Cost Effective Ways to Market Your Business

    It’s no secret that marketing can be expensive. Whether you’re just starting out with a small business or you’re trying to grow your existing audience, marketing can take up a large amount of your budget.

    The main aim of marketing is to increase your brand awareness and encourage your audience to invest in your products or services. The money that you invest into great marketing will provide a significant return on investment by increasing your sales and profits.

    Although traditional marketing is generally more expensive than digital marketing, both are still very effective in the modern day. In this article, we’re going to cover the most cost-effective ways that you can market your business, including digital and non-digital methods.

    1. Business Cards

    As much as technology and social media have advanced, there’s nothing quite like handing out business cards to promote your brand. Although you must pay a small initial fee to create the business cards, they are very effective at increasing your brand awareness and lead generation.

    Business cards can be handed out in the street to passers-by, given to people at networking events, or placed on public noticeboards to get more eyes on your brand. They display the necessary information about your brand so that people can get in touch with you if they’re interested in your products.

    To save money on your card creation, use a free business card design. Make sure to include your name, slogan, and contact details on the card, and add your logo to increase your brand’s recognition.

    2. Social Media Marketing

    Every social media platform is completely free to use. As a business, you can promote your brand for free by posting regular content about your products and services.

    Consistently posting on social media can significantly increase your brand awareness and when you interact with your audience, you can build a strong connection with them. Your audience will trust your brand and are more likely to invest in your offerings when they have interacted with you on a human-to-human level.

    You can also run social media campaigns to promote new products or services. In your campaigns, you can run giveaways and contests to encourage your followers to interact with your posts or create their own content using your products. The winner of the contest can win free products or vouchers to shop at your brand.

    3. Email Marketing

    The use of emails to market your business can yield a great ROI. In fact, email marketing generates a higher ROI than things like social media ads or event marketing.

    Sending a weekly email to your subscribers is free unless you pay for a premium plan with an email provider (which is usually an affordable price anyway) but the has the potential to increase your leads and sales. Make sure to include the following in your emails:

    • A catchy subject line
    • Valuable information about the industry
    • Information about new releases or upcoming events in your business
    • Imagery and graphics
    • Your brand logo and brand details
    • Links to your website and product pages

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