Home Security Mistakes You Have To Avoid

    Regardless of how careful you think you are, we’re people, and oftentimes we make mistakes. While they may be small and insignificant, there are some home security mistakes that can cost you quite a bit, so you must avoid them. You might not look at some of them as big deals, but when we’re talking about home security, you’ll want to be as protected as possible.

    So, what are some fairly common home security mistakes you have to avoid? Let’s take a look at some of them, and see why they’re things you shouldn’t be doing if you value your home’s security and privacy.

    Hiding a key outside your home

    We’re all guilty of this, but there’s a difference between leaving your spouse a key and knowing they’ll be back in an hour and keeping one outside at all times. While sure, you might think having a key hidden somewhere nearby is great in case you get locked outside of your home, that’s also a key that a burglar can use to get inside your home.

    The mistake is that many people tend to put it in obvious places. Whether it’s under the welcome mat, under that only flower pot on the porch, or inside that fake rock that’s sitting pretty lonely, they’re easy to find, and usually the first place a thief may check.

    There are two main solutions to this. The first one is not to leave your key at all for extended periods of time. And even if you absolutely must, make sure that fake rock is hidden among regular rocks, for example. The second one is getting a smart lock as a part of home security systems. You can unlock it with your phone, or you can let someone in even if you aren’t physically present.

    Scout home security offers packages with smart door locks that you can unlock with your phone, or you can let someone in even if you aren’t physically present.

    Keeping your valuables exposed

    No, we aren’t talking about valuables outside your home. A window works two ways, so just like you can see outside, a potential thief may see inside. If they see items that are pretty valuable, it’s a big mistake to leave them exposed, especially if it’s a ground floor and there’s a window nearby. Whether you have jewellery or expensive electronics, try to keep them concealed.

    The best solution is to keep them out of sight, maybe put them on the second floor, or hide them in a dedicated place. However, if this isn’t a possibility, such as with an expensive TV, for example, at least remember to pull the shades or blinds shut when you aren’t in the room.

    Posting on social media that you’re taking a one week vacation

    We understand – social media is a great way to boast to your friends that you’ll be on that lovely cruise for the next week. However, most of it is visible to the public, and not everyone who sees that post has the best intentions. They’ll know when you’re leaving, and if you post pictures from the vacation, they’ll be certain that you aren’t at home.

    So, how do you solve this if you still want your social media friends to know that you took a vacation? Post status updates and photos after you’ve come back home. When you’re back home, you can be sure that even if someone thinks you’re away, you’re not, and your home is secure.

    Letting mail and newspapers pile up on your porch

    The other thing aside from social media that can show someone is away from home is that big bunch of mail on their porch or that overflowing mailbox. We know – you aren’t at home, what can you do?

    Well, the first thing that you can do is contact your local post office and let them know that you won’t be around for a few days, asking them to suspend the service while you are not there. The other thing is to ask a close friend, or a friendly neighbour, to collect any newspapers or mail that may have piled up while you were away. 

    Assuming that your home is safe during the day

    Last but not least, this is something that most people don’t realize. While you may think burglars target homes at night, due to visibility, they actually prefer a house that’s certainly empty to that. Therefore, they’re much more likely to target your home when you’re at work and your kids are at school.

    Since most break-ins happen during the day, you’ll want to take suitable measures. Arm your alarm clock, make sure your doors and windows are all locked and pay attention to all the things we mentioned earlier. This way, your home should be safe when you’re away.

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