How to Monitor Children’s WhatsApp with No Experience [Official]

    Kids love mobile devices. It gets tougher when they start discovering what a phone can and can’t do. That is when you start finding them on social media sending all manner of texts. One platform that people easily use to reach out is WhatsApp.

    If the kids are using it in the house, then it needs monitoring. You don’t know who is bullying them secretly or who they are harassing. You also don’t need them to engage in conversations that will damage their thinking.

    It’s possible to monitor children’s WhatsApp activities with no experience at all. You only need an application that has easy-to-follow instructions. In our solution here, it will take you a maximum of five minutes only.

    Part 1: TeenSafe WhatsApp Monitoring Solution

    There are various parental tools available already on the internet. On the other hand, you are looking for something that is not complicated. It should also offer the best results most conveniently.

    To fulfil that, you need to narrow the search to a few apps like TeenSafe application. This is a simple app that all parents will want to know about. It has been receiving downloads across the globe due to how it works.

    With TeenSafe, you can say goodbye to all the rigorous computer skills that people use to spy on phones remotely. The best part about using it is that the kids will never know that you are monitoring them.

    It has the stealth mode specification that allows it to hide after setting it up on their phone. So, it will never appear on the phone’s wizard display. You can use TeenSafe on both Android and iOS devices.

    There is no need for rooting and jailbreaking techniques. Those are tricks left for the computer experts to figure out. For you, if the children have an Android, install the app once and activate the hiding mode.  

    If they have iOS, then it becomes easier to monitor the WhatsApp conversations. After creating an account with TeenSafe, verify the phone’s iCloud ID and wait for the results. That implies everything will happen online if you have the iCloud ID already.

    TeenSafe WhatsApp Monitoring

    Now, after acquiring it, it’s time to check what it has found out. This is an app with more than 30 features on the dashboard. That, of course, will include WhatsApp monitoring under the social media category.

    To access it, you only need to login to your account using an internet-enabled device. The control panel works fully with all browsers. In WhatsApp, TeenSafe will arrest all the conversation details.

    They will include the messages, contact details, timestamps, and any other shared files. In short, you will not miss anything, and the updates will be getting to you in real-time. If the kids are deleting the conversations, then there is another tool for that.

    TeenSafe has a keylogger that records all the keystrokes made on the device. So, if you need to see what was typed under WhatsApp, visit the keylogger and click on the WhatsApp icon. This solution can monitor other social media apps, as well.

    So, apart from using TeenSafe to see Kid’s WhatsApp history, there are other things it can capture as well. So, you need to visit the main website to see all the features and how they work.

    Now, since you are monitoring the children’s WhatsApp activities online, there must be some information protection. TeenSafe does that by syncing the information in your account when you access it.

    So, there is nothing stored in the cloud if you are logged out. That way, external attackers will find nothing if they manage to crack your account. With that, here are the steps you need to start monitoring the kids’ WhatsApp activities.

    You only need to read to know what you need and do it.

    Part 2: How to Monitor Children’s WhatsApp Using TeenSafe

    What You Need

    1. In Android, you need to access the device once to install TeenSafe. It should have OS 4.0 and above
    2. For iOS, use the iCloud credentials on the main website. TeenSafe is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later
    3. Reliable internet connection
    4. An email address

    Steps to Start Monitoring WhatsApp

    Step 1: Register an account on the TeenSafe website using your email address and a password. Next, choose the children’s phone OS and go ahead to pay for one of the pricing plans.

    Step 2: Once the confirmation email arrives, use the sent guidelines to set up the application on their phone.

    Step 3: For Android, use the sent link to install TeenSafe once on the phone. Make sure you activate the stealth mode and then wind up the installation.

    Step 4: In iOS, after the email, login to your account and verify the targeted phone’s iCloud ID. Next, choose the phone with the iCloud back up and wait for the TeenSafe and iCloud synchronization.

    Step 5: Once the setup is complete, log in to your account to find the dashboard with the results.

    To get the WhatsApp details, click on Social Apps > WhatsApp to see them all.

    Part 3: Why is TeenSafe the Best Children WhatsApp Monitoring Solution?

    As you have seen, you don’t need any special skills to use this application. That is why both amateurs and the experienced are encouraged to join. Apart from the easiness of use, other advantages include:

    • No rooting or jailbreaking the kids’ device before using TeenSafe
    • It uses stealth mode to hide. Therefore, your kids will never be suspicious
    • The results appear in your online account and in real-time
    • In Android, it occupies 2MB memory space, which is barely noticeable. In iOS, it uses the iCloud which means there is no memory occupied
    • There is no battery draining as TeenSafe fetches the information
    • It does not introduce any malware to the phones being monitored
    • You can remove TeenSafe remotely via the online control panel there is an uninstallation button for that
    • TeenSafe has friendly prices, and there are no hidden fees after subscription


    It’s easy to monitor children’s WhatsApp activities if you have a straightforward solution. With TeenSafe, you only need an internet connection and the children’s device to make monitoring possible.

    Since it does not demand phone compromising techniques, it makes the setup easy. If you are a troubled parent who needs to monitor your kids closely but remotely, you now have an answer.

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