10 Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions of 2022

    Today Internet is the lifeblood of this modern world. Though internet speed plays a very important part in working life, sometimes it becomes very slow. Now there can be many reasons behind it like signal strength, mode or DNS issues. Given these points, normally ISP is directly responsible for slow speed and if we can check it the error can be spotted without any hassle.

    All things considered, there are a lot of speed test sites that can assist you in knowing the network speed. Furthermore, these internet speed websites let you check the internet speed in real-time and provide you with great insights. With that said, today we brought you a list of 10 Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions of 2021 which will help you in testing the internet speed. So without any further adieu, let’s dive in.

    What causes slow Internet?

    There are many reasons behind the slow internet. Among those some reasons are complicated some are very small by nature. Below you will found some of the most common ones.

    • Network interference

    Many a time something interferes with our networks. Mostly those are radio frequencies, and the best countermeasure will be to unplug any devices which are connected and then again plugging them.

    • Too many users

    It is a no-brainer that if too many users are connected to the same network, it will result in a very slow speed. The best option here will to be use a faster-speed internet pack or remove some of the users.

    • Network Overuse

    This problem is usually caused by natural calamities like storms, traffic outside, or even electricity overload. All you can do in this situation is to wait, till the internet speed takes pace again.

    • ISP Throttling

    ISP Throttling is also a usual suspect over here. And it happens mostly when you have exhausted your monthly data usage.

    • Background Programs

    Sometimes it is wise to check, whether some background program is draining your speed or not. 90% of the time, this is the case as we users forget if we are downloading something in the back.

    What can we do with these Speed Test results?

    These results more or less show us where our internet is actually being spent. And eventually, our actions become precise.

    • If there is an ISP problem, you need to contact your Internet provider and they will be more than happy to help you.
    • Sometimes upgrading your internet plan does the trick. As it is hard to procrastinate before which pack exactly would fit our needs.
    • Changing your Wi-Fi router place may sound very simple, but trust me it helps like magic. This trick has been used for a long time and has a high rate of success.

    10 Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions of 2021



    Starting off our list we have Taking about it is fast, free, and is easily available to a list of worldwide test locations, making it a very ideal solution for you. Furthermore, also issues a graphical result of all your speed tests that you perform, allowing you to monitor your connection.

    Along with that, you also get an app for Android and iOS so that you can use it on your phone. There are even provisions for Chrome cast and AppleTv. And lastly, is operated by the famous speed test technology, Ookla.



    As funny as the name sounds, is a product of Netflix. Known for its clean and racing-inspired User Interface, it is clean and serves its purpose quite efficiently. There are also advanced options to check upload speed, latency, and some other important things which are considered. Besides being a fun app to use, is owned by Netflix which uses a huge amount of internet bandwidth around the world.

    Lastly, is a product of Netflix which is quite popular around the globe. Resulting in loyal users of Netflix choosing automatically.



    Moving on we have This app conducts some of the most detailed internet speed tests. As been noted, the final result not only just shows the consistency of connection. But also other data which shows precise details which help a lot in Video calls and Online Gaming. Needless to say, there is a decent learning curve to these measures, but if studied well you will have seldom slow internet problems.

    Furthermore, the test can be conducted on both cell phones and PC. Where comparatively the cell phone version of the test is quite easy to understand. Hence all of this, makes a great choice for users who likes their test to be detailed.

    4. Ookla


    The biggest name on the list, Ookla owned the market for a long time. A big reason behind their popularity is the involvement of their technology in almost every other website. Furthermore, almost every internet speed tester on the market uses Ookla’s engine for their work. Besides that, some of the tests like ISP host and some other speed tests are tested by Ookla’s impeccable engine.

    Lastly, many Ookla-powered bandwidth tests are identical and work the same across their other platforms. Probably the most reliable option on the list, Ookla is sure to be trusted if you want to opt. For it.

    5. Xfinity Speed Test

    Xfinity Speed Test
    Xfinity Speed Test

    Next up we have Xfinity Speed Test. Simple being the keyword, the User Interface is extremely simple and doesn’t contain any flashy elements. Though being simple many users value it a lot as it is quite precise in nature. Furthermore, the test results come in a suggestive manner. For example, there will be bullet points and tips upon the test results, helping you in the future.

    Lastly, we would recommend Xfinity Speed Test if you are using this for the first time. In a word, if you get detailed reports in Internet Speed Test, the error will be spotted as soon as possible.

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    6. Speakeasy Speed Test

    Speakeasy Speed Test
    Speakeasy Speed Test

    Moving on we have Speakeasy Speed Test. One of the main features of this app is, it tests your internet speed back and forth from a shortlist of server locations that you can choose manually, as well as can be done automatically. Furthermore, let us say you are interested in testing your internet speed in a specific area of the USA, it is totally possible here.

    Given that, Speakeasy Speed Test has basic features like checking your Ping, download, and upload speed which is not really bad at all.

    7. Speed Test From Google Search

    Google Stadia Speed Test
    Google Stadia Speed Test

    Many of us don’t know but Google is not only the biggest Search engine in the world, but it also got a very competent Speed Test which is a part of the Stadia project. To avail of this service all you need to do is search for ‘Internet Speed Test’ on Google, and you will get your internet speed. Furthermore, it is just a little slower than any other app on the list as it takes like 30 seconds to display results. But it is as good as any other app on the list.

    Lastly, it takes only 40MB of data to check the speed. And if you do not want to use any other app on the list, this can be a very reliable medium to conduct an Internet Speed Test.

    8. Telstra


    Moving on we have Telstra, straight from Australia. Talking about its background, Telstra is actually a well-known Australian telecommunication company that provides voice and internet services. Moreover, it has also got an Internet speed test feature which might be simple in looks but very efficient. Here you also get to measure your ADSL or Mobile Data service.

    Being an Australian website, it functions great for any Aussie user or maybe even a Kiwi. Last but not the least, it has been noted that Telstra is being used mostly by gamers and streamers to check their ping and upload downloading speed.

    9. TestMy.Net


    Then we have, TestMy.Net. A fairly straightforward and simple website to use, works in three different parameters to check your internet speed Download, Upload, and Automatic. Given that the automatic speed test benchmarks your internet bandwidth connection automatically. Plus the test reports of your internet speed can be displayed as a graph, image, or text.

    One of the most attractive features of TestMy.Net is the comparison mode where it tests your speed results to the other testers of your ISP, city, and Country.

    10. CenturyLink


    The last website on the list, CenturyLink is a free internet speed test tool. Now being free it offers features like showing upload and download speed in real-time. Furthermore, the User Interface is plain and simple and if you are looking for something minimal, CenturyLink will make the cut for you.

    Lastly, it can be used in both mobile and PC, thus gaining you variety and an efficient website for Internet Speed Test.

    Final Thoughts

    So here is the list of 10 Best Free Internet Speed Test Solutions of 2021. Routine speed test on your connection is something which we neglect many a time. Whereas these routine tests can ensure the credibility of our internet service providers and their quality of service. Hope you find these websites useful and we have many more articles on other topics which might interest you, so be sure to check them.

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