Why You Should Switch Phone Provider

    If you aren’t that tech-literate when it comes to phones, then you might be content with your current provider. For a lot of people, the only important detail is that their phone actually works, regardless of what other features or factors are involved.

    However, switching phone providers can open you up to a whole new world of useful benefits, including features that you might have been missing out on for years. But why should you switch if your current provider is already serving you well?

    Cheaper Prices

    Sometimes, the simplest answer is the easiest one. Money can be a tough thing for many people to budget, and a phone is likely to eat into a large chunk of your spare funds. Since mobile phones are almost necessary for modern life to get ahead with anything, cheaper costs can make a huge deal.

    For example, if you tend to call people often, then getting a mobile phone contract that can offer you unlimited calls for a cheap price will take the pressure off your finances. On the other hand, if you barely ever call anybody, then paying extra for unlimited calls isn’t worth it.

    Customer Service

    Sometimes the best phone companies can have the worst service, and bad customer service tends to make big problems worse. There are some phone provider companies that will make it incredibly hard to downgrade or quit a plan, or might load additional charges onto your bill as soon as they possibly can.

    Sometimes it’s a good idea to switch purely for the customer service benefits, especially if you expect to rely on them in the future. It never hurts to know that a company is able to back you up properly if something goes wrong, especially when you need your phone plan to handle important work calls.


    Many people expect that a switch can take a while, which would leave them without a usable phone for a day or two. However, most switches are legally required to take place within a single working day – there are only a few situations where this isn’t the case.

    This means that you can usually minimize downtime by simply choosing a smart time to switch over – during the workweek, at a point where your phone isn’t needed urgently. Once the work is done, your phone will be all set up with your new phone provider, meaning that the downtime will usually be less than a full day at worst.

    Lost Numbers

    While some methods of switching can cause you to lose numbers, there are a lot of exceptions. Companies like REV can aid you with switching and retaining the same number, all while still providing great functionality for your phones once the switch-over is done.

    This can be important for many people since switching in a way that changes your number can make it hard to keep in touch with your usual contacts. It isn’t always possible to update everybody with your new number, and retaining the same phone number can be especially important for small business owners or people with their own freelance jobs.

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