Sony Started Working on Mobile to Mobile Wireless Charging Technology

    In what could have been a breakthrough, Sony has recently got its latest technology patented. The technology enables people to transfer power across devices without any wire or direct connection. The focus of the effort is to enable Mobile Wireless charging transfer.

    Using the technology, the devices will be able to hunt down power. The technology works similarly to Wi-Fi hotspot.

    The futuristic technology will enable the owners of electronic devices, especially smartphones, to steal power from other electronic devices such as Smartphone and computer.

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    The technology will use a chip dubbed Near Field Communications (NFC). The chip allows data transfer from a short distance.

    The chip when inserted in a device can extract power from an electronic device from a distance of 1.6inches or 4cm. This technology is already in use in contactless payment systems, wireless photo sharing systems as well as sharing photos and video across smartphones remotely.

    Sony Mobile Wireless Charging Technology :

    According to the company’s United States Patent Application, the technology works by identifying a plurality of antenna systems including at least a first antenna system and a second antenna system.

    Sony Mobile Wireless Charging

    In its patent application, the company explained the working of the technology. The power transfer between two devices takes place when at least the first antenna system cooperates with a first CE device and the second antenna cooperates with a separate second CE device.

    In its patent application, the company also explained as for how a device fitted with NFC will be able to hunt devices for power transfer.

    According to the company’s statement, the device with NFC chip will be able to search other devices for power transfer through a mechanism that works just like Wi-Fi Hotspot.

    The latest technology by Sony is not just restricted to smartphones. The company focuses towards making this technology available to all portable consumer electronic devices. The technology is likely to do away with the horrible fear of battery drainage. The idea of transferring power was first discussed for a patent in March 2016.With the latest move, Sony seems to be moving steadily in its efforts to help people recharge the batteries of the Smartphones from other devices i.e Mobile Wireless Charging Technology.

    However, experts working at Sony have not yet revealed the methods by which the antenna would be discovered. It is being assumed that the technology will work as a Wi-Fi in locating devices and transferring power.

    Sony has just filed a patent application. It will take it some time to bring the idea into reality. Many a times, companies or individuals get their ideas patent so they are can work on them in future.

    Sony has not revealed its plan about using or launching the technology in the near future.  Some time back, Disney also talked about a similar idea, but again nothing concrete came out of it.

    Researchers at Disney are studying how they can help people power as many as 320 devices remotely. The technology dubbed quasistatic cavity resonance is currently being studied by Disney researchers.

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