7 Killing Features of Nokia 3310 Except the Legendary Snake

    The Legend is back..!!Do you remember the original Nokia 3310? You might be knowing the fact that Nokia 3310 has been launched again. For all the newly launched Nokia 3310 features keep reading.

    The amazing mobile phone initially launched in 2000 was sold all over the world with a record sale of 126mn.That’s a huge figure of acceptance across the globe.

    Since then many new smartphones have been introduced, with some being android specific and some Microsoft specific and of course there are also iPhones who has always been there.

    But, what is awe taking is the acceptance of a mobile phone (Nokia 3310). Although the original Nokia 3310 has been out from the market for long, its talks are still there. There are still a many people who miss the easy to handle configuration of Nokia 3310 and the cute snake game.

    Nokia 3310 Features

    Android, Microsoft or iPhone, noone can take the place of Nokia 3310 no matter how much entertainment of features they have to offer.

    Taking the advantage of the worldwide love for Nokia 3310, a finish mobile company HMD Global has come up a new Nokia 3310 mobile. The mobile phone was unveiled at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, held in the Mobile World Capital Barcelona, 27 February – 2 March 2017.

    The news of the relaunch of Nokia 3310 had been in the air for some time. People who follow tech updates quite religiously have been waiting to know what would be the new features of Nokia 3310.

    Will it be different? And what would be people’s reactions?

    So, here are Nokia 3310 Features that makes it a little different (not completely) from its original Nokia 3310:

    •  Storage: These days, storage has become one of the governing factors for selecting a smartphone. Smartphones with maximum storage are being accepted by the customers. The reason behind it is quite simple, more storage means one can save a lot, download as much as one can and use the mobile like a mini laptop. To keep up with the requirement of customers, HMD has in-built memory storage of 16MB. Its memory can be expanded up to 32GB using a micro SD card.
    • Camera: These no mobile phone comes without the feature of the camera. A mobile that cannot capture photos or memories has been out for long. To keep up with the changing trends of the mobile market, HMD Global has added 2MP camera with LED flash. The camera of the latest Nokia 3310 is not as good as that of an iPhone or any other Smartphone, it is still better than no camera at all.
    • Display: If you remember, the original Nokia 3310 had a bluish or greenish display which didn’t render any help to read the screen when under the sunlight. To overcome this particular drawback, HMD Global has provided the latest Nokia 3310 with a 2.4-inch screen. The screen has a QVGA curved display. It is protected with a polarized layer to enable reading under the sunlight.
    • Battery And Charging: Nokia 3310 always had amazing battery life that went without charging for days or in some cases weeks. To keep up the trend, the new Nokia 3310 has been equipped with a 1200mAh battery. The battery can last for 31 days when on a standby mode. And can provide a talk time of 22 hours. If you are someone who loves to hear music, with the Nokia 3310 you can listen to music for 51 hours.

    Here is a Video from TechRadar in which they are comparing the Great nokia 3310 Features in older and the Newer Versions:

    • Color and Connectivity: HMD has taken care of the style of latest Nokia 3310. The body of the mobile is similar to that of the original Nokia 3310. What makes it different is color. The latest Nokia 3310 comes in four colors Red and Yellow in a glossy finish as well as dark and blue in a matte finish. What else, the Nokia offers connectivity through Opera Browser. It also has Bluetooth and 2G connectivity. What else can one expect from a mobile like this?
    • Hardware: Keeping up with the industry design and standards, HMD has manufactured the Nokia 3310 with premium plastic. The looks and appeal of the modern Nokia 3310 have been kept simple and similar to its original model. The keypad of the modern Nokia 3310, resembles the old one. The better case is still the same allowing on pop open it from the backside of the mobile.
    • Dual SIM: The modern Nokia 3310 comes with a dual SIM technology like any other smartphone. A model with single SIM is also available.  The mobile accepts micro-SIM.

    The aforementioned are 7 killing features of newly launched Nokia 3310 that are sure to sway away your heart. Its manufacturer HMD Global has done what it could to revive the memories of Nokia 3310 users and to make the modern Nokia 3310 like any other smartphones. We still have to wait to know if the latest Nokia 3310 will be able to break the record sale of the original Nokia 3310.

    With so many smartphones and technologies, it is hard to say anything or predict anything about the latest Nokia 3310. Nevertheless, it is worth praising the efforts of HMD for reviving the memories and coming with the modern Nokia 3310.

    It would be wrong to not to appraise the marketing strategy of the manufacturer. HMD has done quite well in marketing the mobile by giving its Nokia 3310 name. Had it been with some other name, the mobile might not have received this much of hype.

    The Nokia 3310 name is enough to turn in the attention. Features of newly launched Nokia 3310 seems to be promising, but it is still quite early to say anything on how it would be accepted.

    The news of its launch has gone viral. One can view the latest Nokia 3310 online and consider buying it if one is interested. The latest Nokia 3310 is not something that would revolutionise the smartphone market, it is worth looking at to revive one’s memory of the old Nokia 3310 mobile phone.

    Let us know in comments if we missed any of the features.!!

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