08 Reasons Players Love RuneScape 3


    RuneScape 3 is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing (MMROG) video game. This game is very popular among players. It was initially released by two brothers, Andrew Gower and Paul Gower, in Nottingham. It was introduced to players in 2001, and since then its popularity has not waned a little bit. Most people believe that it has died in 2019. This is absolutely untrue. RuneScape 3 is alive, and there are many users still playing the game in the year 2019. Here are 8 reasons why players love Runescape 3:

    • RuneScape 3 is Free to Play mostly. 

    Comparing with Old School RuneScape, RuneSape 3 is free to play widely. It has wide parts that are F2P. You can play in those parts, and make money out of investing your time into the game. RuneScape 3 is a good game to play. It is very wise step to play RuneScape 3 instead of Old School RuneScape.

    • RuneScape 3 is edited version of Old School RuneScape.

    There have been many updates, edits and changes brought about in the RuneScape 3. So, it has become an improved version of the Old School RuneScape. The RuneScape 3 is chosen by new players, who have not played RuneScape at all. Their journey starts with RS3. 

    • RuneScape has better interface than older version of RuneScape.

    Many new players cannot stand the interface and design of the older version of Runescape. This is why; they choose to play RuneScape 3. RuneScape 3 has friendly interface, which players find really easy to start from. 

    • You can make money by playing RuneScape.

    By selling RS3 gold and items, you can make a lot of money for real. You can make deals on different platforms. You must trade your stuff with people whom you find credible. There are many scammers, who run away with your stuff and you are left with nothing. So you should remain beware of such people. You can make a lot of money on RuneScape 3.

    • Subscription gets you lots of new stuff.

    Subscription is an investment when you want to make money out of playing the game. The subscription amount is also not so high. You can access newer stuff in 29.99$ in 90 Days Membership Package. When you subscribe, it opens lots of locked levels, items, equipment, skills and other things which will help you a lot in progressing to higher levels and making money thereby. 

    • It has a strong and impactful character development.

    It does not matter whether you are playing for making money or enjoyment, you either way enjoy your time by playing RuneScape 3. You develop your character, keep your progress and never feel bored at any stage during your gameplay. Gameplay gets more interesting with each passing level. When interest raises, you play more often and progress a lot more in the game. The environment and development of your characters makes you revisit the game on regular basis. 

    • You can play your fellows in this game.

    This game offers a community environment in the game. You can play PvP sessions in the RuneScape 3. You can play RuneScape 3 with your fellows of real life or virtual life, and enjoy tremendously. You can have a laugh while defeating them. If you are defeated or belittled, do not despair. You can have your chances of rising again and defeating again. 

    • RuneScape 3 is available on mobile. 

    Now, you can access the amazing features of RuneScape 3 on your mobile phones. It has been officially released on mobile phone last year. It is available on both iOS and Android. You can level up, kill and enjoy in your mobiles phones too. Returning members have loved the accessibility of RuneScape 3 in mobile phones now. 


    RuneScape 3 is an updated version of Old RuneScape. You can play this game for a variety of reasons. Most people play it because they want to make money. You must also play it for enjoying its amazing features and rewards. You will finds its rewarding and progression system very amusing and beneficial. You must start play RuneScape 3 if you have not played it already.


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