5 Ways Software Development Companies Drive Digital Acceleration

    The ongoing pandemic has accelerated the need for digital transformation. With the measures put in place to curb the spread of the virus, it has become necessary for businesses to either “adapt or die.” However, the pursuit of digital transformation stems from before the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic. The business landscape was getting highly competitive forcing players in various industries to adopt technologies for streamlining operations.

    Software development companies remain at the center of this pursuit for digital transformation for industry players. They bring a blend of experience, industry knowledge and technical expertise in developing impactful software solutions that future-proof businesses across industries.

    Let us take a look at some of the top five ways software development companies can help you achieve digital transformation.

    1. Technology discovery and adoption

    Digital transformation is a gradual process. It entails continuous analysis of company needs, the context and opportunities that work with the unique design of a business. There exist different technologies and software applications today. However, not all may be suitable for your business.

    Software development companies play an important role in the discovery and adoption of these technologies by helping organizations know the options that work in the market and those that will become redundant. Further, they provide guidance on the ideal options among the pool of software solutions available for optimal impact.

    For instance, recently there has been an increase in the adoption of Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, cloud computing, machine learning and other disruptive technologies. However, with the varied applications of these technologies, many businesses remain unaware of how to apply these technologies and harness their full potential. The guidance of a software development company is critical in supporting organizations to properly discover ways of applying these technologies within their unique businesses.

    2. Cybersecurity management

    The rise of digital acceleration also heightened the risk of cyberattacks. With technology fast evolving, hackers are also evolving and discovering new ways of gaining unauthorized access to company data. Small organizations remain most vulnerable, especially given the limited investment in cybersecurity.its evolution is also quite fast and requires continuous learning and adapting to the latest cybersecurity trends and practices. Consequently, it is only logical to go about it with the guidance of specialized cybersecurity experts.

    Software development companies specialize in providing cybersecurity services. Bringing them on board translates to you having access to the best tools and professionals in the market, thus increasing your capabilities to detect and prevent cyberattacks.

    3. Top IT Talent

    Traditionally, businesses would invest in establishing in-house IT teams to handle all their software needs. This is increasingly becoming an ineffective mode for attaining digital transformation for businesses as it limits one to a shallow pool of talent. Local talent pools lack the diversity you would get from a software development company, particularly offshore software development companies.

    Software development companies allow clients to access the top talent in the industry at a lower cost, and this provides organizations with an immediate boost to their digital transformation process. You get to work with the best developers with diverse skillset and experience applying technologies to tackle complex problems. Additionally, you get the flexibility of accessing them on an on-demand basis.

    4. Adopting the most effective methodologies for development

    The traditional waterfall development methodology is increasingly becoming unreliable given the rapidly changing market. Instead, Agile methodologies have grown in popularity. They provide more room for improved quality, user-focused development, increased stakeholder engagement and transparency. Additionally, agile methodologies provide room for rapid deployment and continuous integration, allowing businesses to leverage the power of software solutions fast.

    Software development companies bring extensive experience in working with Agile methodologies. This translates to future-proofed software products that match industry quality standards, predictable delivery and increased control over the development schedules and cost. In essence, they provide you with a quicker pathway to attaining digital transformation through the application of agile methodologies.

    5. On-going support

    Digital transformation is an ongoing process that never stops. The technology landscape evolves rapidly, and so does the market for various industries. Technological applications and practices become redundant quite fast, and what might work for you today may not be as effective tomorrow.

    Software development companies are important in providing you with ongoing support through your digital transformation journey. Fruitful partnerships allow organizations to continuously analyze their business needs and identify new opportunities for applying emerging technologies and industry practices for improved business processes.

    While an in-house software development team also serves to provide ongoing support for your organization’s software needs, software development companies differ from them on the aspect of access to resources and understanding of the industry. In essence, they bring in diverse knowledge and talent, which offers more value to your organization.


    Digital transformation is an ongoing process that requires careful analysis of industry trends and innovation to spot and identify opportunities for applying different technologies within the framework of your operations. Software development companies have proven to be the ideal partner to help you journey through your pursuit of digital transformation. Saigon Technology Solutions as a leading digital transformation consultant company in Vietnam, is definitely your reliable partner as a local digital solution company that can hand hold you throughout your digital transformation journey, offering valuable advice and exceptional solutions web and app development agency.

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