10 Best iPhone Trackers in 2020 – Must Read

    Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to track the phone activities of your child? Many parents have wondered the same. Parents always want to keep their children safe. Unfortunately, you can’t be with them every time. 

    What if you can get a tool that helps you monitor their phone activities? Won’t that be great? Well, there are a couple of apps that do this job. Technology has made it possible to access other people’s phones remotely. In this post, we’ll share 10 best iPhone trackers you can use.

    1. FoneMonitor

    When you need a reliable tool to track the phone activities of your child, FoneMonitor is the right choice. It is the best iPhone tracker software with a wide range of features and benefits. It allows you to track both the online and offline activities of a device.

    It offers access to every feature of your target device. With FoneMonitor, you can see your target’s real-time location and location history. 

    If you want to know how to track children’s iPhone activities, this app gives you all the details and data you need. To use FoneMonitor, you don’t need any technical experience. It’s easy to set up and use.

    Unique Features of FoneMonitor

    FoneMonitor has some cool features that make it easy to track an iPhone. Some of these features are listed below:

    • Real-time location tracking and geo-fencing
    • View posts and media on social media accounts of the target iPhone. Social apps you can view include Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Kik, Viber, and more.
    • Website history tracking
    • Call logs tracking
    • Text messages and iMessage tracking

    These are some of the data you can access when you use the FoneMonitor app. Note that you can access the FoneMonitor dashboard from any web browser.

    Pros of FoneMonitor:

    • You don’t need to jailbreak the target iPhone
    • User-friendly interface
    • Remote tracking of the target iPhone. You don’t need to have physical access to the phone to activate the software. It’s done remotely using the iCloud credentials of the device.
    • It is safe and secure. The app doesn’t store data on its server and no third-parties can access data on the platform.

    2. Spyier

    Spyier is another excellent iPhone tracker app with numerous features. It lets you track the data on a target device remotely. You don’t need to touch the target device to set up the software on it. You also don’t need access to the device to track its activities.

    Spyier allows you to track the WhatsApp messages of the target iPhone. It also lets you view the photos and other media files on the device. You can also see other social media apps activities, like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and Kik on the target iPhone.

    Features of Spyier

    • Full social medial apps tracking
    • Real-time location tracking and geo-fencing
    • Call logs and text messages tracking
    • Installed apps tracking
    • Keylogger

    3. Minspy

    Minspy is another great iPhone tracking app. All you need is the iCloud username and password of the target device and you can start tracking it remotely. You don’t have to jailbreak the target device and neither do you need to touch it. 

    The app works in stealth mode and doesn’t disturb the functionality of the device. It has amazing features that make your tracking worthwhile. 

    Features of Minspy

    • Tracks social media posts, shared media, and private messages
    • Tracks real-time location and shows recent location history with timestamps
    • Tracks call logs
    • Tracks text messages and iMessages

    4. Spyine

    When you need another cutting-edge phone tracking app, Spyine is the ideal choice to consider. It offers advanced monitoring solutions that give absolute access to a target iPhone. Spyine doesn’t need to jailbreak the target device.

    It also doesn’t store your data on its server. The app is web-based and can be accessed through any web browser on a phone or computer. 

    Features of Spyine

    • Real-time location and location history tracking
    • Call logs tracking, with detailed data of callers
    • Text messages tracking, including deleted messages
    • Tracks all social media apps, including Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Telegram.
    • Web browser history tracking
    • Geo-fencing alert

    5. Spyic

    Spyic is a highly effective iPhone tracking app with many features. It works with the iCloud backup of a target iPhone, which means you don’t need to install an app. You also don’t need to jailbreak the device to track its activities.

    All you need to provide at the point of activation are the iCloud username and password. With this, you’ll activate the Spyic software remotely on the target iPhone and start tracking its activities. You can access your Spyic dashboard from any web browser on any device.

    Features of Spyic

    • Calendar and events tracking
    • Call logs and text messages tracking
    • Web browser history tracking
    • Social media app tracking
    • Location tracking and geo-fencing

    6. Neatspy

    With Neatspy, you can view the real-time location of the target device from your dashboard. You can also see web browser history and location history on the target device. Like Fonemonitor, you are not required to jailbreak the target iPhone to access it remotely.

    You only need to have the iCloud credentials of the device to access its iCloud backup remotely.

    Features of Neatspy

    • Call logs and text messages tracking
    • Social media app tracking (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and more)
    • Location tracking and geo-fencing
    • Web browser history tracking.

    7. ClickFree

    ClickFree is a reputable iPhone tracker with huge features. It gives access to a variety of apps on the target device. The app also lets you block some web content and sites on the device. The app is secure and you don’t have to worry that your data will be compromised. 

    Features of ClickFree

    • Text Message tracking
    • GPS Location tracking
    • Social media apps tracking
    • Call logs tracking
    • Calendar and events tracking

    8. Spyzie

    Spyzie allows you to track the activities of your target iPhone remotely and without getting detected. You also don’t need to install any app on the target iPhone. From any internet-enabled device, you can activate the software on your target device.

    Features of Spyzie

    • Call logs and text messages tracking
    • Website browser history monitoring
    • Location tracking
    • Geo-fencing
    • Social media apps tracking

    9. Guestspy

    Guestspy is another cool iPhone tracker that is ideal for monitoring the activities of your kid. It works by connecting with the iCloud backup of the target device. You don’t need to download or install any app on your target device.

    Features of Guestspy

    • Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WhatsApp tracking
    • GPS location tracking
    • Call and text tracking
    • Calendar monitoring

    10. Spyera

    Spyera makes iPhone tracking very easy. The spy app has some nice features that making your tracking very effective. It is safe and secure, which means you don’t have to worry that a third-party will access your data. 

    One thing though, you need to jailbreak the target iPhone to be able to access all its features. This is one of the major downsides of this app.

    Features of Spyera

    • Call logs and text messages tracking
    • Web browser tracking
    • Social media apps tracking, including Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Telegram, and WhatsApp
    • Location tracking


    There you have the ten best iPhone trackers in 2020. Of course, it’s impossible to use all of them. You have to choose the best out of the lot. We recommend Fonemonitor as the best and most effective among the ten.

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