3 Games Genres Perfect for the Portable Format

    Modern smartphone technology has allowed for portable gaming to be an incredibly flexible medium. Far from being restricted to that, however, you also have consoles like the Nintendo Switch – as well as older ones like the PlayStation Portable if that’s something that you’re able to access. This means that when you find yourself in the midst of a long wait or journey, or even just somewhere away from home – you have a way of plugging into a virtual world and escaping into it.

    What are the best ways to make the most of this? Well, some genres might stand out to you as being exceptional examples of what is on offer.

    Immersive Games

    Sometimes your hope with a portable console is that it can distract you from something uncomfortable. It might be that you’re in the waiting room for something that you find distressing, or it could be that you’re on a mode of transport that makes you anxious, like a plane. Bringing some headphones along with you and plugging them into a game that sets its focus on being as immersive as possible can be the soother that you’re looking for. This isn’t restricted to specific genres either – platformers, role-playing games, strategy games, puzzle games, horror games, anything that can be immersive. This might mean that your focus is finding a title that emphasizes this aspect itself above others.

    Casino Games

    Something else that people value about portable gaming is that it can allow you to fill any span of time – often including shorter moments that you can fill with something quick and easy. If this is the case, casino games for real money might fit this bill perfectly. These games can be easy to understand, engaging and exciting, and easy to fit around any sort of time window that you’re working with. You also have a great amount of variety here – from something more reflex-based, as is the case with slots, or something that requires more thinking and strategizing on your behalf – such as blackjack or poker. When it comes to games where money is involved, you might feel that an important quality when picking a game is which game you’re actually better at as well – which might be slightly different in the digital format than it is in real life due to the subtle differences.

    Strategy Games

    If your objective with this time is to ensure that you’re as distracted as possible from what’s going on around you – it could be that you’re trying to stop watching the clock on a long journey – something that requires your full concentration might be exactly what you want. Puzzle games could fill this void nicely, but it might be that you want to dig even deeper, in which case, a strategy game could require you to put your mind toward what’s happening on-screen now and how that will affect what comes next. There are plenty of mobile options to speak of here, but if you’re looking for a place to start, the Civilization series can be found on both mobile and the Switch and often goes highly recommended. 

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