Using IT Systems Across Your Organization

    Today is a fast-paced, always-connected business environment. Businesses large and small, require more from a software standpoint. Without improvement, the customer experience and employee experience suffers.

    A business does not want to lose capital on account of being stagnant. Over the years, software development has changed dramatically. It is hard to fathom there was once a time when only one coding language was used.

    The word cloud just meant formations of ice or water condensation in the air. Even over the last ten years, (which feels like a millennium) we have seen a massive expansion in the world of programming and software development. There are now multiple coding languages and storage on physical servers is being phased out for cloud storage.

    This includes third party application and hardware companies, that work in conjunction with other developers and database managers. A major key to keeping your company and clients connected is and has been proper enterprise software development. While single applications are handy, they might not serve the needs and purposes of an entire organization.

    How do you combine the speed and flexibility of a small team of developers, with the power and clout of a large-scale operation? The answer, well it isn’t easy. Software development, especially on an enterprise level is certainly more than just coding and testing. The scope of a platform is much larger than say a smartphone app or 3rd party assistance application that bolts onto what your organization already has.

    Those are certainly important but do not require the same level of capabilities and skill on an enterprise level. You must take into account project management, UX/UI, procedure creation, testing, among others. In environments where new development companies pop up daily, it is easy to overpromise and under deliver. Slick websites and catchy bio’s have fooled more than one company into believing they are the most capable, and best option on the marketplace. This can cause the search for a modern, global development company to be difficult.  Who do you turn to and trust? One company that stands out as a global rising star is Intellias.

    One cannot understate the importance of having a company that can not only provide your actual program needs but the entire infrastructure around and including the program.

    Remember, you are not just having one singular thing produced, it is all connected. This is most true when you are connecting across an entire organization. When you can take the needs of one person, and extrapolate that across a team, you have an enterprise solution. This is part magic, part science.

    Every company or client will have different needs to be catered to their specific market and business. They all however, require the same high level of creativity, professionalism, development and technological mastery. When the needs of a few become the needs of many, you will require bigger, better solutions.

    When you find the right company to handle your enterprise solutions, it will change the entire way your business, does business.

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