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    Have you ever heard of Link2SD..?? Keep Reading.

    Many Android phones come with very low Internal storage. Due to which their users start facing problems after using the phone for a short time.

    If you try to install a new Application, it asks to empty some space from your storage. In this situation, most of the people start searching on the Internet for methods to increase internal storage.

    But actually, this is not possible. Now, what to do? Link2Sd Apk can solve your problem easily. It is an Android tool which makes your device possible to install Apps on your SD Card instead of internet storage.

    Link2SD is the best solution for all low storage Android phones. Well, nowadays newly launched devices come with very high ROM.

    There is no SD Card needed in these devices, as your phone has enough capacity to handle all of your Media & Apps.

    But what if you have an old Android phone which supports SD Card but it has low internal space? Surely, it has lack of storage due to which you can’t install all of your desired apps on it.

    If you search on the Google for Link2SD Apk, most of the sites appears are not getting updated from a long time. They have shared an old version of Link 2 Sd Apk.

    Well, that version can also work on your device but its latest version is the improved part and most of the bugs are fixed in new versions.

    No problem if you too downloaded an old version by mistake from any website, we will provide you Link2Sd Apk Latest Version through this article.

    Link2Sd#1) Requirements To Use Link2Sd App

    I am sure this question id already appeared in your mind. That what are the requirements to use Link2Sd App?

    Well, let you know, there is nothing special requirement for using this application. It can be installed and used on any Rooted Android device which supports Sd Card. Let you know all required things on a list.

    • Rooted Android Phone
    • SD Card should be inserted into the phone.
    • Link2Sd Apk Latest Version

    These are the only required things for enjoying Link2Sd app. Let me ask, is there anything special on the above list? Well, I don’t think so. But many people get confused that’s why I have shared all the requirements through a list. Now, let you know how to install this application on your Android phone.

    2) How to Install Link2SD Apk on Android?

    If you have never installed any Apk on your device before, then maybe you have lots of question in your mind. But, there is no need to worry. It is very easy to install any Apk file on Android devices. No matter if you have never installed any app out of Play Store. I will show you how you can download & install Link2SD App on your smartphone.

    1) First of all, download Link2SD Apk on your device – Download Link2Sd

    2) Install the downloaded Apk on your phone, you will get it in the download folder.


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