How to Beat Casino Slots: Cheats vs Strategy

    Since the introduction of slot machines, gamblers have been trying to come up with strategies that can help them get an edge over the system. There is a high possibility that many slots players will lose instead of winning. Knowing this will make your gaming experience fun and less stressful. Read on to find out if there are ways that can help you beat the system.

    The Cheats

    There is no way you can trick an online slot machine. The machines use a random number generator, also known as the RNG system. This makes it impossible to predict the symbols that will come up, leave alone where they will land. You will be better off developing some strategy if you want to win in Online Casino.

    However, if you are planning to play in a traditional slot game or fruit machine, there are several cheat methods. Note that some of them are no longer applicable since they are very old fashioned. Be cautious, though, if the casinos catch you, you will be banned from the casino, and they might even take all your winnings. We don’t advocate for these cheats, and we can’t guarantee if they work.

    • Using fake coins – people have been using the fake coin cheat for many years now. The fake coins are valueless metal pieces shaped and sized like real coins. You trick the machine into believing that you are using actual coins, and it lets you play. The problem is modern machines are advanced, and this method might never work.
    • Yoyo coins – This is where you attach a real coin with a string that you pull out fast when the machine detects there is a coin. Again, it is hard to do this with modern machines.
    • Bill validators – This technique tends to be more high tech and complex. Gamers try to trick a slot machine into thinking they have inserted $100, yet they have a $1. This method is limited to machines that accept dollar bills because all bills are the same size.
    • Cheating the RNG – Every slot machine comes with an RNG system. Some gamblers claim to have tools that can trick the RNG to get the symbols they want.


    Although most people are not willing to cheat, they will do anything to win. There are several strategies that one can use to increase the chances of winning. First, always go for the games that have high RTPs attached to them. A high RTP means that the possibility of getting a win is high. However, your chances of losing are still high, but it gives you a better chance of winning.

    Additionally, ensure that you are taking advantage of promotional offers such as sign up bonuses that most casinos offer. Bonuses allow you to play longer as well as a chance to win.

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