Facebook to launch TALK Messaging App for Teenagers

    Facebook is social networking website where people used to communicate with their friends and family. This app “TALK” is very popular among youngsters and teenagers and among all age groups. But now it is very popular among youngsters or teens. Sometimes teens fell into some wrong online exploitation and bullying.

    To save the teens from online frauds and to monitor your children whom they are in contact with, Facebook has decided to launch a new messaging App for teens.

    This App will allow parents to monitor their children’s activities online whom they are in contact with. The App called, “The Talk”, cannot be found by the common public but will be searched by teenagers and closed to strangers who are seeking to take benefits of teens on the internet.

    According to a website, it has been said that a software code has been found which will give full access to parental controls by which they will be able to see their children with whom they are talking.

    According to that software code, parents can fully control the contacts and they can use the talk app to chat with parents in Messenger.

    Features of the Talk messaging App by Facebook

    There are some features of The Talk messaging App for teens which are as follows:

    • Full Parental Control: There will be full parental control by which parents can keep an eye on your child’s activity who they are talking with. You can also fully control the contacts.
    • Age factor: This cool messaging App will be used by teenagers up to the age of 13 years or above. Below 13 years of, they won’t be able to install this app.
    • No Facebook profile required: Teenagers don’t need a Facebook profile for messaging or chatting. They can do chatting and messaging without having any Facebook profile.
    • Sharing documents or files: Teens can also share their files such as docs, music files, and many other files. They can also use to discover video profiles created by other school students to learn more about them.
    • Audio and video calls: Facebook will also provide teenage users to make calls whether it is audio or video calling. Teens can also make video calls without showing your video to another side.
    • New software included: new software has been included by which teens can be monitored by their parents and can control the contacts and activities of their child. But the name of software has not been revealed yet.

    Yet this App the Talk has not been announced, yet it has to be aligned with Facebook users to understand youngsters.

    This app won’t be found publically by users, but a safety precaution can be taken by teens so that they cannot be approached by strangers.

    So, dear teens use the Facebook messaging App The Talk for sure, but make the optimum use of it.

    So that nobody can fool you and no one can use your privilege and goodwill.

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