FXCM Expands CFD Offering with Increase of French, German and UK CFD Shares

    FXCM Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:FXCM), one of the world’s largest providers of online foreign exchange (forex) trading, fixed income trading and related services to retail and institutional customers, CFDs and spread bets, announced that it has increased its Single Share offerings by adding French, German and UK stocks to its offering.

    The expansion will provide FXCM clients with high leverage CFDs in the UK, France and Germany, in addition to Australia, where clients can trade CFDs on single share indices. Prior to this launch, FXCM clients in these countries could only trade in contract sizes of 500 shares. The expansion comes in addition to the firm’s recent move to scrape data fees on all Australian shares allowing clients to trade single share CFDs without any data fees.

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    The additional offerings mean that clients will be able to trade on both the general share market and a number of equity markets from around the world, all from a single trading platform. In addition to this significant expansion, this development curtails the need for clients to incur hefty stock loan fees as well as exorbitant commission fees from other companies. Clients will be able to access the funds, technology and resources at one provider, rather than having to move between different providers to get a full range of trading.

    This new move of FXCM to expand its CFDs strengthens the firm’s range of contracts available, while allowing it to offer an even greater number of trading instruments to both retail and institutional clients.

    The CEO of FXCM, Brendan Callan said that by doubling their French, UK, and German shares they have highlighted their dedication to truly live up to the “Client first – Trader driven” tagline. He also added that they strongly aim at delivering an unrivalled trading experience to their clients world-wide, and they are pleased to continuously upgrade and expand their offers of creating more options and opportunities for their entire global client base.

    FXCM’s firm strategy is focused on offering retail clients the most competitive trading conditions in the global foreign exchange market. The company has served retail customers for over a decade and offers trading on more than 120 markets, including major stock indices, commodities, exchange-traded products (ETPs), world currencies, interest rates, and key cryptocurrencies.

    FXCM is an award-winning online forex trading service offering individual investors and professional traders the ability to trade a variety of global currencies, stocks, and commodities. With an extensive offering of share CFDs on major blue-chip companies such as SanDisk, Netflix and Tesla; FXCM is the best forex broker set up to offer brokers with Low Margin Rates and Zero Commission Fees for US clients.

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