20 Best Root Apps For Android Phone

    Best Root Apps : Rooting is a process which is used to unlock various features of your phone that are not available currently. It also gives the experience of actual administration of your Android phone.

    List of Best Root Apps for Rooted Android Mobiles

    There are many apps for rooting your device that is discussed below:

    #1 Servicely

    In this, you can select apps or services which you want to kill automatically. It provides the help to manage background services. It runs at the every X seconds and check the selected services are alive or not. It saves your battery life and increases the phone performance. This is one of Best Root Apps among battery performance apps.

    [appbox googleplay com.franco.servicely]

    #2 Xposed Framework

    It is a most trending app in all over the world. You can customize your phone without installing custom ROM. It also improves your phone’s performance. It includes various buttons like theming, remapping, visual modification, performance tweaks, user interface customization and many more. You are able to block the contact list.

    #3 Quick Reboot

    Sometimes, you need to quickly switch off your phone without using the power button. You can reboot your phone with the help of this app “Quick Boot”. It has various features that are Safe Mode, Reboot to Recovery, Power off, Reboot to bootloader, fast rebooting and normal reboot and so on.This is another top app among Best Root Apps.

    [appbox googleplay com.antaresone.quickreboot]

    #4 Viper4Android

    It is audio modification tool that handles the command through audio sounds that comes from the speakers of the phone. It is a versatile app. It boosts the bass level and improves various frequencies. The design of this app is stylish and easy to use.

    #5 ROM Toolbox Pro

    It consists a variety of features that are app manager, scriptwriter, ROM management, inbuilt file browser, font installer, performance tweaks, and many more. You can also do various activities such as modify themes, status bar icons, & boot animations, managing apps, partitioning storage space etc.

    [appbox googleplay com.jrummy.liberty.toolboxpro]

    #6 Tasker

    It does not perform rooting while working. But it is well-managed and powerful on rooted devices. It starts work automatically like it launches the music app when you plug in your headphone. You can also schedule your task. It includes many things such as plugins, event handler, widget, locations, shortcut, time, day etc.Tasker is a good app in the list of Best Root Apps.

    [appbox googleplay]

    #7 Titanium Backup Root

    This app is basically used to take backup of your phone’s data and ROM. It offers various features that are encryption, MMS, bookmarks, conversion between user apps and system apps, restore individual apps, CWM & TWRP backups, cache cleaner and so on.

    [appbox googleplay com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup]

    #8 Flashify

    After the installation of this app that allows you to together queues up many options such as ZIP folders, boot images, download ROMs, kernels, recovery images, create backups, etc. You can also do the same process without turning off the screen. It is simple to use and very effective while performing tasks.

    [appbox googleplay com.cgollner.flashify]

    #9 GL Tools

    This app enhances the graphics on your rooted devices. It has inbuilt ARM x86 processor and OpenGLES2.0 GPU. It has various features like tweak resolution, check frame rate, resize textures, tweak rendering etc.

    Best Root Apps

    #10 Wi-Fi Key Recovery

    Sometimes, you forget your Wi-Fi password. So you can easily recover your Wi-Fi password through this app. With the help of root capabilities, it reveals the passwords from your secured hotspot connections.

    [appbox googleplay aws.apps.wifiKeyRecovery]

    #11 Adblock Plus

    It is an open source and free of cost app. It gives the provision of removing the ads from your Android It requires light configurable settings. So it prevents your system from harmful ads.

    [appbox googleplay org.adblockplus.adblockplussbrowser]

    #12 Greenify

    It collects the information about running apps like how much time takes to wake up your device and also saves your battery life. It automatically shuts down the inactive apps go them in a hibernation state. It includes many features like boost mode, wake-up tracker, keeps notifications after hibernation and many more.

    [appbox googleplay com.oasisfeng.greenify]

    #13 Link2SD

    It requires less internal memory to install it. It is mainly used to move the data from the applications to the SD card of your phone as well as move batch apps into your SD Card. It consists various features like reboot manager, fast boot mode, etc. It links various files of the system apps to SD card such as dex files, lib files, apk files, and games files and so on.

    [appbox googleplay com.buak.Link2SD]

    #14 Device Control

    This app gives a good mechanism to control your device well. It handles various tasks that are voltage control, vibration strength, check CPU & GPU frequencies, screen color temperature etc. It has inbuilt app manager, entropy generator, editors, wireless fire managing system.

    [appbox googleplay org.namelessrom.devicecontrol]

    #15 System App Remover

    This app is used to remove and uninstall the user apps. You can move app to SD Card, apk files on SD Card, move app to phone, install, delete, and scan various apps as per your needs.

    #16 Dumpster

    It automatically takes the back up and saves newly deleted data such as images, videos, files etc. It has two main features that are cloud storage and auto clean option. It is also known as free recycle bin Android.

    [appbox googleplay com.baloota.dumpster]

    #17 Chainfire 3D

    This app is mostly used for game lovers. It reduces the rendering graphics of your games so that it performs better. You can enjoy the real experience of your favorite.

    #18 Super Su

    It is the Super User Access Management Tool. It is able to access all the apps on your device which requires rooting. It has various features such as superuser access notifications, ghost mode, convert to system app, deep process detection, PIN protection, survival mode, pre-app logging configuration and many more.

    [appbox googleplay eu.chainfire.supersu]

    #19 SdFix

    This app is mainly used to fix problems of dreaded locked down SD Card. The third party apps are able to access SD card and write some data due to this app. So SD card becomes more powerful, useful and effective.

    #20 Boot Animation Changer

    You can change boot animation on your device via this app. So you get new and stylish user interface on your device. You can also share this with your friends.

    [appbox googleplay com.silexgames.bootanimationchanger]

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