How To Receive Faxes Online Through Your Gmail Account

    Millions of people use Gmail each day making it the largest free email provider in the world. The latest development in online fax technology makes it possible to receive faxes online.

    So, you no longer need a dedicated traditional fax machine to send and receive faxes. Using your Gmail account you can send and receive faxes online.

    In this guide, you will learn how to receive faxes in your Gmail account saving you a lot of investment. To receive fax online, you will need a digital online fax service.

    CocoFax – The best digital fax service

    With CocoFax, you get a reliable online fax service capable of delivering faxes into your Gmail. You only need to sign up for the service right here on CocoFax. CocoFax transforms the process of sending and receiving faxes.

    Also, with CocoFax, you can send fax online Gmail from the convenience of your device. CocoFax has attracted the attention of major media outlets like the New York Times and Forbes. It comes with a 30-day free trial period.

    Not only can you send and receive faxes on Gmail with CocoFax, but also on other platforms. CocoFax gives you access to your faxes from anywhere in the world since they are accessible online.

    Features and capabilities to look out for in CocoFax

    CocoFax is equipped with leading online fax service capabilities. Besides supporting Gmail, CocoFax also accommodates other ways of sending and receiving faxes.

    Below are some of the features and capabilities you get from CocoFax.

    Versatile and multiplatform support

    CocoFax gives you a convenient way of sending and receiving faxes from your device. You can receive faxes on your iOS and Android device, as well as your computer.

    Besides Gmail, it allows you to receive faxes on smartphone apps and its online dashboard. CocoFax integrates other Google products such as Google Drive and Google docs.

    This allows you to fax documents from these platforms.

    Safe and secure

    Among the main reasons corporate users prefer fax over email is the high-level of security. CocoFax guarantees the safety of your faxes by encrypting them. It uses the latest security protocols to safeguard your fax.

    So, with CocoFax, you won’t have to worry about your faxes being accessed by unauthorised persons online.

    Fast and reliable

    CocoFax is a reliable online fax service that makes sending and receiving faxes instantly. So, you no longer have to wait to receive fax regardless of whether it is local or international fax.

    What’s more, CocoFax allows you to receive faxes instantly from anywhere in the world. This eliminates the need to wait for faxes on the traditional fax machine. These are some of the benefits of using this online fax service.

    Also, with CocoFax, you receive notifications for both received and sent faxes. Every incoming fax generates a notification on CocoFax, this makes it impossible to miss fax.

    Besides, CocoFax sends you a delivery confirmation to let you know when the fax is successfully delivered. When a fax is not delivered, CocoFax sends you a comprehensive report of the causes.

    The main causes of failed delivery of faxes are busy recipient fax or wrong recipient fax number. 

    Lifetime storage

    With CocoFax, all your sent and received faxes are automatically archived on its server. Unlike other online fax services that archive the latest faxes, CocoFax archives everything.

    Also, CocoFax gives you a neat way of accessing all your faxes. The faxes are archived in their respective folder making it easier to access your faxes. The online archive also is accessible from anywhere in the world.

    How to receive faxes on your computer using Gmail with CocoFax

    To receive faxes in your Gmail using CocoFax, it takes a few steps. To receive and send faxes you need a fax number. Fortunately, CocoFax lets you choose a custom fax number free of charge.

    Provided you have a Gmail account you want to use to receive your faxes, sign up for an account. After signing up, you will have an opportunity to choose your fax number.

    To receive your fax in your Gmail account, just provide the sender with your fax number. All incoming faxes will be forwarded to your Gmail account you used to sign up for the CocoFax service.

    Any attached documents in the fax will be attached to the email as PDF files. That’s it!


    Online fax services make it possible to receive faxes on your computer using Gmail. CocoFax is one of such services capable of receiving faxes on Gmail. To use CocoFax, please follow the guide above.

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