Best VPNs for Watching Hotstar in Canada

    Best VPNs in Canada : Hotstar is a popular streaming service like Netflix & Hulu in India that has hours of free & paid content for streaming in various different languages. You can watch Bollywood movies & TV shows through Hotstar.

    The only limitation here is Hotstar is geo-blocked in Canada & it can only be accessed if you live in India. I hope you’re aware of what is Hotstar, now let’s get started on how to unblock it in Canada.

    What is a geo-block?

    Streaming services like Hotstar, Netflix, Hulu etc. track your country location through the IP address of your device that you’re connected to. They block access to some of all of the movies & TV shows based on where do you live due to some legal reasons for media sharing. But there’s one way out.

    You can use a VPN connection to overcome the location barrier & enjoy streaming awesome videos available on Hotstar from Canada.

    The Functionality of a VPN

    A VPN connection is a service that sets up your device’s connection to a remote server which then masks your real IP address with that of the server. All the traffic seems to enter & exit from the remote server rather than your device which makes you anonymous on the Internet.

    Using a VPN, you can connect to an Indian server & then enjoy Hotstar’s content uninterruptedly.With numerous options available to get a VPN including the free & paid ones, Which one to choose?

    Paid VPNs are always better to opt than free ones. The free VPNs don’t have a large number of servers, covers only fewer countries & do not provide a high-end encryption. Rather than risking your privacy & security, you will want to pay some bucks to make your activity safe & secure.

    If you still wish to go for free options, HideMe & BetterNet are one of the best options available. BetterNet has no data limit, unlike the other free VPN services.

    Proceeding towards the paid options, Here are the best ones.

    List of Best VPNs in Canada :

    #1 ExpressVPN

    Being one of the expensive VPNs, it does not fail to offer one of the best services. It has a network of over 1700 servers globally for speedy connection, great bandwidth without any throttling.

    It is available for around $6.67 per month when you make an annual purchase.

    #2 BulletVPN

    BulletVPN is easy to setup & it provides remote support if you have any trouble setting it up. It has its servers spread across the globe and they are continuously expanding it. You can request them to add a certain location which is not available as of today. They have secure payment options & they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee without asking any questions.

    Best VPNs in Canada : They use standard encryption protocols & a high grade carrier you provide you with the best speeds and good security too.

    It is available for around $6.49 per month when you make an annual purchase.

    #3 NordVPN

    NordVPN protects you with its double encryption feature that prevents intruders & advertisers to trouble you. NordVPN has no logging policy that means it does not store any data you transfer & also restricts the third-party applications to track your data transfer. You can access the block sites such as Hotstar legally without anybody interrupting your privacy. Websites can be accessed from anywhere around the world & files can be shared safely via P2P. NordVPN also gives you a dedicated IP address. It is available for Android, iOS, Windows & Mac.

    It is available for around $3.29 per month when you make a two-year purchase.

    #4 IPVanish

    Best VPNs in Canada : IPVanish has its benefits similar to the other top VPNs. It provides lightning speeds with an ultra secure encrypted connection that would protect your data from spying eyes. The name of the VPN itself tells its functionality of vanishing the actual VPN and covering it with another temporary one. If you are a fan of streaming, this VPN is the best for you as it provides you interrupted videos that do not buffer while watching.

    It is available for around $7.50 per month when you make an annual purchase.

    That being said, choose your VPN provider wisely considering your requirements & budget. Get the best one for you & enjoy the shows exclusively on Hotstar.

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