How to Identify and Fix Packet Loss

    ‘Packet Loss’ have you heard this term before? If not, this blog is entirely for people like you because all of us often experience this silly issue but no one actually pays attention to understand and learn how to fix packet loss. In this blog, you will be able to understand the meaning of packet loss, identify it and solve it by your own with simple to understand steps.

    What is Packet Loss?How to Fix Packet Loss

    Gamers and online video streamers once in their lifetime must have experienced a sudden pause or distraction while enjoying online.

    These distractions could be anything from the freezing of a video, sudden drop the quality of the video being streamed, a sudden turn-around in the game that leads to loss the winning situation.

    All these are the result of Packet Loss. Packets are actually a technical term used to describe units that carry data on internet traffic to its destination. A Packet Loss occurs when these data stops reaching their respective destination.

    This often occurs on a congested network, Wi-Fi or when your computer is not properly plugged in. So, the question arises how to fix packet loss?

    A Packet Loss often causes leg spikes which mean the delay in any online activity. Your tab will freeze, your online actions will stop responding, you will get stuck in the game, the quality of the video being streamed will drop and a lot more.

    But there could be other reasons for the issues as well. Therefore, it is important to learn how to fix packet loss but before that, we also need to learn how to identify packet loss.

    Identifying the Packet Loss:

    The issue of Packet loss is of great concern especially for those who use bandwidth-intensive services on the internet.

    To be able to identify the packet loss issue, you will first have to look for the general symptoms for example, has your tab got frozen or still, is the quality of video being streamed online has fallen all of sudden, has the game being played online has suddenly stopped and led you to lose a chance or level? If the answer to any of these questions is in affirmation then there is a high probability of you experiencing packet loss.

    But, this could also be poor internet connect, technical issues in your laptop among others. Therefore, having diagnosed the general issues we should look for the main cause of packet loss. To do so you should run a ping test. To ping test, just open go to to test the speed of your desktop.

    how to fix packet loss

    The uses Flash if your desktop doesn’t support Flash you can try another tool dubbed Freeola’s Line Quality. This tool supports all PCs, tablets, and browsers.

    Test Here:

    how to fix packet loss

    Using the aforementioned two tools you will be able to identify the packet loss issue. Now, the second step is about fixing the issue.

    How to Fix Packet Loss : The Solution

    To be able to fix the issue, you will be required to go through the following steps:

    Step 1: Enable Quality of Service or QoS in the settings of your router. This will allow you to prioritize the time sensitive data of the videos and games that were being streamed online and were interrupted because of the packet loss. This step, in some cases, may solve the packet loss issue.

    If it doesn’t work for you then it means that the packet loss is high. So, how to fix packet loss which is high? Well, it is simple. Try using an Ethernet cable which can be connected directly to your router. A weak Wi-Fi signal can also be a major cause of packet loss.

    Wi-Fi means going wireless, so now the question is how to fix packet loss wireless in nature? To do so, you may need to buy a new router or simply upgrade the internet plan.

    These are some ways that be used to fix packet loss whether high or wireless. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways or possible solutions to solve the packet loss issue. The two methods –how to fix high packet loss and how to fix packet loss wireless– are currently the only two ways of solving the packet loss issue.

    There is still a lot of work to be done to be able to understand how to fix packet loss. Let’s hope a new solution to fix the packet loss issue will soon be invented to ensure that the online streamers and gamers get the best to experience.

    There are some many nice and entertaining games available online that is worth playing in free time. Similarly, there are tons of video that are available to be streamed online.

    You can enjoy all if you have a right internet connection and a distraction free environment. You can do this by identifying, and finding all the methods for the query How to Fix Packet Loss.

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