Benefits of Using Dr.Fone software

    Wondershare Dr.Fone has been a reliable solution for data recovery problems for long. The specialized software program offers numerous tools to troubleshoot and fix issues on your android smartphone. It has a few utilities for daily tasks including unlocking android screen, data transfer, backing up photos, recording screen and more. Besides, the software features an Android and iOS toolkit that helps delete information without the possibility of recovery. Whether you want to bypass android lock screen without reset, recover recently deleted data or transfer information to another device, Dr Fone is the most efficient, secure and faster solution.

    We’ll be taking an in-depth look at some of the benefits below :

    Fast Data Recovery

    Dr. Fone allows you to recover all data you may have unintentionally erased from your phone. This may include your notes, videos, contacts, pictures and more. The program offers 3 modes of data recovery. The first one allows direct restoration of data from your phone. The second one is used when the phone is connected to a PC. The last mode looks for iCloud backups in which you can choose the favorite file types by a single click. That way, the software makes the whole process as plain as a few clicks. Also, its step-by-step guide means you won’t require any expertise or experience in order to use the program.

    Easy File Transfer between Smartphones

    Dr. Fone features WhatsApp transfer that allows one to effortlessly perform and extract data into the system. Smartphone users are allowed to transfer data between iOS, Android devices and PCs within a short time. It’s also possible to back up data, such as photos, and restore it. All you need is to connect two phones to the PC and run the software. The program will automatically detect the phones and initiate a transfer with one click. An added plus, the software also offers a backup of your WhatsApp messages and attachments.

    Fixing Smartphone Freezes and Update Failures

    In case your phone experiences freeze or system failures, Dr.Fone can be a great solution. The software has the ability to restore the normal functioning of your phone. It uses advanced scanning algorithms that will detect and restore system functions in the most efficient manner. In addition, the program will fix corrupted files that makes it difficult to update your phone.

    User-friendly Interface

    Even the best programs can be of no use it they are too complicated for the average user. Dr.Fone seeks to address such problems by offering a user-friendly interface with easy access to all of its notable features. Once successfully logged in, the main window allows you to choose from different solutions such as protection, data recovery, transfer and more. The step-by-step guide allow disks to be viewed in a comprehensive format. Users can restart or pause the results of scan with a simple click. Also, one can make changes throughout the process of recovering data.

    Additional data protection tools

    You no longer need to worry of losing your data while using the software. Unlike other standard programs, Dr.Fone is packed with extra data protection tools to keep your files safe and simplify the recovery process. For instance, there is a recovery vault that functions like an extended Recycle Bin. Your files and folders are kept safe from accidental deletion and allows you to recover them without carrying out detailed data recovery.

    Virtual location

    With this software, you can easily bypass the onboard GPS and set your preferred location on the phone. This is quite useful especially when you want to access geo-restricted areas or use some apps. While there are many apps that allows you to change location, Dr.Fone goes one step ahead. It allows virtual connection on an iOS and that works like a charm.

    Permanent Data Removal

    The software will help protect your privacy. This feature comes in handy especially when looking to sell or destroy your smartphone. Dr. Fone allows its users to permanently delete all the data available in the phone without any chance of recovery. The software developers came up with a variety of options: selective erasure of personal data or a complete restoration to the factory default settings.

    Selective and Full Data Backup

    Smartphones have the ability to store important data than you know. Dr.Fone now plunges deep into your phone to bring all the hidden or forgotten files. Users can either choose to selectively copy files to a PC or restore a backup. Besides, there is an option of backing up and restoring social apps such as Viber, LINE, WhatsApp and more.

    Simple Phone Unlock

    Your phone will lock after you enter the wrong passcode and exceed the number of tries. Instead of formatting the phone, Dr.Fone allows you to unlock the phone screen without a password. Whether it’s a fingerprint, pattern passcode or pin, the software screen removal tool will unlock the screen without data loss. You don’t have to be an expert in order to unlock as there are simple step-by-step actions provided. The whole process takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

    An excellent success rate

    The program prides itself with over 5,000,000 customers worldwide. All of these clients have positive reviews on the functionality and usefulness of the software. As a user, you should be able to restore photos, contacts, videos and more. What would make it the best solution is the capacity to recover the all type of files you can think of. Users can get back deleted files from the cache or phone memory. In addition, the program supports all popular video and photo formats

    Highly compatible

    Dr.Fone is compatible with a number of languages. For easy application, you can select your ideal language from the offered choices to start using this software. In case you don’t understand English, choose your native language. There are future plans to upgrade the available 7 languages to over 50. Besides languages, the software is compatible with over 10,000 devices.  A free trial is provided to allow you review the results before making any purchase. You will also receive a bonus lifetime of free updates.

    In Conclusion

    With all the features mentioned above, Dr.Fone is an intelligent software for all your data recovery needs. It allows for complete access and control to your device. Its recovery process is commendably fast and exciting. It’s also simple and easy to use. Thus, I highly recommend the Dr. Fone program due to its intellectual effectiveness in data recovery.It has all the steps showing how to unlock an android phone.

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