Consumers’ choice: Best Standing Desks in 2021

    Standing desks have multiple features, offer a range of ergonomic benefits and help avoid chronic skeletal issues and obesity.

    Over 64% of Americans are working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. While working from your home office has its perks, it could also lead to severe blows to your productivity levels. Studies show that people working from a home office could be 70% less productive than people who work from an office.

    The most viable solution to getting back on track and raising your work efficiency level is a dedicated home office setup. Since you are likely to spend long hours working, it’s recommended you invest in an office standing desk to prevent health issues. The article will help you find the best standing desk in 2021.

    What is a Standing Desk?

    A standing desk can be used to work while standing upright rather than sitting down. Some standing desks come with convertible features and can double as a regular work desk when you want to sit down for work. Standing desks are recommended for individuals who have diabetes, cardiovascular issues, high blood pressure levels, and even cancer. The general global work environment saw drastic changes in 2020. 

    Companies even sell desk variations called “treadmill standing desks” that allow users to work while walking on a treadmill.

    Types of Standing Desks

    Several employees with back problems swear by the effectiveness of standing desks. Contemporary standing desks come with programmable height adjustment capabilities and smart features. Before starting an exhaustive search for the best standing desk in 2021, it would be advisable to get a basic idea of the standing desk types you can choose from.

    Non-Adjustable Standing Desks

    Popularly used for drafting, these standing desks are of a specific height. Users cannot adjust the height of the desk based on their requirements. Non-Adjustable standing desks are relatively cheaper than adjustable desks and are great for users who only work a few hours a week.

    Height Adjustable Standing Desks

    Users can move the desk surface up and down on a base to adjust the height. Most height-adjustable desks come with handsets or keypads with toggle keys. The more advanced smart desk options allow users to set exact height requirements and make minimal noise while moving up and down.

    Convertible Standing Desks

    Convertible standing desks allow you to convert your existing work desk into a standing desk. You place the standing desk converter on top of your regular desk, adjust the height and start working. This is the most inexpensive and most portable option for people who travel regularly or don’t plan to invest in a full-fledged standing desk.

    Standing Desk Reviews

    Remote working has become the accepted “new normal.” It is imperative to invest in an ergonomic standing desk while working from a home office. Over 47% of standing desk users reported a considerable reduction in back pains, neck pains, and upper body pains. Investing in the best standing desk in 2021 can grant you a range of ergonomic benefits.

    Autonomous SmartDesk 2 – Home Office

    The Autonomous SmartDesk 2- home office edition could qualify as the best height adjustable desk. It comes in two standard sizes, classic and XL. The tops come with an attractive matte finish following a clean, contemporary design. The tabletop is 1-inch thick, and users can choose from black, white, green, or dark bamboo color options. 


    Classic: 53”L * 29”W * 1”H

    XL: 70.5″ L* 30″ W* 1″ H

    Assembly Level

    Classic: Self Assembly, Easy

    XL: Self Assembly, Easy

    Height Adjustability

    It has four programmable height adjustment settings and can hold up to 300 pounds of weight at its maximum height. The desk features a dual-motor system that facilitates smooth height adjustment at very low noise levels of 45 DB. The sleek steel frames have rounded edges. 

    AI Integration

    The SmartDesk 2 is also electric and should be considered by a customer trying to find the best electric standing desk. The smart panel is conveniently positioned at the right end of the table, where the users can reach it effortlessly. The panel contains up and down toggles for height adjustment. It also has four memory settings that allow users to present their preferences.


    The base price for the SmartDesk 2 is $ 549. Not only is the Autonomous SmartDesk 2 highly functional, but it is also cost-effective.

    Autonomous SmartDesk2 – Premium

    The SmartDesk 2 – Premium comes with dual motor lifting technology and is perfect for home use and office use. Noted for its sturdy build, smooth height adjustment ability, and state-of-the-art design, Autonomous SmartDesk 2 offers ergonomic advantages at affordable prices. The desk comes in two sizes, namely, classic and XL. 

    Customers can choose between beautiful styles, natural bamboo options, or finish wood options. The tops come in several appealing colors and feature a premium matte finish look.


    Classic: 53L * 29”W * 1”H

    XL: 70.5L * 30”W * 1”H

    Assembly Level

    Classic: Self Assembly, Easy

    XL: Self Assembly, Easy

    Autonomous SmartDesk L- Shaped

    The L-shaped office standing desk is ideal for large spaces. Since the desk is corner-friendly, it also ensures effective space utilization. Functioning with an unmatched triple motor system, the desk can lift up to 330 lbs of weight at a speed of 2.3 seconds. The desk barely makes any noise during height adjustment, with noise levels as low as 45DB. The tops come in a beautiful white color.


    Full: 77”L * 64”W * 1”H

    Large Top: 77”L * 29”W * 1”H

    Small Top: 29”L * 35”W * 1”H

    Assembly Level

    Full: Self Assembly, Easy

    Large Top: Self Assembly, Easy

    Small Top: Self Assembly, Easy

    Height Adjustability

    Like the SmartDesk2 – Home Edition, the premium edition also comes with four programmable height settings and a maximum lift capacity of 300lbs. The desk offers an exquisite lifting speed of 2.3 seconds, and the noise level is limited to 45DB. 

    AI Integration

    The AI integrated smart panel allows users to adjust the height with the push of a button. The panel also allows four programmable presets.


    The desk is affordable and budget-friendly. The price of the SmartDesk 2 – Premium edition starts at $699.


    The company provides a 5-year warranty period for the steel frames and a 1-year warranty for the tops. Users are allowed a trial period of 30 days to try out the desk. The same warranty period applies to all Autonomous standing desks.

    Safety Level

    Both Autonomous standing desks have safety certification from BIFMA and the EMC. The certifications prove that the product is built using safe material and that it will not cause electromagnetic problems while functioning.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Autonomous standing desks follow a clutter-free design. Users vouch for the aesthetic appeal of the desks. The desk can blend into your home office setting and add a sense of professionalism, minimalism, and luxury to your space. The matte finish surfaces stand out in terms of style.

    Maintenance Level

    The build quality and use of premium material make the desks highly durably. Users don’t have to go to great lengths to ensure that the desks continue functioning smoothly. The desks are not easily damageable unless users ignore the lift capacity. Overburdening the desktop, especially during height adjustment, may cause damage to the desk. The desks are also highly versatile and are convenient for both home use and office use. 


    Autonomous provides a range of ergonomic accessories for its standing desk users. Autonomous ergonomic hairs are highly recommended. Customers can also buy cable trays and organizers to utilize the desk to the full.

    Ease of Use

    The height adjustability is effortless and smooth. Desk users don’t need additional tools or wiring to improve the functionality of the desk. All they have to do is preset the height or adjust it using the smart panel. The panel enables smooth movement in whichever direction the user chooses. 

    Ergonomic Advantage

    The desk offers immense levels of ergonomic convenience.


    Autonomous standing desks are not highly customizable. They come in standard measurements, colors, and sizes and cannot be built according to the user’s needs. Users cannot alter the height adjustment settings or pick the type of material they want for the tops and frames. However, Autonomous offers a range of options for users to choose from and is more affordable than customizable standing desks. Autonomous standing desks are elegant, stylish, and durable.

    Easy Assembly

    It takes less than 30 minutes for a non-expert to finish assembling the desk. Most users find it easy to finish assembling the desk by themselves. The detailed instruction manual provides step-by-step instructions that users can follow while they are assembling the standing desk. 

    The Autonomous staff provides guidance and assistance to users over the phone if they have any difficulty assembling the product. The company also has an attractive return policy for all its products.

    The Final Verdict

    Autonomous standing desks are an excellent choice for anyone looking for an affordable, premium quality standing desk. The smart features add to the convenience of users and promote effective functioning. Investing in this desk can enhance your work efficiency, reduce stress and improve your physical health. Autonomous desks are affordable, hassle-free and the best standing desk for home office use.

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