll by Wave requires no sign-up or contract fee. It suits best for those who hire seasonal workers. If you hire a nanny for a few months or a house-in nurse for as long as you need, Payroll by Wave will not charge you for wrapping up your payroll services anytime. 

    The full-service payroll is offered only in a few states, including the Wave calculates, withdraws, and automatically files taxes for you. The states are Florida, California, New York, Illinois, Tennessee, North California, Texas, Virginia, and Washington. In these states, you ought to opt for the full service only. Even if you want to go with the self-service price, you will be charged $35. 

    4. GTM Payroll Services

    GTM Payroll service has got a lot in store, starting from excellent customer service to comprehensive benefit plans. It is the best choice for household employers who wish to have competitive benefits and 24/7 assistance.

    It will calculate the payroll taxes, file them on your behalf, and automate payroll, so your employees always get paid on time. The part that makes it stand out from others is its excellent customer service. In most cases of nanny payroll services, customer service is a distant thought.

    Maximum of them lack live customer service chat and offer either email help or phone call, but never both. GTM Payroll Services is the best nanny payroll service with effective and quick responding live chat, phone calls, and email help. 

    Although GTM does not support an app like SurePayroll, its site is entirely mobile-friendly. You can use the web browser on your phone and safely visit GTM’s site and run payroll for a nanny or household employee.

    nanny payroll services
    GTM Payroll Services

    Few Key features of GTM Payroll services are:

    • Workers compensation insurance
    • Employee health benefits that include medical, dental, vision, and insurance plans
    • 401k options
    • Employee background check
    • Travel insurance

    These services are not available in all states, and they each cost a fee. GTM can help you to pick the right plan for you. GTM costs you $65 per month while there are other charges for sign up and registration work. It additionally charges $60 for each additional employee.

    5. Poppins Payroll

    Although Poppins Payroll service is presently restricted to only a couple of states, Poppins Payroll maybe your powerful up-and-comer with low costs, in-depth accountancy, and supreme user-friendliness.

    If you were hoping a minimum of one nanny payroll service out there barred down a Marry Poppins reference, Poppins Payroll is here for you. Its name is unquestionably the most effective of the bunch, and in terms of value and services, it rivals even SurePayroll. At $39 a month, Poppins Payroll can wrestle the subsequent tasks:

    • Latest hire paperwork filling
    • Employee identification and number registration
    • Direct deposit
    • Automatic electronic tax filing
    • Virtual bookkeeping
    Poppins Payroll
    Poppins Payroll

    Digital accountancy is where the Poppins Payroll stands out for the US. Whereas some payroll suppliers (like NannyChex) can suspend your tax documents for a couple of years, Poppins Payroll keeps your tax and payroll documents for five years. It makes them merely accessible to users on its intuitive interface.

    Speaking of its interfacing, Poppins Payroll is one in all the sole nanny payroll suppliers with a friendly-on-the-eyes website. The format is cute and friendly, the FAQs are straightforward to scan and perceive, and therefore the sample nanny contract is useful for first-time unit employers who need to go through all the boxes. Although the style is not everything, however, during a field where sites seem noncurrent, Poppins pops.

    6. Savvy Nanny

    Savvy Nanny Payroll service is the ideal option for those of you who plan to rent more than one single nanny. Through this service, you will receive the software system you would like to pay and file each state and federal taxes (sometimes noted collectively as “nanny tax”).

    You can additionally produce pay stubs, pay wages through direct deposit, and even transfer and preview online payroll details as the app syncs with QuickBooks. This can be a reasonable service, and therefore, the fees are equal despite what number of nannies you have got employed.

    Savvy Nanny
    Savvy Nanny

    Savvy Nanny Payroll Service supplier options: You will have access to basic options that are needed for compliance and app maintenance. The app permits users to file and pay each federal and state tax and some local ones (nanny tax service/payroll tax service). Once it involves producing your nannies, you’ll be able to do this by either writing checks or via direct deposit.

    Ease of Use: The app’s payroll supplier interface is intuitive and extremely straightforward to use. It will be a lot easier for you to remain organized, avoiding impossible deadlines because of the platform’s support center and stir list. The setup method is simplified by the tool’s wizard that guides users through every single step.

    7. Paychex

    Paychex is an all-in-one human resource (HR) solution you will be able to use at any place. You can use it to pay your workers via check or direct deposit, create payroll tax deposits, and benefit from 24/7 client support. You may also use it to supply advantages to your nanny and work along with your dedicated payroll specialist to resolve any problems that arise.

    Paychex does not publish its evaluation online; however, we tend to have access to the arrange options and acquire a quote for our suggested best arrangement for household employers, Paychex Flex choose. You pay around $1,142 for the year once you embrace the $200 implementation fee.

    nanny payroll services

    When you can run your 1st payroll, a Paychex representative can offer you online coaching from beginning to complete. If you still need assistance, you can request a follow-up decision. As a Paychex Flex choose client, you’ll receive a fanatical payroll specialist on the market to assist you at any time. The 24/7 client support team is additionally helpful. You might call, email, or begin an in-app chat session.

    Paychex offers further options, like advantages, worker screening, time and group action solutions, state service support, and far more additional ones that you can choose to boost your nanny payroll expertise. However, they price extra money. You will conjointly integrate with accounting solutions QuickBooks Online and Xero, and time clocks and sidekick Punch if you buy their ledger service feature.

    8. Simple Nanny Payroll

    Simple Nanny Payroll is a DIY payroll online service that helps you keep compliant with nanny tax laws. It makes it simple to calculate what proportion you owe in taxes and wages and saves your payments and paychecks. It is cheaper than different nanny payroll services and offers you management of your payroll method.

    Pricing is equivalent to different DIY payroll software, however less expensive than many outsourced suppliers, like Paychex and NannyChex. There are not any implementation fees or different prices per quarter. You will pay a flat fee of $29 per annum, and there are no extra fees.


    Simple Nanny Payroll
    Simple Nanny Payroll

    Like different suppliers, easy Nanny Payroll’s options address the foremost necessary things of nanny payroll: Paying your nanny and paying your taxes. The first distinction between easy Nanny Payroll and ancient home leader payroll services is that it provides you the info you wish to method payroll rather than process it for you. It supports all states, together with CA, and even helps you with the information you want for year-end forms.

    The platform can be accessed online and has an intuitive user dashboard. The menu things are on the left side, and also, the descriptions are simple to follow. Although it is easy, it might take additional work than NannyChex with representatives to try and do it for you. You’ve got to line up your nanny’s data and pay details together with your leader’s tax rates.

    9. NannyPay

    NannyPay is one of the best nanny payroll services with an easy interface. It is best for you if you would like to send physical checks to your workers. The good thing about NannyPay is that it will do the work on behalf of you and send it to them. NannyPay mechanically calculates the wages and allows you to recognize the break-ups of the payment.


    This works on both desktop and mobile devices that make the utilization handy and friendly. It is one in the entire favored software package. Thus accountants and bookkeepers are well acquainted with the interface. It offers a 30-day free trial to calculate taxes and wages for households, housekeepers, babysitters, and alternative workers.

    10. Sage Payroll

    Sage is one in all the most cost-effective payroll services, and terms of security, you will be able to consider it as one of the best. This can be as a result of all its information and data is saved in the cloud that makes it economical in terms of privacy and security. The practicality provided by it is over enough to manage a bunch of home workers.

    nanny payroll services
    Sage Payroll

    Sage holds the capabilities to get reports of the workers regarding payments, payroll taxes, and alternative calendar details. Customization to the software package is welcome from the user’s end at a reasonable price. Sage is additionally unbeatable in terms of security, and thus, it is a perfect payroll software package.

    Wrapping Up

    With the right decision of nanny payroll service, your life can become a lot easier. You do not need to worry about payment, taxes, or information if they are all in the right place. The above ten services will help you to decide your budget and your requirements. You can choose any one of them, as all of them are genuine and trustworthy. 

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