30+ Working Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites List

    Whenever a new movie is released, we plan to watch with our family and friends. But, it is always not possible due to some office work or exam.

    So, the other option for watching new movies is to download it from a popular kickass proxy site and watch on various Android devices or PC/laptops.

    Today, the internet has simplified each of the tasks in our lives. We can play games and download various movie apps for watching movies as well as TV shows.

    We may face a lot of issues while watching movies on the popular torrent sites these days.

    The government bans some torrent sites for the reason of security. But, there is an excellent solution to this problem.

    You can choose the Kickass proxy for downloading various old and new movies, sports, TV shows, games, and books.

    There are several kickass torrent unblocked sites which will entertain you 24*7 without any issues or crashes while watching any content.

    Meaning of Proxy Server: Kickass proxy

    Many of us come across the word “Proxy Server” often, but what is the sense of it? It is the key to get access to several websites which have been blocked by the government. With the increase in the number of internet users, the government has put many restrictions on the use of certain websites.

    There are many original websites for watching movies and downloading games, but they have a lot of formalities. Whenever the government blocks a unique site, the proxy server will give you access to that website.

    There are many kickass torrent unblocked websites you may select for your entertainment. Some of them load the content fast while some of them are very slow in working.

    You can watch or download movies, TV series, sports, news and many other TV programs from this kickass proxy unblocked websites on your Android devices such as mobiles, tablets, Book, Notepads and PC/Laptops for free of cost.

    Issues of Original KAT website

    Many Android users have complained about the unavailability of the content on various original KAT websites.

    They have tried accessing the websites but could not watch TV shows and movies. This is because of restrictions put by the government on these websites.

    Before few months, these original websites were showing illegal content due to which government of many countries imposed strict punishment on those who use these sites.

    The person may get arrested also, and he is liable to pay a fine.

    The working of Proxy Server

    Proxy Server will make it possible for all those who want to watch free movies, TV shows, and sports and also download them on their various devices.

    The working of Proxy Server is straightforward to understand, and you can get access to different kickass proxy websites within a few minutes.

    The process starts with your request to proxy for getting the content from a particular website.

    The proxy server will look at your request and provide a new IP address so that your original IP address is not leaked while watching or TV shows any movies and TV shows on your devices.

    After giving a new IP address, the proxy server will lead you to the list of kickass unblocked sites which you are finding for your purpose.

    The main advantage of the proxy server is that it hides your original IP address so that it may not create a problem for you while watching or downloading any content from any websites.

    Disclaimer: The torrent sites mentioned ahead are just for an informational purpose. We don’t support using them to download copyright-protected content.

    30 Kickass Proxy & KAT Unblocked Mirror Torrent Sites in 2019









    1 Very Fast Working




    Very fast




    Very fast






    5 fast Blocked
    6 Very fast Down
    7 Very fast Working
    8 Very fast Online
    9 Very fast Online
    10 Very fast Online
    11  fast Online
    12 Very fast Not Working

    Very fast  


    14 Very fast Working
    15 Very fast Working

    Very fast  


    17  fast Working
    18 Kickass .st  fast Working
    19 Normal Not Working
    20 Slow Working
    21 Very fast Blocked
    22  fast Working
    23 Normal Working
    24 Very fast Working
    25  fast Working
    26  fast Working
    27 Normal Working
    28 Very fast Working
    29  fast Working
    30 Very fast Working


    You can try watching the latest movies and TV shows from the above list of kickass proxy sites. You can even download them on your Android devices as well as PC/Laptop for free of cost.

    These websites are free from virus or malware, which can cause damage to any of your devices.

    There are also many other kickass torrent unblocked sites such as Piratebay which have become the popular ones among many users in different parts of the world.

    These websites are updated each day with new Bollywood and Hollywood movies and TV shows from countries such as UK, USA, Canada and many others.

    You can download the movies, sports and various TV shows of your choice without paying any penny from your pockets.

    If the above mentioned KickAss torrents proxy sites do not work, there are many alternatives available. We have prepared a detailed article on Kickass Alternatives in 2019 for those who are facing difficulty in accessing the popular torrent search engine.


    As we discussed that government is putting restrictions on many websites because of the illegal content.

    It is also blocking some of the kickass proxy sites nowadays due to the increase in the number of views and downloads of various movies as well as TV shows.

    For getting more security for your IP address, you can choose VPN services also.

    VPN hides your IP addresses from the 3rd party, and it also encrypts your data, which makes impossible for anyone to get access to your private content.

    There are numerous free VPN services that you may use for getting full security and protection while watching or downloading any content from the above sites.

    The other benefit of using VPN services is that no one can view your movies or TV shows in any manner.


    We can conclude by saying that these kickass proxy sites can provide you unlimited fun and entertainment, but you will need a proxy server so that your content cannot be leaked to the third party for which you may get into trouble.

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