Here’s how Cloud Hosting braves the new world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

    I know why you’re here. Like most business owners, you want to know how to keep your business afloat despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re using Cloud Hosting for your website, then you’re well-rooted to withstand the entire current world situation. All in terms of website sustainability and flexibility.

    Cloud computing has become at the forefront of ways for many businesses to weather the COVID-19 situation. For many, the situation feels like a never-ending nightmare financially. In any case, the resilience of the cloud is being displayed like a shining example of strength amidst the chaos. The move towards cloud-based services by the majority of industries is continuing to benefit from reliability, scalability, and availability across regions and zones – and these are areas that make a business successful regardless of size.

    COVID-19 vs the Cloud

    The internet is constantly tested by the pandemic. It’s fantastic that it was designed to continue delivering service despite dire situations. The internet will stay to maintain connectivity regardless of the situation as long as servers run it.

    Some hosting services may be negatively affected through the issue that might do with where the end-user tries to access the cloud rather than the cloud itself. For instance, Netflix relies heavily on bandwidth to maintain good resolution and streaming services. Because it uses a good host, the possibility of the entire system grinding to a halt is mitigated. It would take a major catastrophe with the destruction of server infrastructure or manpower is taken out to the point where automation is not sustained.

    Some cloud benefits to consider:

    • Cloud offers a virtual computing environment that utilizes virtualized managed services.
    • Accessible for all that need to use the applications regardless of physical location.
    • Cloud decreases the need for “onsite” resources – elimination of huge servers, which is a security threat and not impervious to the elements.

    The switch to cloud amidst the pandemic

    The pandemic’s impact in the world so far has been directed on remote working than migration to the cloud services like cloud hosting, which has now become essential for businesses who can’t let workforce stay in their offices to manage the servers manually, which can be tough to do, to begin with.

    If you’re a business owner or decision-maker who is feeling the urgency to make the move, then time is of the essence. The end of lockdown in many cities worldwide won’t spell the start of normalcy as we’ll require months or years to cope with the new normal or have a semblance of normal business operations.

    One of the greatest successes in this market has been the performance of cloud computing. In 2020 – and we see that around 84% of all core system buying transactions were cloud-based. We leaped not only forward in cloud computing, but we utilize mainstream core systems, considered one of the most critical systems in the enterprise.

    Is your business using an in-office server to host your website? Using a service provider who offers limited support and capabilities during the pandemic? It may be the right time to consider moving to cloud hosting. Organizations running in their infrastructure might soon learn that they may hit limits on what they can provide customers and possibly be forced to turn away customers and/or see service degradation.

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