Essay in 8 Hours: 7 Life Hacks that Will Save You Time

    When you are a student time matters. First of all, it matters because most of the students are snowed under assignments and need time to deal with the entire load within the deadlines. Secondly, you need time for extra bonuses for college life. Among such bonuses — nightlife, relationships, challenging side jobs, projects, parties and communication in general. However, we believe that you are a diligent student and you won’t forget how important it is to deal with your papers on time as your ultimate goal is not to have fun but to graduate. So let’s get straight to business and have a closer look at life hacks which will save your time when it comes to essay writing in college or university. Yes, writing an essay in 8 hours is possible if you follow our tips!

    • Start with reading about the topic and making brief notes. Save all the links you find valuable in the separate file. Even if you are sure you will be able to find these links again, you don’t have time to double your work. So, please, write everything down immediately. It should not take more than an hour as it is enough to have a general understanding of the particular issue. What matters is not to dig too deep, we understand you would like to do in-depth research, but you don’t have time for that. 
    • Once you are done making notes you can focus on writing a brief plan for your essay. Don’t consider it to be a waste of time, as it is truly necessary when it comes to assignments with close deadlines. The thing is, when the deadline will be truly scarily close you will feel lost and distracted, you will begin to hurry, your concentration will seriously decrease which means you won’t be able to finish as good as you’ve started. To avoid it, craft a brief plan, don’t go into too many details, just let it be your ultimate guide. 
    • Don’t read someone else’s papers and online samples they will just slow you down. Of course, you want to make your life easier but in this case, using someone else’s samples will not help you. Focus on your own ideas and notes you have taken while doing preliminary research. 
    • Write as fast as you can without editing, don’t think about mistakes and technical omissions. Our brain can get focused only on one of two processes: it can either be creative or be “suspicious” and turn on the editing mode. If you try to do those things simultaneously, you will fail in both. First, finish writing as much as you can and later get to editing. 
    • If you feel like you can’t start writing at all — skip the first part, the first line or the first paragraph. We all are afraid to make mistakes, and it gets back to ask when we need to start writing something. We want the beginning to be perfect as it is so meaningful for the overall impression. To release tension start writing from the second abstract and add information later. 
    • Use modern technology for your benefit. They say modern students are very lucky because they can employ the latest digital and technological means. Yes, it’s true, just don’t forget about them. First of all, focus on online grammar and spelling checkers — you can use them online or in a form of application. Later, make use of citation generators, make sure that they support the latest updates on MLA and APA manuals. Finally, don’t forget about plagiarism-free checkers. They get more elaborate every year, and with their help, you will be sure that your paper is 100% original and won’t get you into trouble.

    Think about plan B and choose a reliable essay writing service that accepts urgent orders
    . Let’s face it, your final goal is to get the degree, so some external help is welcome sometimes. In this case, you should always have a professional paper writing service in mind which you can address if the deadline is scarily close and you are out of ideas and energy to finish your essay.

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