Do You Need Social Media Management in 2021?

    Social media is at the forefront of entertainment for people, and people have seen a surge of different platforms where they can express themselves, promote their business, improve their network for employment, and earn money through various avenues. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn are just some of the social media platforms that many people use on a daily basis. When the pandemic hit in the first quarter of 2020, people from all over the world we stuck at home – some lost their jobs, some worked from home, students learned virtually, and everyone was on their phones and laptops browsing their social media for days on end. 

    Those whose jobs were affected by the lockdowns turned to social media to continue doing their thing – celebrities turned to YouTube to entertain their audience, and ordinary citizens started their own channels chronicling their daily lives to entertain and earn money at the same time. For people to feel the presence of a social media star, they will need an effective social media management strategy.

    What is social media management?

    It is managing one’s social media profiles so they can reach their target audience. The creation, publishing, and analysis of posts are done by a social media manager. They also interact with their users, such as chatting and commenting. Some hire managers to take care of their pages, especially if they are handling multiple accounts across several platforms and if they have followers numbering in the millions. Most of those who hire social media managers have been on the Internet for a long time and have gained a loyal following among users. They are the ones that need to post content frequently – some on a daily basis, and some weekly or even monthly. Social media managers do almost everything on these pages, with the exception of some things that only the account owners can do – such as appear on videos and photos. But the rest of the legwork is done by managers. 

    Benefits of hiring a social media manager

    There are different benefits to social media management. Businesses and companies that promote their products and services will benefit greatly from hiring a manager. Also, individuals who have a lot of followers on different social media platforms need help with making and editing their videos – or called vlogs – and posting them on time for their followers and subscribers to watch on a regular basis. 

    • Cost-effective. For social media sites with a marketing budget, spending money on the management of their sites will get them more money than they spend on them. Joining social media platforms is free, as well as posting and commenting to users’ comments.
    • Wider reach. Because managers have more knowledge about social media than most people, they can propel social media accounts in the direction the owners want them to go. They can read a wider audience using various social media strategies. Social media advertising reaches a wider audience than traditional marketing.
    • Targeted users. Using social media to reach a target market will benefit the business. Users also use social media to help them with decision making about the products and services they need. 

    Establishing a site to reach its audience

    In managing a social media account, a manager will discuss with you several things so that both goals are aligned for the success of the site. 

    • Goal establishment. Goal-setting is the first thing to discuss. What do you want your brand to achieve and reach? Which audience do you want your posts to reach? What type of posts do you want to show your target audience?
    • Determine your audience. Once the goals have been set, determine the type of audience you want to reach out to. Their age, interests, job description, and sector are just some of the things you have to consider.
    • Choose the right social media platform. There are different social media avenues you can choose from where you can make your presence felt. Knowing which social media site to use will help you map out your strategy.
    • Research about your competitors. You can get a head start with your competitors if you know who they are. Learn how they manage their social media accounts. It does not mean that you have to copy what they are doing; learning about their social media practices will help you with how you can make your site better.
    • Formulate your game plan. You should also know what type of content your audience will like and support. It can be hard to come up with a theme for the content that you will post to get your message across. 
    • Timing is key. How often should you post? What is the interval between posts? Subscribers and followers will be more likely to wait for your posts if they are posted at the same time each time you post. Determine the most optimal time that your posts will reach your audience right away. You should also diversify your posts on each channel that you have an account on. 

    Content is everything

    When you have determined the type of content you want your audience to see, it is time to plan the content that you will make and post. Take into account what your audience’s tastes are, and incorporate them into your content. Make sure to add an element of fun to your posts, so they are not boring, and your audience will always be engaged and read or watch your posts in their entirety.

    • Videos. Internet users are visual. With videos, they can multitask while paying attention to what you are trying to convey. Make videos that are appealing, easy to understand, and will not confuse your audience.
    • Blogs. Write about your brand so they can know more about it. If writing is not your forte, you can outsource your blog content.
    • Images. You can make infographics to inform your audience about data regarding your brand. Infographics are informative, eye-catching, and appealing. You can also incorporate photos of your products and services in your infographics to give them customer recall.

    Invest in software

    Social media management does not only entail editing, posting, making content, and the like. There is a software you can use to make managing your social media accounts a lot more convenient and easier. You can also track your presence and posts through the software. Scheduling posts ahead of time can also be done on management software, so you don’t forget to post at the exact same time. 

    Strategy assessment and adjustment

    As time goes, you have to reassess and adjust your strategies and goals to keep up with the times. Evaluation of your social media posts and how they are accepted by your audience will mean success. Audience’s tastes change over time, so you have to keep up with how they change in interacting in your sites. A great strategy is always a work in progress. Working with your social media manager in improving your brand will let you keep up with emerging trends on the Internet. You will also develop a strong foundation on your social media accounts from the very start.

    Final Takeaway

    With the majority of the world’s population now online, you can rarely find a business or a company without a social media presence. For new social media users trying to build a following, it can be overwhelming, which is why hiring someone to manage their social media will be a great tool to help them make their brand’s presence felt on the Internet. There will be more developments and improvements in the way we use social media in the years to come.  So, yes, you need social media management in 2021.

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