How to Increase the Productivity of Your Sales Reps

    If you want to be competitive in business you need a productive sales team. It can be hard to expand the company when your sales reps aren’t working to their full potential. This is often caused by a lack of confidence or motivation, and the problem can be rectified with a few implementations.

    With the right tools, your team can start excelling, resulting in increased productivity and customer satisfaction. Here are just a few key ways you can boost your business while supporting your sales representatives.

    Invest in a Quality CRM

    A customer relationship management (CRM) system is recommended for sales companies. If you are considering using Infor CRM, you won’t be disappointed. This is a versatile solution that helps you maintain both new and existing customer relationships all in one place. It comes with a range of intelligent reporting, analytics and forecasting tools.

    A CRM will give your customers a streamlined and consistent service, which will help your sales reps to collaborate with ease. As you learn more about your customers and the way they interact, you can adapt your business to suit their needs.

    Offer Additional Training

    Your sales reps may be lacking in confidence, and one way to fix this is with staff training. The benefits will be immediate as your reps will be given clarity on how to implement your company processes. As technology is continually evolving, keeping your team up to date is essential.

    You can offer regular training, group meetings and online tutorials to ensure your team is prepared for the demands of a competitive sales environment.

    Remote Access Solutions

    Workplaces have become more flexible, and many successful companies are giving their sales reps the freedom to work outside of the office. For a busy team on the go, you should support them with the right tools. This will enable them to represent the brand no matter where they are.

    As an example, your CRM should be accessible via the cloud, ensuring all data can be viewed when working remotely. 

    Create Shared Goals

    When your sales team has the same goals it will give them the motivation to be successful. Having open communication and involvement from your staff will make them feel empowered, and this passion will show in their communication with customers.

    You may like to offer incentives to high achievers, as this can boost their efforts. With strong leadership, clear short-term and long-term goals and a committed sales team, an increase in productivity should be expected.

    Ask for Follow-Ups

    Customers can be fickle and you can’t always wait for them to come back to you. Encouraging your sales reps to follow up with potential buyers could lead to additional business. Your CRM will be able to support your staff in this area as they will easily be able to monitor their progress.

    A simple follow-up phone call, letter, or e-mail could be enough to secure a sale and your team should have the confidence to do this.

    Support Your Sales Team to Boost Your Bottom Line

    Your sales reps are valuable assets to your company and it is important to keep them motivated. You can increase productivity and efficiency by giving them access to a quality CRM, setting clear goals and ensuring they feel supported with ongoing training.

    Your team can be involved in the goal-making process, and you should ask them to follow up with any customer leads as quickly as possible. With a few simple implementations, your business could grow quickly with a database of satisfied customers.

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