Homepage Tweaks: 4 Lessons to Be Learned from the World’s Most Trafficked Websites

    Businesses want to achieve greater success when setting up an e-commerce website and selling their products from the developments. Their homepage is the first impression the consumers have about the business, and it is important for them to choose the best elements. Tips for increasing traffic to their website give the companies greater success online.

    1. Building A Unique Brand

    When increasing traffic to a company website, the company must create a unique brand for the business. Logos and elements that are branded make the company stand apart from others, and customers can recognize the company more effectively.

    A unique brand is used on all online real estate used by the company. This includes the company’s website, social media accounts, and separate posts that represent the company. Business owners can learn more about creating a brand by contacting Appiloque now.

    2. Maintain Compliance With Search Engine Terms and Conditions

    Popular search engines require all website owners to comply with the company’s terms and conditions. If the website doesn’t comply, the search engine has the right to block it from the search engine results pages.

    In fact, the search engines have an algorithm that evaluates all websites for useful information and relevance to the terms used in the search. This includes words and phrases that are typed or spoken into the search engine. The website’s relevance and the helpfulness of its content could place it on the last page of the search engine results pages.

    3. Avoid Black Hat SEO

    Black hat search engine optimization practices are banned from popular search engines such as Google, and the search engine can block the website altogether. The practices involve placing too many keywords or keyword stuffing to make the search engine find the page faster. The practices do not provide viewers with useful information, and the practices have become antiquated.

    White hat SEO may take longer for the content to arrive at higher positions of the search engine results pages, but the content gives the viewer something worthwhile to read. The information is relevant to the website and the company itself. Viewers can learn something about the company, its products, and its industry. The content must be updated frequently to continue to give the visitors something helpful, or the website could lose its rankings.

    4. Video Productions Are More Appealing to Consumers

    Video productions have become far more popular with internet users today, and companies could get more attention from consumers if they provide videos on their websites. The videos could be entertaining or educational. The company can make the decision themselves about what type of videos to use, but they should update their videos after a few weeks to keep their content fresher.

    Studies show that more consumers click on videos on social media than they do news stories. By placing the videos on social media, the company can redirect the customers to their website and drive more traffic to their company.

    Businesses who want to use e-commerce websites to sell their products follow tips for improving their companies. They can review the terms and conditions of the search engines to avoid getting blocked or pushed to the back of the results pages. The companies can also use social media, landing pages, and guest posts to redirect traffic to their website. By following tips companies can get the same advantages as the top-ranked businesses in the country.

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