How to Download Videos from Any Website Using Movavi Screen Recorder

    Movavi Screen Recorder: Most of the videos that you come across on various websites nowadays are likely to be online streaming videos.

    In some ways, that’s convenient, as it will let you watch the video almost instantly without having to wait for it to finish downloading – but the downside is that you will need to be online every time you want to do so.

    Because of that, you may be trying to find a way to download videos from websites – which isn’t as easy as you might think.

    Different websites use different platforms to serve up online streaming videos and may require different methods to download their videos.

    The only truly universal way to download any video from any website is to record it while it is playing on your screen – and that can be done easily using Movavi Screen Recorder.

    How to Record and Save a Video: Movavi Screen Recorder

    One of the main reasons it helps to use Movavi Screen Recorder is that it is easy to set up and will let you start recording much more quickly than most other screen recorders.

    In fact, you can learn how to download videos from any website in a few minutes at most.

    Before you begin, open up the website with the video – but make sure that it isn’t playing yet. Once it is on your screen, launch Movavi Screen Recorder and use your mouse cursor to draw a frame that fits over the video as closely as possible.

    After you’ve drawn the frame, Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface will appear. At that point, you can adjust the frame so that it fits better, or use a preset in the list under ‘Capture Area’ that includes an option to record in full screen.

    On Movavi Screen Recorder’s interface, you’ll also see icons that let you toggle the ‘System Audio’ and ‘Microphone’ as the audio source.

    By default, the ‘System Audio’ should be enabled but the ‘Microphone’ should not be, but you can click on either to toggle them if that isn’t the case.

    Movavi Screen RecorderIf you want to automate the recording, click on the ‘alarm clock’ icon and either set a timer or schedule a start and stop time. The latter is perfect if you want to use Movavi Screen Recorder to record live streams that may not start for some time.

    Assuming you’re satisfied with all the other settings including the frame rate, volume levels, and so on – click ‘REC’ to start recording and play the video.

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    To stop the recording manually you can press the ‘Stop’ button and Movavi Screen Recorder will save the video as an MKV file.

    Last but not least you can review the recording in the ‘Preview’ window that pops up, remove any parts you don’t want, and save it in any format that you choose.

    That should encompass everything you need to know about using Movavi Screen Recorder to record literally any video from any website that you want to.

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