How to Write an Invoice Step by Step Guide

    An invoice is a bill you send to a customer for goods or services that they have received. It is essential to include specific information on your invoice so that your customer knows what they are being charged for and can make payment promptly.

    Invoices are essential in every business when it comes to bookkeeping. But how exactly do you write an invoice, and what should you include? Below are steps to help you get your invoices done in no time.

    Start With A Professional Layout

    Generating a professional invoice template is the first step to creating a well-designed invoice. Many software programs, such as FreshBooks, offer freelance invoice template options you can use and customize for your business. They allow you to add your company logo, beautiful colors, and unique fonts. Adding these features to your invoice will make it look polished and official, inspiring confidence in your customers.

    Adding a logo to your invoice showcases your professionalism and helps you build a brand reputation. If you are a freelancer, your brand may not have a logo. You can use a personal spin on the invoice to help your customers remember and identify you quickly.

    Add Your Company Name And Contact Details

    You must add your company’s name and contact information to the invoice. Include your company’s physical address, email address, and phone number so your customers can quickly get in touch with you if they have any questions about the invoice.

    It is also essential to include the contacts of the company you are billing. This information will help your customers know that the invoice comes from a legitimate source and is meant for them.

    Include All Relevant Dates

    The date is essential in every invoice because it tells your customer when the services were provided or when the goods were received. Without a date, your customer may not know when they need to make a payment. The most important dates include:

    • The date the invoice was created
    • The date the services were provided, or the goods received
    • The date the payment is due

    You can also include other dates, such as the date of your next meeting or when you will send a follow-up email. When you fill in the correct dates, your customer can understand your invoice and make a payment on time.

    Write A Clear Description Of The Services Provided

    Now that you have included all of the relevant dates, it is time to describe the services that you provided clearly. Be specific and include all the details on your customer’s charges.

    A well-designed template offers a section for you to include a description of the services provided. Be sure to include; a summary of the work done, the number of goods or services provided, and the rate you are charging per hour or per project.

    Calculate The Total Amount Due

    After listing all of the services provided, calculate the total amount due. This can be done by adding up all individual charges and listing the total at the bottom of the invoice. Many invoicing software programs will calculate for you, saving you time and energy.

    Do not forget to add a tax rate whenever required. Also, be accurate during summing up to avoid any legal issues that can be costly, ­­­­not just for you but for your customer as well.

    Add Your Payment Terms

    Your invoice is not complete without your payment terms. This is where you will specify how and when your customer needs to make a payment. You can decide to get paid through PayPal, credit card, cash, or any other that is right for you. Always use a payment method that is convenient not only for you but also for your client.

    After adding your payment terms, your invoice is ready to be sent. Download and send the invoice as a PDF and include an accompanying email. Write a clear subject line and include your company name.

    Invoicing your customers doesn’t have to be a difficult task. By following these simple tips, you’ll be able to create an invoice that is professional and accurate. Remember to fill in all the relevant information and start billing customers like a pro.


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