10 Best GPS Trackers for Kids and Their Concerned Parents

    It is always a comfort for parents to know where their children are strictly at a given point in time. When children are in their school, it is usually assumed that they remain safe. However, situations may arise when the children are traveling on his or her own. Sometimes, children travel to school alone as well. Also, in holidays and weekends, when children go out, parents often worry about their safety. Hence, devices such as GPS tracker for kids are essential. Since keeping a physical watch on their children is not always possible, many parents revert to such methods. As children get older, some parents are even more worried and remain anxious about tracking their children. This is where such tools come in handy.

    The most used methods taken by parents include using tracking devices for kids. At present, these devices are available in the market in various forms. Most of them are pretty accurate and can give the parents a precise location about their children at any point in time.

    The Need for a Kid GPS Tracker

    You may think as to whether a GPS tracker for kids is even required in the first place. Most surveys say yes. As already mentioned, most parents suffer from various levels of anxiety regarding their child’s whereabouts. Usually, the tracking devices are meant to provide the children’s exact location so that their parents can stay assured of their child’s safety. However, in case of sudden unplanned movements, like going out of a previously set boundary, it can alert the parents. Some parents even monitor the sociological growth of their kids with these devices.

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    Things to Consider Before Buying a GPS Tracker for Kids

    Before buying any specific model for your kids, you should know what each model has to give. Firstly, child tracker models are available in many types of devices. For example, the most preferred model among kids nowadays is the wearable watch. If you are considering buying such an alert, you should look for the design, fit, and features. Ideally, such devices need to be simple enough so that the kids can use them without any hassle. Also, the devices should be a little attractive and stylish. That way, your kid will never complain about wearing it in the first place.

    If wearable devices seem too complicated, non-wearable child GPS tracker devices are also available. Such devices can be simply put inside the bag or pocket, depending upon the situation. When choosing such devices, the connection quality and the range of the devices should be checked thoroughly. Also, the build quality of the devices should be standard as well.

    Alternatively, there are even other choices when it comes to GPS tracker for kids. For example, tags and loops for bags or cloth can be used as tracking devices too. Even pendants and bracelets are available today, which act as trackers. It is relatively safe to say that there are a lot of choices in the market at present.

    Types of GPS Tracker for Kids

    Mainly, there are three types of kids GPS tracker devices that you will find in the market.

    These tracking devices for kids comes with GPS. In most of the devices, the location shared is of extremely accurate result. In many families, trackers are often used on pets and older family members who suffer from sudden memory loss. This is how GPS tracking device for kids was also produced.

    When it comes to safety, most of the GPS tracker for kids come with some safety signals. For example, any standard device comes with SOS functionalities. These are important as children are provided with the option of contacting their parents whenever an emergency arises. With modern technologies, even messaging services are present in specific tracker models. When used ideally, a kid will never feel unsure while going out without any parental supervision. Hence, it is essential to select the correct models with basic features. 

    1. Wearable Watches

    Some of the best GPS trackers are implemented in wearable smartwatches. Even though these are on the costlier side, most of these devices are filled with many useful features. Even the child using it will be having fun interacting with the software, and the communication and tracking features are usually on point. Many different brands specialize in creating such devices for children. Some of the best wearable smartwatches generally come in bright and vibrant colors. Others have a comfortable and soft strap and are highly reliable.

    2. Non-Wearable Trackers

    Even though watches are a great option, they are not viable for many. Small children sometimes tend to damage such things, and the possibility of losing it anywhere always remains. It may also happen that using a smartwatch may be too complicated for some children. In such cases, non-wearable GPS trackers for kids are available. These non-wearable tracking devices are mainly devices that provide an accurate location. They are usually small devices and can be put inside the child’s pocket or their school bags. These are the most simple to use tracking devices out there.

    3. Alternative Trackers

    These devices are a mix between wearable and non-wearable models. To make it simple, these are devices that can go hand to hand with your everyday wear. These devices are small, and they can be placed without people noticing them too much. For instance, pendants and bracelets can work correctly as trackers, while they will not be easily lost or noticed. In most cases, parents overlook these devices as they are deemed to be not good enough. However, that is not the case. Some of these devices are much cheaper and better alternatives to the device types mentioned above.

    Top 10 GPS Tracker for Kids

    As mentioned earlier, these tracking devices for kids are available in many types of forms and models. To make sure that you choose a device correctly, no matter which type, some of the best models are described below. These devices with GPS for kids are not only top-notch, but a majority of users also trust them. Moreover, all three types of tracking devices for kids with their advantages and disadvantages are mentioned here. This way, you will quickly decide which type of device you want to keep track of your kids.

    Ten of the best GPS tracker for kids are given below.

    1. SZBXD Kids Smart Watch Phone

    This device is a smartwatch phone. It comes with an inbuilt GPS tracker and has lots of different functionalities. The screen is very responsive, and the messaging features are almost like how smartphone messaging works. Other commands are also very similar to smartphones. The themes contain different cartoon shaped avatars and are colored brightly. Apart from location services, there are other extra features present in this device as well. There is an SOS service available, which activates on a single touch. For better communication, two-way messaging services are also available. The device also contains a camera. This device can help you to deal with various kinds of situations.


    • As this device feels similar to a smartphone, it is trendy among kids.
    • The service is quite reliable, and SIM and service plans are also available.
    • The device is pretty easy to set up. Kids will have no problem understanding the features.


    • It comes in only two colors, pink for girls and blue for boys.
    • Not all services are compatible with this device.

    In many ways, this device is either popular with the kids, or they hate it instantly. However, the style and functionality of the watch are both excellent. Usually, kids aged between 6 to 8 years will find this device ideal. The tracker is pretty accurate as well.

    As for the color selection, blue and pink are the only available colors. This seems a very outdated scheme. However, the real issue faced by some users is the service. Many users who do not reside in strong connection zones have often faced difficulty with the SIM service. In reality, most users have given positive reviews about this product, which still makes it a top choice.


    This device works ideally with excellent service and SIM. Ignoring the colors, the design is perfect. The kid-friendly apps can also generate interest among the kids too.

    2. OJOY A1 Kids Smart Watch

    In this tracking device, the color choices are not much. You will only be able to choose between a purple and blue option. However, the best part about this device is not in its color, but in its features. What makes this device greatly popular among kids is its apps. This smartwatch works perfectly fine on any network. 3G and 4G services work seamlessly on this GPS tracker for kids. Even the GSM network will work perfectly fine with this device.

    It is highly compatible with any android or iOS device, and the watch itself is very child-friendly. With many informative apps, kids can be entertained a lot while using this smartwatch. The tech is quite impressive when it comes to tracking as well.


    • Kids will be helped in their daily work with a lot of inbuilt apps.
    • The build quality is great.
    • The design has been done with all the little things necessary to make this a comfortable yet durable product.
    • The communication services are quite simple as well.


    • Very young children may face some difficulties trying to understand everything that this smartwatch has to offer.
    • Unwanted omissions and technical glitches may occur rarely.

    The best thing about this device, though, is its child-oriented tool. With an inbuilt GPS tracker, the location of the kids can be shared accurately with their parents. Additionally, this watch comes with a camera and a calendar app for noting the school activities. It also comes with a large battery of 800 mAh capacity and provides proper two-way communication. The watch is also waterproof and is a durable product that provides excellent reliability.

    The downsides of this device should be considered before buying it as well. Some of the users have reported that the watch sometimes undergoes technical glitches. Sometimes, the display is unable to display the temperature of the clock as well. Also, the messaging system is more inclined towards emojis rather than actual words. Since the product is durable, some parents have also complained that it weighs more than average. Small children may find it heavy for daily usage. However, kids within the age of 5 to 10 years are expected to be okay with it. 


    Kids within the stipulated age range will find this watch to be extremely useful and fun to use. In many ways, this device is a great option to introduce your children to a real smartwatch. The apps are quite interesting, and the essential functions are standard as well. When appropriately configured, you will find this device to be an excellent fit for your children.

    3. ICooLive Kids Smart Watch Phone

    Some devices are specially designed to ensure that the kids wearing them have as much fun as possible. Some parents also avoid such devices because they feel that the child may get addicted to them. However, one cannot ignore that this tracking device is as useful as it is attractive. Out of many GPS trackers for kids, this device comes with a fun interface. There are seven different applications which the children can use. These apps include a camera, chat service, phone, SOS button, games, GPS, and pedometer. This device also comes with a DND or Do Not Disturb button. Hence, parents can simply deactivate all the gaming features when handing over this device to their children. This will ensure that the kids will not be distracted during their study time.


    • All of the seven apps are accompanied by attractive designs, and the apps are quite fun to use.
    • Kids’ entertainment and parent’s satisfaction are well balanced on this device.
    • The Do Not Disturb feature is extremely convenient for parents.


    • The app is relatively new in the market, and not many users have tested it yet.
    • The specification mentioned in the device is not precisely a hundred percent correct.

    The applications are mainly designed cutely and attractively. Kids from 4 years to 12 years will find this device useful. However, kids who are mature for their age may attribute such designs as too childish. Apart from interactive apps, the connection with the phone is also vital. The GPS tracker and SOS features are great as well. The device is quite durable and is waterproof.

    However, since the product is only two years old, the user base is not that strong yet. There are some limitations in the functions, and the specifications are more of a stretch. For instance, this device does not come with a SIM. Even then, the device is quite useful when it comes to tracking purposes. Also, since the product is new, not many service providers are yet familiar with this product.


    The specific features on this device are quite strong, and it can be an excellent tool for tracking your children accurately. Even though the device is highly interactive with the kids, parents can use the DND mode to restrict their children’s usage. Apart from some rare tech bugs, this device does not provide any such notable service issues.

    4. Wonbo Kids SmartWatch

    This smartwatch is more of a childish product that older children may not like that much. However, in the correct age range, this smartwatch is quite popular. The looks are pretty cute, and the interface is quite reliable as well. The watch is built exceptionally well, though, and the design has been done to make it look like a real watch. It comes with a simple screen on a black background. On the screen, the status of the battery and signal are visible. The screen also displays the time. The strap is quite slim and has many stylish color choices.


    • The strap looks quite stylish with the simple screen.
    • Parents will find lots of useful features, and the apps are quite helpful too.
    • With the excellent service, this device provides a great connection at all times.


    • Apart from the basic features, this watch does not provide anything extra.
    • Some people may get a little bit confused while setting up this device.

    Kids may complain that the apps are not very interactive or attractive. However, the essential purpose of this device is for tracking and communication, which it does entirely. If a kid is accustomed to a smartwatch, which is more like a simple phone, then they will like this watch. Most of the apps present in this device are more parent oriented. The tracker is great, and it comes with a geofencing system. A strong connection is retained at almost all times, and the take-off alarm feature is quite useful. Apart from tracking, this product also monitors a child’s health with sleep monitoring and pedometer tools.

    However, parents will need to download an app to properly setting up this device. If you can figure out this much, then the watch is exceptionally reliable. The straps are made of silicone, which makes them easily cleanable, waterproof, and challenging.


    Since this watch prioritizes communication and safety over anything else, it is an excellent option for tracking your kids. If the kids can be persuaded enough to wear this watch, there is nothing to worry about.

    5. Samsung SmartThings Tracker

    This is one of the non-wearable GPS trackers for kids, which is quite reliable. In terms of its functionality and design, it is one of the essential products that you will find. This device can be concealed in pockets or bags very quickly. Since Samsung has a brand value, many parents go for this product over anything else. The tracking software is excellent, and it comes with many additional functionalities. Parents will be able to set perimeters regarding their child’s movement. Alerts and tracking features are incredibly accurate.


    • The tracking software is one of the best you will find anywhere.
    • The battery life is quite long and can last longer even while providing high accuracy location data.
    • For better security, this device has added straps.


    • The two-way communication system is, however, absent on this device.
    • The android app version may face some rare glitches.

    The design of this device has been done with great details. There is an app called smart things, and it provides accurate location data. The battery life is perfect and can last up to 10 days. The product is also IP68 certified in water resistance. The corner also has an attached cord. This is useful for attaching the product to different apparel or bags.

    There are downsides, though, since no two-way communication can be done with this device. Parents can accurately watch over their children. However, children may not be able to send messages to their parents. The glitches in the android system are rare but not non-existent.


    For iOS users, this device is an excellent choice undoubtedly. Even for Android users, this device provides reliable location information. The software does not come with many features. However, the design is excellent, and the hardware is top-notch.

    6. KUPPET Hot Mini Smart Finder

    This tracking device is perfect when it comes to tracking services. Unlike other devices on this list, it is neither a smartwatch nor a wearable device. It works by attaching itself to any other object. You will be able to attach this device to any of your kid’s belonging. For easy attachment, this device contains a key ring and adhesive tape. For proper updates, the device connects well with any smartphone. Initially used for keeping track of items that are easy to lose, this acts as a viable child tracker as well. The device can be easily attached to your child’s pencil case, school bag, or any item of your choice.


    • The setup is straightforward.
    • The tracking apps are beneficial.
    • The device is designed exquisitely and attractively.


    • Kids may not be impressed with missing children-friendly features.
    • There is no beeping sound present on this device.

    Some parents prefer GPS tracker for kids to be as simple as possible. This is one such device. Your children’s location will be accurately displayed to you as long as this device is present with them. The apps are quite intuitive as well. In the chance of a disconnection, the last known location is recorded promptly in the device. The device also looks quite good, and is simple to understand and use. 

    One part which may raise some doubts about overusing this product is its simple nature. Many people are satisfied by simply knowing the location of their child. However, some people want additional functionalities. Such features are not exactly this device’s strong point. The alert system is exceptionally well made, though. Your connected phone will start vibrating loudly whenever any alert is notified.


    This device may be excellent or useless to you, depending upon your preference. Many people criticize this product because of its simple nature. However, this device does what it is supposed to do best, which is tracking. If you are contented with such tracking features, you will find this device useful. Since it is not complex at all, both you and your kid will use this device with ease.

    7. Yepzon GPS Tracker

    This is yet another device for tracking kids that is quite popular with parents. This device is a particular version manufactured by this company, and it is especially inclined towards monitoring children. The location of the user is shown precisely. There are many unique advantages that this tracking device has to offer. The best thing about this tracker is that it provides location data very frequently. In every 10 seconds time frame, you will be able to get your kid’s real-time location. It can easily be placed with your kid’s coat or bag.


    • The app is extremely easy to use.
    • Multiple devices can be connected at the same time.
    • The device size is hugely beneficial for easy hiding and portability.


    • When used with the best settings available, the battery may not last for a very long duration.
    • Users will have to pay for the extra data costs.

    This device has extreme potential for being a tracker. The simplicity to use and absence of complex registration procedures makes it worth using. The simple commands are comfortable and responsive as well. Since multiple devices can be connected to this device, both of the parents will be able to track their child’s location simultaneously. If you have more than one child, then they can be followed on the same monitor. Network connectivity is good, and the device is water-resistant and shockproof.

    However, the major con of this device is its major pro as well. The 10 seconds real-time update on location is beneficial. However, this uses a lot of battery of the device. For short term tracking, this device can be the best choice out there. However, for long term tracking, the device may be dead halfway when used in the best setting.


    The only issue with this device is its battery. Apart from that, users may have to arrange for extra data for the use of this device. However, multiple essential features are present. Ideally, this device can be used if you want to track all of your kids for a short period.

    8. GEGO Luggage Car Kids GPS Tracker

    This product is often considered to be not a proper tracker for kids. Even though it is not a product that fits the definition, it can still track kids. If you prefer a cheap and simple option, then this is a great GPS tracker for kids. It contains all the essential functions of what a tracker should have. Initially, the device is used for tracking lost objects or luggage. However, many people have used this device as a tracker for kids, and they are quite satisfied with the results. The device provides good connectivity and can be easily kept inside a bag or pocket.


    • It can be easily attached to any bag, coat, or carrying items.
    • It has excellent connectivity.
    • The plans are relatively cheap as compared to others.
    • The size is relatively small.


    • Two-way communication is not present.
    • Long-distance tracking can pose specific issues.

    This device connects to your smartphone with apps supported in both Android and iOS. The guide cost is minimal, and the users get free usage during the first month. As for the standard charge, it is as low as 6.33 dollars per month. There are no contracts, and cancellations are free. Since this device can be easily concealed, it is an ideal tracking device. You are tracking on very long distances, maybe not as much accurate. However, you will not face any problem within the normal range.


    If you want a cheap device that provides a good connection and robust tracking, this is a great option. Other devices may be more feature-rich, but this device offers much more than what you have to pay for it.

    9. So new Pendant A9 Locator For Kids

    This GPS tracker for kids is one of the alternative tracking devices. It is not strictly wearable. Yet, children can wear it in their bodies without anyone noticing it. The device is much tiny as compared to others. It has also been explicitly made in a way such that it can blend in easily. The GPS connection is stable, and the features are beneficial. You can setup perimeters and locate your child’s movement precisely.


    • The size of the device is relatively small.
    • Parents will enjoy a high-level security tool.
    • The device has a straightforward approach towards the safety of the child.


    • Many kids may not be comfortable with wearing a necklace when they go out.
    • There are no extra features.

    The software of this product is excellent for tracking purposes. There is also a history track feature for checking the tracker location on any place up to 90 days. SOS feature is also present, and the connectivity is excellent. Parents can also use voice monitoring.

    The necklace design may not appeal to everyone. Overall, it is a lovely pendant that does not look too conspicuous. If the kids are wary of the idea of wearing it, you can simply make them carry it in their pockets or bag.


    This is wearable tech. If both you and your kid are comfortable with it, there is no point in not using it. The design is nice, and it does what it is supposed to do. Tracking capabilities are great. If your kid does not object, then you have a great option in your hand.

    10. Relay Screen-Free Tracker For Kids

    This tracking device does not come with any screen. However, it is a great GPS tracker for kids and has all the essential systems for communication. The device is water resistant, and communication can be activated in a single touch. It works in both LTE and Wi-Fi connectivity. The device can be easily connected to your smartphone. Voice messages can be sent through the device to smartphones.


    • The communication system is basic and simple.
    • The controls are very easy to understand.
    • There are many extra features present.


    • The service is slightly on the expensive side.
    • Notifications may provide some issues.
    • It provides one-way communication only.

    The device is portable, and it is simple to use. At the same time, it has many useful features for kids. Chat channels can be created as well. With proper usage, this device can act as a walkie-talkie as well. Music playback options, along with translator and voice changing options, are present too.

    The app is still undergoing development and may have some issues with notifications sometimes. In some cases, notifications do not appear on time.


    Depending on your phone, you will be able to use it properly. The screen-free system can be great for the kids. Also, the communication system is pretty well set up. If you do not face the notification issue, this is an ideal tracking device for your kids.


    Since there are many categories to choose from, you should look for all options. Wearable watches have some benefits of their own. Similarly, these devices are what kids find most attractive. Also, kids of all age groups may be able to find something that suits their tastes. However, you should also be aware of the device’s specifications and features that you are choosing. In such cases, non-wearable options can be great too. Alternative blending devices may work just as fine. 

    Other devices include devices that have to be simply carried by the child. If tracking and an excellent signal is your priority, then such devices can be great options. Many of these devices do not interfere in any child’s activity, making them ideal to use.

    Finally, security is what should be given a top priority. Many devices are great with extra features but compromise on security. It is much better to have a simple device with SOS features rather than fancy smartwatches that can take decent photographs.


    Since you are the parent, ultimately, you will choose which product to use. Children may have some specific tastes, but you have to decide what is better for your kid. You will find many highly-rated devices that may not suit your child at all. As long as it has a good connection, has security features, provides precise location, and is attachable, it can be used.

    Also, make sure that your chosen GPS tracker for kids is appropriate for your kid or not. Some devices are age-restricted and may distract your child. All of the ten devices mentioned here are the best from multiple perspectives. Different users will have other choices, but most of them are likely to be suitable to your taste. Ultimately, it should be something that both you and your child can agree to use and which gets the job done correctly.

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