Top 10 Gadgets for Studying Faster

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    Studying in college, especially around exam time, can be hectic for students. With so many notes to go over and still attending lectures can throw a student’s life into a spin. How to study effectively and in an organized manner is key to a student’s success.

    The faster study is now possible for students with modern gadgets. Gadgets that can enhance the speed at which a student takes notes in class, increase efficiency and scope of research, while providing safe and organized storage for instant retrieval. These gadgets are generally compact and portable to suit student life on campus.

    Here are the top 10 gadgets for studying faster. 

    1. A quality laptop

    A quality laptop is essential for college study right from the first semester. This gadget will help organize your notes well for future reference. You can easily carry out online research on a laptop than other handheld devices besides handling communication. Ensure you get a laptop with enough storage space and good quality battery.

    2. A handy tablet

    A tablet is a lighter gadget that has most of the features of a laptop. A student can take quick notes and read the same on a tablet with ease.

    What is more, a tablet is more portable as a handheld device and can be used for study revision on the go. A tablet is also cheaper and affordable for students with meager resources.

    3. Good quality hard drive

    A good hard drive is essential for portable storage and backup gadget. College notes covering the entire course can be bulky and beyond the capacity of your laptop.

    However, you can organize notes in distinct folders and safe on your hard drive for faster retrieval whenever needed. Hard drives also protect your files in the event your other gadgets crash.

    4. Kindle Paperwhite

    Kindle paperwhite is a very convenient gadget for faster study. A student does not have to lug around large, multiple volumes of textbooks and reference materials. You can download books directly onto this electronic reader for faster reference.

    It is easier and faster to scroll through an electronic reader than going through several books physically for one reference.

    5. Smart notebook

    A smart notebook is another valuable gadget for faster study. This gadget allows you to take quick notes using the ordinary pen and paper for later conversion. Very convenient for study efficiency and saves on time for the student.

    A smart notebook is an excellent handheld gadget and study aid for a student to use at short notices.

    6. Quality headphones

    Quality noise-canceling headphones are a good study aid for students living in noisy environments. They block out surrounding noise and distractions to give you the quite you need for concentration. You can also listen to your favorite music as you revise your notes or do research online.

    Quality headphones are excellent for some study music in noisy hostels and can help you keep focused on study.

    7. Smartphone

    Current smartphones are surprisingly suitable gadgets for faster study. With a good study edge app, you can tackle mathematical problems or improve your language and grammar. These are pocket gadgets easy to carry around and can be used discreetly in any environment. Smartphones are also affordable for students with limited resources.

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    8. Google’s virtual assistant

    Google assistant is really the rave currently in quick retrieval of information. You can quickly ask Alexa for any reference material and links including how to study for a test when pressed for time.

    This can be a lifesaver when stuck or in need of faster help. Virtual assistance is growing in popularity in our lives today and especially for students.

    9. High capacity power bank

    A quality power bank is essential to save you from unexpected interruptions in the middle of a crucial study. This, together with a multiple surge protector cum charger, is necessary gadgets to help you study faster. A power bank ensures smooth continuity and faster study.

    10. Bluetooth coffee maker

    Pulling all-nighters when exams are around the corner, or some critical assignment is due for submission, coffee is the thing that can keep your senses going. A Bluetooth coffee maker enables you to brew your fav coffee without the need of getting up and pressing buttons. Easy as it gets.


    Modern education has moved with times in digitization. Lectures, notes, and assignments are done online in some cases. In this situation, a student needs appropriate gadgets to participate fully in classwork and private study. Laptops and tablets by which to download and dispatch content are as integral to study as Internet connectivity.

    The value of study gadgets becomes apparent around examination periods when a student to revise efficiently. Rather than searching for textbooks or old notebooks that might be misplaced, a student can retrieve notes easily on a tablet or laptop. You only need to key in relevant topic and content pops up. How fast and convenient is that!

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