10 Best Free And Open Source Android Apps Every User Must Try

    Android is one of the platforms which is the open source operating system.  There are a lot of Open Source Android Apps present on Android which are open source as well as free to use. Here are some free and open source apps which every user must try.

    Now we are going to list top 10 best free open source android apps which every user must try.

    Top 10 Open Source Android Apps you must try

    #1. VLC for Android : One of the Best Open Source Android Apps

    This app is open source and free android app which is used to play multimedia files like music, songs, MP3 as well as docs, and network streaming protocols. Following are its features:-

    • Supports all types of audio formats and it is free to download on Google Play Store.
    • Supports multi-track audio and video, auto-rotation, control volumes, brightness adjustment and seeking and subtitles.
    • It has all those qualities which you can expect from Open Source Android Apps.


    VLC for Android

    #2. DuckDuckGo

    DuckDuck Go is like a search engine which has been considered better than Google because it does not track people. It keeps your privacy. This free open source android app has following awesome features:-

    • Search your stories smartly and give you hundred answers instantly.
    • It has stories from hand crafted sources and has readability view.
    • This app is a fee and does not track


    #3. Amaze File Manager

    It is free open source file manager which is based on material design guidelines. This is my favorite and one of the best Open Source Android Apps. It has following features:-

    • It consists of multiple themes with icons
    • Ad free app with good features.
    • Supports various color background schemes.
    • Faster navigation is available
    • It is very light, smooth and open source app.
    [appbox googleplay com.amaze.filemanager]


    #4. Muzei Live Wallpaper

    This app is free and open source live wallpaper around. It blurs the background and brings the image into focus when the screen is being held. Muzei has following features:-

    • Developer friendly app.
    • Create your own gallery with your favorite photos.

    Muzei Live Wallpaper : Open Source Android Apps

    #5. Firefox for Android

    It is the app which is very fast and personal web. If you want to access Internet this is the best app available among all Open Source Android Apps You can make a search in an intelligent manner and Firefox for Android has following features:-

    • Easily accessible to top sites.
    • You can share the screen with tablet orV which has great streaming capabilities.
    • Content can be easily shared with Facebook, Twitter, Skype, etc.

    Firefox for Android

    #6. Prey

    This open source recovery app is used for finding your missing or lost the phone. it can be download on your Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, or MAC device. Prey consists of following features:-

    • Helps in finding your lost phone.
    • It creates message alert to a current user of the phone.
    • It has an alarm which can track gangs even if it is silenced.
    • Among all Open Source Android Apps listed here this is our favorite Security App.


    #7. QKSMS

    QKSMS is also open source app which is very beautiful and responsive design used for messaging. It has following features:-

    • Supports customization.
    • Turns out night mode when there is dark outside.
    • You can message to a group of people at stretch.


    #8. Swiftnotes

    It is open source note taking app which is simple and has good it helps you in keeping organized, reminders, capturing thoughts. Swiftnotes has following features:-

    • Takes a backup of your notes to your external storage.
    • Different colors can be used to stay organized.
    • notes can be restored  whenever required


    #9. AntennaPod : Open Source Android App for Podcasts

    This open source and free app are used to play podcasts and managing them. You can import your important feeds via iTunes and fodder .net. It has following features:-

    • It helps in import, organize and playing podcasts.
    • It helps in tracking episodes of podcasts.
    • It takes full control over feeds like Wi-Fi networks


    #10. AdBlock Browser

    By its name, it is clear that it is ad blocker for desktop browsers. It blocks unnecessary popups, unwanted video ads, AdBlock Browser has following features:-

    • It supports high-quality ad blocking
    • Browse your content efficient and fast.
    • Saves your battery life.
    • Takes care of privacy.
    • It has access to camera, contacts, and location.

    AdBlock Browser : Open Source Android Apps

    So these were 10 best free and Open Source Android Apps which every user must try. So download it and enjoy its features. Let us know in comments which one you like the most.

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