Top 15 Best Rainmeter Skins for Windows 10,8.1,7 You Must Know

    Rainmeter Skin is the customizable skins which one can use on their desktop. These skins can be installed and run on any PC, and minimal hard resources are used on it. There are many best Rainmeter Skins available for the windows.

    Rainmeter is the software which is open source and that completely changes the way the desktop looks like.

    Rainmeter skins are fully customizable skins which can be done on Windows 7, 8 or 10. These skins are very fast in nature and can be created in their way in their language, thus can be quickly learned.

    Best Rainmeter Skins for Your Windows PC

    Below are the best Rainmeter Skins that you can use right now. You can also have fun with it by adding different widgets from different skins and create your own theme.

    #1. Razor

    It is one of the famous and best Rainmeter Skins which we can use for our desktop. The working depends on the quality of wallpapers person is using.

    This skin includes shortcuts of system libraries, a fully customizable dock, network strength and Date &Time header and power status.

    It has a customised dock where you can add folders and software that can be used easily.


    #2. Enigma

    This Rainmeter skin provides information regarding photos slideshow, usage of RAM and CPU, RSS feeds, information about the weather, notes, and many more options are customised in this skin.

    It also gives you taskbar skins which you can resize according to their contents.

    #3. ABP

    It gives you a pleasant experience with a rectangular appearance. You can view different types of information like time, weather, news reminders, pictures, news and many more.  It is fully customised skin which gives your PC a classy and old look like old newspapers.


     #4. Simple Media

    As its name suggests, it is elementary and sleek. It is among the popular Rainmeter skins which will support any wallpapers.

    Simple media provides you with multiple options like recycle bin meter, weather and date/time.

    It has beautiful skin which has designs and fonts that look pretty on every type of desktop.

    Simple Media

     #5. Battlefield 3

    It is the also one of the top Rainmeter skins for the game lovers who love to enjoy their gaming consoles with proper visual effects.

    In the Battlefield skin, there is present a custom sidebar where you can feed your desired apps like widgets, updates about weather, calendar, shortcut keys etc.

    Battlefield 3

     #6. LIM! T

    It will display information like weather forecasts, CPU and RAM usage. In LIM! T skin, they are scalable.

    LIM! T 

    #7. Neon Space

    This Rainmeter skin is best for those who love gaming as in space It has an impressive and glow display which provides date and time information, climatic conditions, etc.

    It will give you feel that you are going to space’s world. It loads faster than other skins.

    Neon Space

     #8. ALIENS

    This is among some amazing and cool Rainmeter skins which you can pair with appropriate wallpaper.

    You can take proper advantage of the skins because it will show you information like download speed, time and date update, shortcuts about partition disks, power status, etc. You can also adjust measurements of skins in H, W, X, Y


     #9. EKER LINA

    It is among the best rainmeter skins which are very clean and neat. It is a customizable skin having good gaming powers.

    Eker Lina shows you information like system and folder shortcuts, weather forecasts, RSS feeds, media players, Google search, etc., upload and download options.


     #10. Before Dawn

    You can make your desktop from fuzzy one to simple one by this Rainmeter skin. It has a small size of 27.5 KB, which gives a simple look to the skin.

    It will provide you with information about drivers, weather, temperature forecast, etc.

    Before Dawn

     #11. Unity

    It is the simple and an essential name in the list of top Rainmeter skins which is used for skins. Unity will gather information about folder shortcuts, media players, atmospheric conditions, submodules, etc.


     #12. Iron Man Jarvis

    It has multiple modules, highly customizable which you can reposition. You can change your module positions in this skin according to their suitability.

    It will also provide you with information like RSS feeds, time and date info, shortcuts folder, etc.

    Iron Man Jarvis

    #13. MASS EFFECT

    It has hard disk pane, media playback controls, statistics about the network. It has been developed by BioWare company.

    It will give you feel of part of the game.


     #14. PILEUS Suite

    This Rainmeter skin allows you to manage a large amount of data on the desktop. You can avail them in dark and light versions which attract many people.

    Various types of data can be found on the skin like info about time and date, folder, and system shortcuts, RSS feeds, etc.

    PILEUS Suite

    #15. Senja Suite

    It is for people who love to see clarity and graceful information. Now it comes with AIMP more play and Spotify player.

    It will provide you with basic information like open/shut options, time and date folders, media info, and system shortcuts.

    Senja Suite


    There are also many skins which will provide you with information about time and date, RSS feeds, folder shortcuts. You can choose wisely skins which will give your Windows a new look.

    Rainmeter skins are used for windows which will give your PC’s decent and charming look. So choose wisely among the above 15 best Rainmeter skins.

    They will provide you with good gaming experiences as well as wallpapers. You can customise them according to your choice.

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