How to Get Free Netflix Account and Password with 1 Month Subscription

    Netflix is one of the most popular streaming sites. This American website offers its subscribers with millions of live TV shows, movies, drama and a lot more. Its complete entertainment package attracts millions from across the world who are required to pay some amount to get access to its library. While there are some who don’t mind paying, there are also some who believe that why they should pay for something that can be availed for free. So, all those who like to dive in the free entertainment world can find tricks to get a free Netflix account here.

    But before we move ahead exploring the methods that can get you a Netflix account for free it is important to disclose that all the tricks may not work as Netflix may change its security to avoid any trespassing. If you happen to look for the answer to how to get free Netflix account online you may have landed on some web pages providing username/email id and passwords for the Netflix account; please be cautious using that information because not all of them work and they can potentially damage your system. So, let us get started with tricks to get Netflix account for free:

    Steps to Get Free Netflix Account and Password

    Method 1 – Free Trial

    Netflix offers its customers with an option to opt for a free trial of a month. During the period the users are allowed to stream videos, movies, TV shows and lot more for free. However, they are also required to put their payment details to avail the offer. So, if you want to have a free Netflix account you can create a free trial and once your session has expired you can recreate the free trial account with a different email id. Here is how to do it:

    Step 1:  Make an email id for Netflix. The email id will be used to make an account on Netflix. You can use any of the free email services like Gmail and Hotmail. Remember the credential of the email because you will be required to login to your email for verifying and unsubscribing or canceling the account.

    Step 2: While creating the Netflix account you will be asked to enter payment method details. Make sure that for each account you use a different credit card or payment method details. Netflix does not charge a penny for a trial. Well, it is not possible for anyone to have many credit cards. You can easily turn some cash into a prepaid credit card or get a virtual card online. However, be careful of these cards and some charge for simple activities.

    Step 3: If you are ready with your credit card and email id, you can now move to the final step of creating a free Netflix account. Simple go to the official site of Netflix and click on free trial offer that might be appearing on the left side on the website. Put all the necessary details including your email id. A verification code will be sent to the email provided by you. Login to your email and click on the verification code to activate the account. Now, you are ready to explore the entire world of entertainment for free.

    Step 4: Once the end of the month approaches, you should cancel your trial offer through email to avoid any charges. Your account will be deleted, but data would be preserved. That means you will not be able to make another free Netflix account using the same email id and credit card details.

    After having enjoyed the free service of Netflix, you may feel like using it again for free. You can get another free trial account but by using a different email id and credit card details. Repeat the steps above and enjoy a great source of entertainment.

    There are more methods that can be deployed for getting a free Netflix account are described below:

    Method 2: Use a friend’s streaming account

    Netflix allows five profiles on one single account. This means that one account holder can share the Netflix services with his friends and family members with a limitation of five members including the owner of the account who will stand responsible for any activity.

    Method 3: Get A Job At Netflix:

    Netflix employees get to use the streaming service for free. So, if you are a real movie buff or cannot afford to miss drama try to get a job at Netflix. Netflix provides a part-time tagger job opportunity to people to watch Netflix content whole day and decide tags or labels for genre and description. This way you can get free Netflix account and a paying job. You can check out job availability at the Netflix website. If there is no job vacancy open, try other methods to get free access to unlimited drama and action.


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