From Physical to Virtual to Hybrid – How the World of Events Is Changing

    The impact of Covid-19 on our lives is almost impossible to ignore. Every domain was affected, some massively, with others to a lesser extent. Hospitality and the events industry were two major sectors that took a hit in the larger service industry. People lost jobs due to negligible sales and turnouts. 2020 was a learning lesson for everyone, especially regarding our preparedness in combating unforeseen disasters and events like the pandemic.

    While many businesses decided to shut their operations and others scaled them down, some progressive minds looked for newer opportunities. Hubilo, a platform for organizing and conductive virtual events, had a man at the helm of affairs who believed in using the lockdown and social distancing as a break.

    Before Covid-19, Hubilo was an events software that facilitated event organizers and marketers in organizing events. When the pandemic happened, VaibhavJain, the CEO and Founder of Hubilo, planned to take the software program to a different level – to make it a specialized platform for virtual events. In the span of few months, the platform has been used to organize 4,000+ virtual events of different scales and types.

    Hubilo is the ideal platform for organizing virtual and hybrid events online. As things start to get back to normalcy today, many event organizers and visitors are ready to adopt the hybrid model of events that combines the physical and virtual models. Be it a completed virtual event or a hybrid, Hubilo is the right choice for both. This is because of the advanced features of the platforms that have been designed specifically for organizing events, including trade fairs, medical and education events, conferences, job fairs, award shows, hackathons, employee and member engagement programs. The options are limitless.

    A spokesperson of Hubilo has this to say about the feature-rich virtual event platform, “Hubilo is not just any normal video conferencing platform. We have created a platform that can connect millions across different geographical and spatial zones seamlessly. You need to look at our portfolio of events that have been organized using our platform. Since the platform was launched last year, we have already organized 50,000 virtual session hours with 2 million and more attendees attending the 2500+ events. It is no mean feat by any standards. It is all thanks primarily to the dynamic features of Hubilo that help it stand out and since has become the first choice of many top brands and leading event organizers.”

    They continued, “Use the platform to brand your event with login banners, community banners, custom URLs, and custom communication. Sponsors have ample opportunities to promote their brand with sponsor banners on the login page and individual sponsor profiles. You can also customize sponsor-branded events like sessions, contests, and event feeds.”

    “Hubilo is a great platform to get leads and stay updated on the leads. All of this and more can be operated using a mobile event app – attendees and exhibitors and participants can attend hybrid and virtual events using the app direct from their smartphone. It is seamless working at its best – a true example of how the power of technology can be used to harness virtual events. Hubilo is also different from all other networking and meeting software platforms that you know of because we have a dedicated support team that offers 24×7 services to virtual events.”

    Lastly, they added, “So, as event organizers and brands, you can concentrate full-time on organizing the event rather than worrying about the technical aspects of organizing the event. He further adds, ‘ To understand the true scope of virtual events in the new era post-Covid-19 and how robust virtual event platforms like Hubilo can play a significant role in all of this, we are organizing a virtual called Restart 2021, an event by and for marketing professionals on 23rd and 24th March 2021.”

    About Restart 2021

    A digital event slated to be an eye-opener for digital marketers and other professionals from the marketing domain, Restart 2021 will witness the coming together of 4000+ event industry professionals with 40+ heads of marketing sharing their experiences and synopsis of the current situation. Hubilo’s expertise at virtual events will be at the helm, and marketers will gain unique insights into the future of the industry. Registrations are open!

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