YouTube Alternatives – 10 Best Video Sharing Sites Like YouTube You Should Try

    Have you ever heard for Youtube Alternatives..??

    Do you like to stream videos on YouTube? But can’t find your favourite TCV show listed on it?

    Have you ever wondered the episodes of your favourite TV show may be available on streaming sites other than the YouTube?

    If you don’t know, let me tell you that there are many sites like YouTube. Gone are the days when YouTube used to enjoy a monopoly.

    In fact, its monopoly was in many ways dominated by widespread ignorance. Just like me, many of you might not be aware of the video sites like YouTube.

    So, for all of you here is a list of 10 best video sharing sites like YouTube you should try

    List of Best YouTube Alternatives

    1) Vimeo

    If you looking for a high-quality content then Vimeo nay just be perfect for you. The site was actually the first high-definition streaming site.

    It offers its users with great quality of videos. One of the reasons for it being preferred by many over YouTube is its selection of TV series and movies.
    Vimeo’s library of videos includes some of the well-known TV-shows such as Blue Mountain State and Orange Are the New Black. Vimeo

    2) Metacafe

    There are many Youtube Alternatives that allow online streaming of movies, documentary, songs and a lot more. There is also one site viz. Metacafe that features the tinniest movies. The site has a great library of short films.

    On the site, one can find videos such as world’s top five rappers, do it yourself videos and lot more. This site is worth visiting if you are looking for online content that is entertaining and of short time span.
    The site contains some funny videos, but there are also many that don’t make any sense to anyone. So, in case you are looking to kill your free time go for Metacafe.

    3) Veoh

    Veoh is an internet TV site/company. It originated from Qlipso, an Israeli start-up. Veoh, just like its peers, has millions of videos housed in its library.

    Most of its content is related to TV content. For instance, you will be able to find complete episodes of TV series such as The Price Is Right, NCIS and more.
    The site is not restricted to just TV series. It also has great music content and movies.

    4) The Internet Archive

    YouTube offers content for the public to view and use it. Most of its content is for free and so is the case with The Internet Archive.

    As the site of The Internet Archive, you can find free content relates to software, books, movies and music. It has a complicated interface when compared with the ease of the navigation of YouTube.
    If you think you can dig and find the content at The Internet Archive, go ahead the site is yours.
    The Internet Archive

    5) Crackle

    Crackles is a streaming site initiated by the entertainment giant Sony Pictures Entertainment. The site has a great library of online TV content as well as movies from Hollywood and other networks.

    But, you can access content at Crackle only if you have an account on it. In short, you will have to register to Crackle prior to exploring.

    Crackle can be a substitute for YouTube, but it doesn’t have a library as vast as that of YouTube. However, that doesn’t make it any different from websites like YouTube.

    6) Screen Junkies

    As the name suggests, the Screen Junkies is the site for humour. You can find great yet funny content at the Screen Junkies. It is one of the great sites to spend weekend or evening for a nice laugh.

    Apart from funny videos the site also houses some of the great movies. These days, the site is playing the Holiday Fear – 5 Christmas Horror Movies. YouTube once used to stream movies.

    However, it has recently modified its usage terms for movie streaming to prevent piracy of the movies. Nevertheless, you can also enjoy movies with Screen Junkies.
    Screen Junkies

    7) MySpace

    Many of you know MySpace as some social networking site. But, it is actually more than just that.

    It is an online streaming site that is rapidly making pace and name as most popular video sites like YouTube.
    The site features videos containing interview-based content of celebrities.

    8) The Open Video Project

    As the name suggests, the Open Video Project is a site with content based on research work. The site is said to be best suitable for the audience having a special interest in the educational content.

    The site (being considered as one of best youtube alternatives) features videos related to NASA and more. At the Open Video Project site, one can customize search by selecting the duration type, category, language and more.
    The Open Video Project

    9) 9GAG

    Looking for humorous content to stream, 9GAG should be your choice. Most of the content found on the 9GAG site is funny.

    At the site, you can find, memes, GIFs, humorous photos and more. The content on the 9GAG site is actually a hard to resist content.

    You won’t be able to help yourself besides clicking on it.

    10) TED

    If you like talk shows then TED is the streaming site for you. It features thousands of talk shows related to technology, science, global issues and more.

    The focus of these talk shows is to make you acquainted with something specific and help you understand it. TED stirs one’s curiosity.

    The content of TED is not definitely like that of websites like YouTube, but it can definitely be used as one of the alternatives to YouTube.

    The aforementioned are some sites that are alternatives to YouTube and worth exploring But, YouTube is one of the best streaming sites.

    It has all that one needs. You can find humour and scientific content on the site and a lot more.

    These are the best youtube alternatives you can find. Let us know in comments about your views.

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