Best Note Taking App for Mac

Best Note Taking App for Mac

What make you organized if you are a student or a professional? Obviously, a good note taking app! Actually it doesn’t only apply to school or college students, but if you talk about casual things, it also helps there. In short, you must have Best Note Taking App for Mac to gather your thoughts, keep information synced across all your devices, or simply keep your memos handy for when you need them urgently.

Here in this post, I would like to share some Best Note Taking App for Mac. No doubt that Apple offers their pre-installed Notes App, but Mac App Store has something more amazing apps for note making.

Let’s explore some of my favourite apps.

List of Best Note Taking App for Mac

Here you will get an awesome collection of some of the most popular apps for taking Notes on Mac. Check them out and make your decision fast.


It’s an awesome and one of the best Note Taking Apps for Mac, popular for its versatile and easy to use feature. You can use it in place of your brain where you can store web articles, photos, make checklists and notes so you don’t have to recognize them and you can get it whenever you need it.

This Note Taking App is a repository for all your thoughts or what your mind says. You can then sync your data across platforms, including iPhone and iPad.

Simple Note

Simplenote-Note Making App for Mac | Best Note Taking App for Mac

Simple note, the name itself reveals that it’s a simple app. You’ll be given a blank canvas where you can create large amount of notes. There is support for search and tags though which makes finding things later on a relatively easy task.

It offers good speed and efficiency. Just open it, write your thoughts, and you’re done. It allows you to share your notes publically.


NoteSuite is a free Note Taking App for Mac that lets you make notes in rich text format, instead of just plain text.

Althought this app isn’t as powerful and flexible as other dedicated apps, but for an all-in-one solution, it’ll work for most people. NoteSuite links in with iCloud too so all your notes are synced across iOS and OS X at all times.


This is another note-taking application specifically designed for OS X with most convenient structure that will give you an amazing feel of real paper books.

Outline for Mac is a best Note making app for students, teachers, physicians, lawyers, executives and everyone who maintain extensive notes on daily basis.

So have you made your mind to opt one of above mentioned Note Taking App for Mac? We would love to hear your experience on it.

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