Dyson DC40 Origin Upright Vaccum Cleaner

    The Dyson DC40 Vacuum Cleaner is nothing short of a masterpiece in terms of advanced technology vacuum cleaning from Dyson engineers. It comes with an advanced radial root cyclone technology that provides a higher suction power than most of the other vacuum cleaners in the market.

    It sucks up the dust and dirt in a manner that is bound to put a satisfied smile on your face.

    The technology in use on the Dyson DC40 leaves your carpets and floors free of dirt and dust. The vacuum cleaner is made of polycarbonate.

    This is a very tough material that is able to withstand high impacts while at the same ensuring that the machine remains lightweight and very durable.

    Due to its powerful suction force, this material can suck in very small-sized particles, including allergens such as pollens that are around 0.3 microns in size.

    Key Features

    Radial root cyclone technology: this is the revolutionary concept that this vacuum cleaner uses, to generate such powerful suction. This technology, in contrast to other vacuum cleaners that use bags, has a remolded airflow system.

    This is a circular system that allows air to be spun at high speed preventing the filters from being clogged; hence no loss in suction power — just a continuously high suction.

    Automatic head cleaner: this feature is key when using the Dyson upright vacuum cleaner on different kinds of surfaces.

    Because this vacuum cleaner is able to sense the type of surface being vacuumed and adjust its head accordingly. This enables efficient cleaning of different types of carpets and floor surfaces.

    Maneuverability: the Dyson vacuum cleaner is equipped with two features that make it easy to move around. The first is the ball wheels that enable the operator to move the cleaner with relative ease compared to fixed wheels.

    The second is the fact that since the Dyson ball actually houses the cables and the motor, this lowers the center of the machine of gravity (COG), allowing the vacuum cleaner to be easily steered around the house.

    Lightweight: the machine is made of polycarbonate (used to make motorcycle helmets) and reinforced glass fibers. This effectively makes it lighter (weighs around 14 lbs) and more durable than almost all vacuum cleaners that are currently in the market.

    Dirt disposal bin: the Dyson DC40 origin upright vacuum cleaner has a detachable disposal bin that is very hygienic. The bin has a bottom opening that at the push of a button releases the dirt into the garbage bin. There is no contact between you and the dirt.

    Instant high reach wand: this wand stretches up to 5times its length. This is a necessary addition to this machine in that it enables you to clean those high hard to reach places. There is no need to assemble any separate parts.

    A 5-year warranty part and labor warranty: well, this is more of an added advantage than a key feature; this Dyson vacuum cleaner has been tested and retested in various extreme conditions. That is why the company is so sure of its durability that it gives you a 5-year warranty.

    Advantages of the Dyson DC40 Upright Vacuum Cleaner

    From the features that have been outlined, you can probably tell that the Dyson DC40 is one of the vacuum cleaners that really raise dust. If you are still wondering whether you should still go ahead and buy the Dyson DC40, this section lays those doubts to perpetual rest:

    The technology used in the Dyson Cyclone is able to capture every bit of microscopic dirt and dust. In fact, the Dyson DC40 has one of the best ever created dust collection technologies.

    You can use your Dyson DC40 on floors of every type without fearing that the vacuum cleaner will spoil them. Use on woolen carpets, hardwood floors, vinyl or tile; the choice is all yours.

    Radio Root Cyclone, which is the technology incorporated in this vacuum cleaner, has the highest suction power among all the vacuum cleaners available in the market today. This means less effort used when trying to remove those stuck greasy spots on your floors.

    The steering on the Dyson DC40 is simply extraordinary. It comes with the Ball Technology that makes steering around sharp edges and corners a delightful bliss.

    The extended warranty that the vacuum cleaner comes with ensures that you are fully guaranteed spare parts and labor should take the vacuum cleaner break down.

    Hopefully, you can now see why homeowners and vacuum cleaner reviewers the Dyson DC40 machine. It is in a league of its own. It brings efficiency and thoroughness into the whole cleaning business.

    Well, with all these technologically advanced systems and designs, this particular model of the Dyson vacuum cleaners is a must-have for homeowners who value great design and ease of function.

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