How to create Paypal Account

    Have you ever heard of PayPal..??If yes, than you might wonder how to create Paypal account.

    This guide will lead you to the details of Paypal Account and its creation.

    The world we live in is now completely digitized. Whether it be a classroom and sending money to someone living far from us everything can now be done with a simple right and left clink on the laptop.

    These days, banks are crowd free with only a few clients visiting per week instead of per day because of growing popularity of digital money.

    What is digital money? Digital money is non-tangible money. The money that can be transferred from smartphones or laptops through online transaction is digital money.

    There are various online modes that can be used to transfer money. PayPal is one of the most popular methods of transferring funds online in the regions of Asia and the United States. Its popularity is also growing in other countries as well.

    What is PayPal?

    PayPal is a global online payment system that serves the purpose of ease electronic money transfer. PayPal services allow its users to transfer funds online, purchase and sale stuff online, donate and receive funds.

    Its services are used by parents for their children studying abroad or far from them, by vendors, services providers and individuals for various online money transfer purposes.

    The services of PayPal are available in almost all countries except Ghana, Turkey, Pakistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, as well as countries on the US economic sanction list.

    If you wish to create an account on PayPal, all you need to do is login to its website and signup for a free account. You can upgrade your account anytime.

    Check more about Paypal on Wikipedia here.

    How To Create PayPal Account?

    PayPal account can be set up in just two easy steps:

    Step 1. Sign up:

    Open the PayPal’s website and click on the signup option. Having clicked the signup option the below screen will pop up. You will be required to insert the information. While entering the information do make sure that provide all authentic information or your account can be banned for good. PayPal pay’s special attention on verifying each and every account.


    Step 2: Account Details:

    After having entered the information in the above columns, you will be directed to a page asking you to enter bank details. The bank details that you provide should be authentic. Make sure that the name and address that you use to make PayPal account to matches with that mentioned on your bank account.


    Having entered all the necessary information, your account will be created. But, as mentioned before PayPal is very particular when it comes to verifying the bank account of its users. Once you have entered all the required fields, PayPal will ask you to verify your account, mobile number, and email.

    Dont miss :

    How To Get Your PayPal Account Verified?

    It is important to verify your bank account otherwise, you won’t be able to get all the benefits of PayPal services.


    You can confirm your bank account by entering the two small deposits made by the PayPal to your bank account. As verification purpose, PayPal makes two small transactions – it sends a small amount to your bank account and request refund of the same amount.

    The amount thus you receive and withdrawn from your account works as a code. You will have to enter the amount that PayPal transferred to your bank account. A wrong figure could ban the account and it may take long to get the new account.

    Besides verifying the bank account, PayPal also requires you to verify your email id and mobile number.

    Verify Email Id:

    You can verify your email id by logging on to your PayPal account. In the notification setting, you might find a note saying that you have not verified your email id yet.

    Click on the note and you will find a button that would take you to ‘confirm your email address’. PayPal confirms your email address by sending an email to the registered email id.


    The email contains a verification link. You are required to click open the link and login to your PayPal account to confirm your email id.

    Verify Mobile Number:

    PayPal also verifies mobile by sending a security code to the registered mobile number through an SMS.

    phone_verification_paypalTo verify your mobile number, enter the security code on the link appearing on the notification list of PayPal.

    Your Account Is Now Verified

    Once, you have verified email address, mobile number and bank account your account’s first page will look something like this:

    You must have by now learned how to create Paypal account. PayPal is something that has become a necessity these days.

    Having an account online money transfer services such as PayPal can provide you with endless services such as buying gifts online, sending money to someone in need through online transfer and much more.

    If you have come across a service like this, it won’t be a surprise if you come across stories claim online money services fraud.

    Don’t worry.

    The services offered by PayPal are secure. With PayPal, you don’t have to worry about online money theft. PayPal has in place security measures that ensure that the bank details entered by its users stay secure and intact.

    PayPal doesn’t share the details of its customers with anyone. With all these plus points, PayPal also has just one but a big drawback. You cannot trace your money.

    see what Paypal Guys says about themselves here.

    If you have made a payment to someone, there is no guarantee of it being refunded if you ask for. Moreover, if you sell services online it is not necessary that it will secure your payment.

    PayPal does cover risks related to account details. However, it is yet to work on securing payments like the one secured by Escrow.

    The PayPal was launched in 1998 and since then it has helped many companies and individuals with its services. It has crafted unique services for its users.

    Whether you are a business, service provider, vendor or an individual you can explore the services offered by PayPal by logging on to its website.

    PayPal has an easy to navigate website. Its user-friendly website is easy to explore. You can find almost all information related to PayPal and its services on its website.

    There are some PayPal alternatives too. If you have any query regarding paypal. Let us know in the comments if you need any help or having any queries.

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