15 Email Clients for Maximum Email Productivity in 2021

    An email client is essential and useful when you have to manage multiple accounts through one shared inbox. An email client easily allows you to send and receive emails. But, its feature is not limited particularly to that. Today, we have listed the top 15 email clients for maximum email productivity. These email clients are a savior and are a must-try. They also have calendars, to-do-lists, checklists, and notepads, address books, a lot more to try in email clients.

    What are Email Clients?

    Before we get to know more about various popular and best email clients, let’s clear our email client concept. 

    An email client allows a user to host their email data on a computer along with on Cloud sometimes. This is different from webmail, which hosts everything on a single server. Hence, email clients are much better for business purposes. You have better protection and access to your work emails. 

    Moreover, email clients allow you to sync multiple accounts into one UX. So, if you have a myriad of accounts in Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook, you can use them in one unified inbox. So, email clients make your life easier and your productivity higher as well. 

    With email clients, you get handy great functionality as well. These features and functions go well beyond just reading emails and showing read and unread emails. 

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    The features include

    • Send later- This feature allows you to write an email in the current model and then send it at some other scheduled time.
    • Read receipts- This shows when someone has opened your email.
    • Smart inboxes- This feature identifies important emails for you.
    • Email templates- This allows you to save and reuse emails.
    • Phishing- All suspicious emails get flagged.
    • Collaboration tools- This feature allows you to collaborate with a team, colleagues, and friends.
    • Snooze buttons- This helps you avoid distracting emails for a while.
    • Calendar- With this feature, email clients create events from email invitations. 
    • Contact tools- This lets you edit and create a contact directly from an email.
    • Attachment management- This allows you to retrieve and store attachments. 
    • Encryption- This is robust to special email clients. 

    Market Share of Email Clients

    As per Litmus infographics, the following are the top email clients used by people all over the world:

    Gmail- 27.8%

    Yahoo! Mail- 6.3%

    Thunderbird- 0.5%

    Microsoft Outlook- 9.1%

    Outlook Online- 2.3%

    Others- 54%

    You can use an email client for both personal as well as professional purposes. Some email clients are specifically designed to make a user’s experience better. It gives you tools and the ability to manage workflow as well as work with teams lucidly. Hence, making your productivity high. 

    Email clients are available on various platforms like MAC, laptop, or desktop Windows 10. And, we have all the best email clients covered for you. We have also reviewed email clients for Android and iOS as well. Hence, scroll down to know more about the amazing email clients. 

    Best Email Clients 

    1. Gmail

    Gmail is undoubtedly one of the top email clients on this list. Myriad people use Gmail for their professional as well as personal work. Gmail is compatible with various platforms. It has a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It has various features and packages, including voice communication and video conferring. Hence, making your work easier. 

    The G-suite allows you to collaborate with your clients and team with a myriad of features. It is ideal for businesses. To ensure a much better experience, it has hardware add-ons as well. When you have a G-suite account, then storage space increases to 30GB. It also gives you 24 x 7 support, 99.9% guaranteed uptime, and unlimited group email addresses. G-suite is supported on all platforms. 


    • Organization- With G-suite, you will be able to share your planned work with your colleagues and teammates and keep them updated.
    • Collaborative work- With G-suite, you can share all your work, spreadsheets, documents, and slides on any device, both online and offline. 
    • Automated Emails- When you have a scheduled meeting on your calendar, you can use the automated emails feature to send invites to all the meeting attendees. 
    • Cloud storage sharing- This allows all your work to stay in one place. You can even share your data easily.
    • Video conferencing and conference- G-suite has this feature for easy business communication. 

    2. Mailspring

    Mailspring is the best Ubuntu email client. It has a myriad of interesting features. Mailspring eliminates the error chances by undoing done and spell-check features. It also has six language translation features, which makes it quite handy and convenient to use. 

    All the Mailspring basic features are available for free. On the other hand, all the pro features come at just $8 per month. So, as per your need and business-related work, you can choose a plan and proceed to work with Mailspring.


    • Advanced search- This feature allows you to search for mail quickly you have been looking for.
    • Unified Inbox- For faster replies to emails, it keeps all your emails in one place. 
    • Signatures- You can add signatures, and Mailspring will ensure that none of your emails are sent without your signatures. Now, if you do not want to attach your signatures anymore, then simply remove your signature.
    • Spell-check- Mailspring’s spell-check features make sure that your emails are without any errors.
    • Undo send- This is an interesting feature. If you have mistakenly sent an email, then you simply undo the action with just one click.
    • RSVP- If you receive an invitation by mail, then with this feature, you can accept or decline the invitation without leaving the inbox.
    • Translation- If you receive your email in a foreign language, this email client can translate it. Currently, Mailspring covers six major languages. 

    3. Yandex

    This is a secure and smart email client. It has regular features and also great personalization features. You can easily change the inbox’s appearance as per your mood. Therefore, this makes Yandex different and cooler than other email clients.

    It is also one of the best email clients for iOS and Android as it provides fingerprint-protection on the phone. Moreover, Yandex is completely free to use.  


    Smart Sorting- Yandex mail sorts and highlights emails from real people and puts other mails in other folders.

    Cloud Storage- 10 GB of Cloud Storage is available using Yandex Disk, free to install on a phone or computer to store data online.

    Message Timer- This allows you to write messages in advance and then set a timer to send them at a scheduled time.

    Built-in Antivirus- All suspicious messages are sorted and then put in the spam folder.

    Password Protection and Recovery- This allows biometric protection and PIN on your phone. If you forget your password by chance, then you can get back to Yandex through your phone number. 

    4. Superhuman

    This email client claims to be the fastest and also offers interesting features. Superhuman provides social insights from social platforms, helping you learn about people with whom you are communicating. This email client also helps you to stay focused on its ability to snooze conversations and email filters. Superhuman makes sure you never forget anything by giving you reminders. Moreover, Superhuman also tells you when someone has received the email and shows when the email is read. It also has the undo send feature as well. Bonus, you get all these for free. 


    Social Insights- Superhuman lets you know more about your clients, friends, or people with whom you are conversing by analyzing their social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

    Crucial Email Filter- This feature highlights all the important emails and makes it easier to read.

    Delivery Time- You can choose a specific delivery time or schedule a time to send emails. Hence, this makes sure whenever the receiver opens his or her email, your mail is at the top. 

    Snooze conversations- You can snooze all your unimportant conversations and focus better on your work. 

    5. Thunderbird 

    Thunderbird is the best desktop email client aiming to make your life easier. For maximum productivity, it also offers powerful and intuitive features. Moreover, it saves time with its tabbed emails and filter toolbar. It works as your personal assistant and reminds you not to forget to attach important documents. 

    You can even archive messages to keep your inbox clutter-free. Junk folder helps you to filter things that are not important. 


    Address Book- This feature allows you to add people to your address book by star marking the received messages. 

    Smart folders- This feature allows to keep all the emails in one inbox instead of several email accounts. Hence, this makes your task easier and also saves time.

    Attachment reminders- It is quite a problem to forget attaching important docs. But, no more with Thunderbird as your personal assistant.

    Tabbed email- This allows you to open multiple emails at a single time. Moreover, this is quite helpful when you have to refer to other emails while working. 

    6. Spike

    This single app gets a lot of work done. Spike has unique conversational emails. This makes email conversations clutter-free and simple. This makes your experience even better. You can schedule your work with calendars and manage, plan, and execute ideas with work teams. 

    The above-mentioned amazing features also have regular features like prioritizing emails, sending encrypted messages, and file management. Spike is free if you have less than 100,000 emails, and the pro version charges you $5.99 per month when paid annually and $7.99 per month when paid monthly. 


    Conversational email- This feature allows you to converse with anyone without using an email thread. Moreover, you can easily see the conversation with a person by slipping clicking on the contact.

    File Management- This allows you to preview file attachments without even opening individual emails.

    Advanced search- This allows you to search any document or email with the person’s name or keyword.

    Email encryption- You can secure your sensitive email data with email encryption. Hence, this helps to protect your email from cybercriminals. 

    7. MS Outlook

    Microsoft outlook is a package deal along with Office 365. So, when you are buying MS Outlook, you also get some office apps as per different packages. There are various packages for personal use; you can get Outlook at $6.99/month, for home at $9.99 per month; for essentials, you get Outlook at $5 per month per user with annual commitments. Also, you get the premium package at $12.50 per month. 

    Moreover, you have to note that Business essentials do not include any office apps. MS Outlook is great for businesses with its team communication tools, management tools, and many more.


    Invitations and meetings: With MS Outlook, you can easily respond to invitations and schedule your meetings.

    Availability update- This feature schedules your meeting with people by providing them with your available times.

    Automatic deactivation- This feature automatically deactivates unsafe links. It automatically deactivates malware links

    Secure sharing- This allows you to securely share your documents and photos on Outlook. 

    8. eM Client

    This is the best email client for Windows 10 and Mac. It ensures hassle-free payment. You can get a license with a one-time payment. Moreover, this payment varies with the number of connected devices. The task management and calendar feature will let your schedule and plan your tasks. Moreover, it supports many major services like Outlook, Gmail, iCloud, and Microsoft Exchange. 


    Contacts- By using the business card, navigate through your contacts.

    Easy import- It easily imports all your data to one destination, and you have all your emails in one place.

    Unique sidebar- This displays attachment history, communication history, agenda, and all other features.

    Fast search- By typing keywords, you can easily search for important mails. 

    9. Mailbird Pro

    Mailbird is Windows-specific. It helps you to make your buying-decision wisely; it comes with a trial version. To match your style, it comes in a myriad of layouts. You can even integrate your Mailbird Pro accounts with WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Docs, and other mostly used apps. So, this helps you to integrate and manage your work even more efficiently. This email client comes with 24 x 7 support, attachment search, and keyboard shortcuts. 

    You can buy Mailbird with a $79 one-time payment or $3.25 per month for personal use. And, for business, it comes at $4.92 per month. 


    Attachment Search- With the fast and easy attachment search, you can even find the oldest attachment.

    LinkedIn Lookup- With just one click, you get linked with your LinkedIn account.

    Custom sound- It has custom sound for custom notifications. Hence, you can choose a different sound for a particular kind of notification to get easily notified.

    Unified Inbox- All your emails from different email accounts in one place.

    10. Postbox

    Postbox is a simple, powerful, and clear email client. With its beautiful user interface, it brings all your email accounts to one place. If you are looking to increase your work efficiency, this quick speed is ideal for you. 

    This email client works with POP and IMAP accounts, including G-suite, Yahoo, iCloud, Outlook, and others. It has a quick bar, allowing you to go through your inbox rapidly. You can also use the quick bar label and move messages, and also switch folders. It has a 30-day free trial and one-year and lifetime plans as well. 


    Account organization- With this feature, you can keep your personal and work accounts separated into groups. You can even switch between tabs for better and easy access.

    Canned responses- The common responses feature can be used to reply to the same types of emails. This feature also gives response suggestions according to the emails.

    Attachment search- So, this feature allows you to search attachments without even opening any email.

    Incorrect account warning- When you use multiple accounts, it is very likely to send an email from an incorrect account. So, this feature warns you when you are sending an email from the wrong account. 

    11. Zimbra

    Zimbra Desktop is an email client application for your desktop. It is open source. The best thing about the Zimbra desktop is it allows accessing accounts both offline and online. There are collaborated features like contacts, calendar, briefcase, and this makes access even easier. It also has an advanced reading pane allowing you to read emails more quickly and efficiently. Zimbra desktop’s mini-calendar allows drag and drop functionalities. It comes in different packages. 


    Chat- This feature allows you to chat with your colleagues and team members in real-time.

    Encrypted messages- It allows you to encrypt your messages and emails. So, your messages are sent securely.

    Optimal meeting time- This feature calculates the optimal time that will suit all team members.

    Mini-calendar- This reminds you of events through pop-up reminders. 

    12. Inky

    Inky efficiently secures your email and your organization as well. This email client makes sure that your works stay uninterrupted and safe from malware and external threats. Inky understands that a business’s productivity and security are of utmost priority. Hence, Inky protects your email from phishing threats. Moreover, for using Inky, you get a price quote as per your industry and the number of employees.


    Purporting warning- Inly notifies you if an external source email is trying to enter as an internal source email.

    Attachment warning- If you are trying to attach a bad attachment, then Inky will warn you about it. Hence, protecting your email from threats and mistakes.

    Static analysis- This feature allows debugging. 

    URL warning- If an URL in an email is bad, then Inky will warn you about it. 

    13. Hiri

    This email client is best suited for the Microsoft email ecosystem. Hiri supports MSN, Hotmail, Outlook, and Live. It also has simplified payment with a one-time payment for a lifetime license. Moreover, you have a license; you get access to all new features and updates. Therefore, you can count on the license sufficiently.

    Hiri is a top email client helping you to manage your tasks and decluttering your email as well.  


    Actionable emails- With this feature, you can delegate and send tasks to your teammates.

    Anonymous feedback- This feature is unique. This allows your colleagues and teammates to rate your communication style and pattern anonymously. Hence, anonymity allows that the feedback is utterly honest.

    Optimal reading- This feature maintains that the optimal reading length is 96 characters.

    Task tracking- This allows you to see all the delegated tasks to your different teammates. Hence, this allows you to ping your colleagues and teammates about progress. 

    14. EmailTray

    EmailTray allows you to manage a myriad of different email accounts at a unified place. This also keeps your inbox clutter-free. Easy configuration and email sorting make it quite lucid to use. For new emails, it has sound and visual notifications. EmailTray makes it easy for you to keep your work sorted by managing emails and organizing and cleaning your inbox. 

    Moreover, all the features on EmailTray are completely free to use. Hence, making it one of the best email clients.


    Quick replies- When you are running out of time and do not have time to reply to emails, this quick reply feature helps you reply instantly.

    Easy configuration- This feature allows you to add various email accounts to this email client easily. All you have to do is provide your username and password.

    Priority tabs- EmailTray separates all the important emails and lists them on the priority list accordingly.

    Instant search- This allows you to search any document or attachment quickly without going through every email. 

    15. Loop Email

    Loop email is a great option for running your business efficiently. It transforms your email into a powerful and strong collaboration hub. This allows a whole team to have a shared inbox. Loop email breaks the monotonous conversation into fun. You can send GIFs and emojis while conversing with your teammates. Moreover, it also has other amazing functions and features like advanced search options and smart filtering.

    As an individual user, you can use loop email for free. It is also available in paid versions. $8.59 per month for the studio. $14.72 per month for business. And, you get price quotes for enterprise based on the number of employees. 


    Built-in chats- It helps to chat with your teammates in real-time without even composing an email.

    Smart filtering- It makes your navigation through emails lucid. You can even sort emails by using filters. 

    File search- You can look for specific emails, but you can even search for a specific file with this feature.

    Email sync- It lets you easily sync with other email protocols. Hence, bringing all your emails and email accounts to one place. 


    Which one of these email clients is best for you? Well, this completely depends on what industry you belong to and which features you need the most. All of the above email clients are great and popular. So, select your favorite email client and get your work started.

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