The Active Directory Domain Service is Currently Unavailable Error

    When your printer is unable to print the files on Windows and shows the result The active directory domain service is currently unavailable, you might get worried. But the good thing is that you can fix this error itself by following some methods. These errors are common in many printers like Canon, Lexmark, and HP brands.

    Solution to “The active directory domain service is currently unavailable” error

    Here is the complete solution which will surely help you in solving the error The active directory domain service is currently unavailable. Have a look at various solutions below:


    This method will ask you for Giving Permissions and Registry Editor which will include some steps which are as follows:-

    Step 1: In the very first step, please type or enter the Win+R through your keyboard.

    Step 2: A dialogue box will open in which you have to run the command “regedit” and then enter “OK” on it.


    Step 3: In this step, a chain of options will open and then you to click them one after another like click on HKEY_CURRENT_USER option and then on ‘Software’ and then make a right click on Windows NT and then on another option “CurrentVersion”.


    Step 4: It will show you three subcategories devices, right click on ‘Devices ‘option and click on Permission. Repeat all the process for 3 subdevices.


    Step 5: Click on your account and then click again on Full Control of Allow. Then click on Apply option and then OK as shown in given image given below:


    Step 6: Now your account has same settings which have full control of Windows and clicks on PrinterPorts.


    Step 7: After all the process is done, switch off your printer and then reinstall it. Also, restart your computer.

     Method# 2

    Now in the second method, you can access the permissions by using an inbuilt application like Notepad. Following steps will solve the error like The active directory domain service is currently unavailable. Have a look at the steps below:-

    Step 1: Make sure that you’re all the components of MS Office must be closed on your computer system.

    Step 2: now you must open “Notepad” and on the File option “Print” option will appear or you can enter Ctrl+P  through your keyboard as shown in the image given below:

    Step 3: In this step, you will discover the Find Printer option and you will add the printer to the following image given below does:


    Now you are done with the whole process of resolving the error.

    Method #3

    In this method, you can change the spooler settings of Printer. Following steps will also remove the error The active directory domain service is currently unavailable which we can describe as following:-

    Step 1: In this step, run Win+R, it will open Run option where you will type services.msc and then the OK option will be clicked as in following image:

    Step 2: An option will appear Printer Spooler, right click on it and then click on “Start” option as the following image does.

    Step 3: Now type “Startup” in “Automatic Mode” and then click on the OK

    Step 4: Now, all the tabs and service Windows must be closed and check the workings of your Printer whether they are working or not.

    Method #4

    There is also another method which can fix the error like  The active directory domain service is currently unavailable. There are few steps which will fix this error which is as follows:-

    Step 1: Your router should be reboot again and firewall should be turned off for some time

    Step 2: After all this, “Control Panel” should be opened and now choose “Printers”.

    Step 3: An option will appear like choose “Add new printer”. There you will see option Browse For printer w has been appeared and now add a device.


    In the end, we can say that these are some of the simple methods through which you can fix the error like The active directory domain service is currently unavailable. By following above written methods, one can change the settings of the printer and fix the errors. Try them and fix your errors easily in printers.

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