How To Download iMovie For PC?

how to download iMovie for PC

If you are searching How to Download iMovie for PC, then the term ‘iMovie’ won’t be sound strange to you. You are here because you are very well aware of this amazing video editing app that specifically designed for iOS devices.

But to those who reached to this article unintentionally and now eager to know what iMovie for PC or imovie download for PC is, I would only say, “You Guys are Always Welcome.”

Before proceeding to the core of this post, let’s know what iMovie is and why people want to download iMovie in PC.

What is iMovie for PC and imovie download for PC

Install iMovie for PC

iMovie is one of the top apps for video editing designed by Apple Inc. for iOS devices or you can say it’s another component of Apple’s iLife suite of software applications for making movies and editing videos.

This app allows you to edit video on almost all Apple products like iPhone, iPad and iPod.

If we talk about its interface, it is really great and attracts the people in all way. But unluckily, Apple doesn’t release any version of iMovie for PC. People are mad for this software and always ask about how to download itfor Windows.

So where will you get it or do you know any other app just similar to iMovie?

Well, calm down! All your questions will be answered here only. I have a trick to overcome this problem. Here you will be given the best iMovie equivalent for Windows.

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Best Alternative to iMovie for PC/windows

There many iMovie alternative applications for Windows PC. The software might not be as efficient and perfect like iMovie but are good enough to solve your problem when you are unable to install iMovie for PC.

One very popular alternative of iMovie is the Movavi video editor, with additional features like the chrome key. Some features of Movavi video editor are just similar to iMovie including making slideshows and many more.

Movavi video editor also offers many cool templates like iMovie. So though download iMovie for PC is not that feasible, the alternatives to iMovie can certainly help you out and you can make or edit the video wonderfully.

You can easily install Movavi on Windows. This is the harsh reality that you can’t get iMovie for PC, but iMovie’s alternative will make you forget its absence.

Why Movavi Video Editor is the best alternative for iMovie for PC..??

Although there are other Alternatives for iMovie for PC Movavi is the best because of mainly its interface.

With the easy to use interface, you can master it easily and excels to its users as well. If we talk about features as well you might be amazed to know that Movavi is having a very advanced level of features while others do have some basic features only.

This video editor is the best in the class alternative if you want to use the same features and have a feeling of using iMovie for PC/download iMovie for PC.

It is best for all types of users be it beginner, intermediate or Professional with the features like Trimming, Rotating, Adding music for beginners and features like picture-in-picture movies and apply chroma – key effect can be easily used by advanced and professional users.

If you are having Slideshows and you want to make awesome video with that.. you can use this alternative for iMovie for PC and add stylish titles, music, transitions and share your talent with everyone.

Apple iMovie vs Movavi Video Editor

Below is a comparison table for Apple’s iMovie and the best iMovie for PC equivalent – Movavi Video Editor.

Features Movavi Video Editor Apple iMovie
Supported Platform Windows Only Mac & iOS
Drag and Drop iMovie features iMovie features
3D Editing iMovie features iMovie features
Animation Tools iMovie features iMovie features
Audio Transitions iMovie features
Color Correction iMovie features iMovie features
Direct Camcorder Capture iMovie features iMovie features
DVD Burning iMovie features iMovie features
Green Screen (Chroma Key) iMovie features iMovie features
HD Support iMovie features iMovie features
Speed Change iMovie features iMovie features
Video Transitions iMovie features iMovie features
Maximum Video Tracks Unlimited 2
Maximum Audio Tracks Unlimited 6
Supported Formats
Saving Presets QuickTime, Mobile Devices,
QuickTime, Mobile Devices
Output Video Formats 3GP, 3GP2, AVI, FLV, M2TS,
MKV, MP4 with H.264 codec;
M2TS, MPEG with MPEG2 codec.
Output Audio Formats M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF
Input Video Formats AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, MOV,
MPEG2-TS with H.264 codec;
codec; WMV with VC-1 codec.
Input Audio Formats M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, AIF M4A, MP3
Skill Level
Prosumer iMovie features iMovie features
Consumer iMovie features
Application Type
Desktop iMovie features iMovie features
Mobile iMovie features
Price $39.95 $15


Although you might be having a very good idea about till now that how iMovie can be used on PC/Windows  by using movavi but additionally we are providing a list of features which you can relate to:

  • Awesome interface if you want to edit, share or create a video.
  • Creating your slideshow is easy like eating icecream.
  • Hundreds of special effects available which will create a dashing effect on your video. For example Matrix, Chroma key (Already Explained)
  • Addition of music, Titles, Voice changings etc.
  • You can use among various frames transitions.
  • You can split or join videos as easy as starting a car with just a push.
  • If you want to add more than one video/audio.. you can.
  • Import/Export in any format.
  • Capture video from anywhere (camera,TV,camcorder).
  • If you have any DHS tape… it can be digitized easily.
  • 3D videos are very easy to import and edit.
  • If you have created a video, it can be saved in various formats.
  • Easy sharing of videos on social media.

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Have you downloaded Movavi (Best alternative for iMovie for PC) on your PC? How was your experience? Let us know in comments below.

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